Monty Python's Flying Circus

Season 2 Episode 10

Scott of the Antarctic

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1970 on BBC

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  • All his pets are named Eric

    Really the only resonant bit about this one was the "pet fish Eric" guy. Oh, and it was also fun to see Carol Cleveland get to flex her wings (so to speak) with her extended impersonation of Jean Hagen in Singin in the Rain. Cleese's pixilated director was fun, and (unfortunately) all too real. Likewise the deadpan art-movie "foreign film" spoof which kicks off this episode, which regrettably was too genuine an imitation to really be amusing (yet another reason to thank God that the '60's are long over and done with). Oh yeah, and the Dancing Teeth thing always makes me of Gilliam's happier inspirations. Watching it again for the umpteenth time, I notice how long he kept holding out, keeping the viewer in suspense for quite a while before the payoff was finally reached.