Monty Python's Flying Circus - Season 2

BBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different
    Skeches from "Monty Python's Flying Circus" include "Hell's Grannies","the lumberjack song","dead parrot" and more.
  • Monty Python in Deutschland
    Made in Germany for WDR, the Pythons phonetically perform new sketches entirely in Deutsch. A complete list of the sketches can be found in Part Two of The First 280 Years of Monty Python by Kim "Howard" Johnson, published by St. Martin's Press, New York.
  • Royal Episode 13
    Episode 13

    Her Majesty the Queen is supposed to tune in and on her request, everything is to be normal; well as normal as an episode can be. Included are miners who dispute historical dates, someone talking in a roundabout way, the return of Spiny Norman, a dragon with bad breath, and a re-enactment of the Normandy invasion by high school girls. The audience rebels after seeing an undertaker give alternatives for burying a man's dead mother, but the Queen tuning in brings everything to a halt.

  • Spam
    Episode 12
    The Black Eagle, announcer; credits; Hungarian at the tobacconist "Do you want... do you want... to come back to my place bouncy-bouncy?," "My nipples explode with delight!"; Alexander Yalk is prosecuted for obscene Hungarian phrasebook; justices in the tabloid press; animation- 2001 soccer ball; World Forum: Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Lenin and Mao Tse-Tung answer questions on English football; animation- and now for a bit of fun; 1914 Ypres movie set is too crowded; animation- figures from paintings go out on strike; sketch about Ypres resumes with cowardly colonel "Dip, dip, dip, my little ship..."; mental hospital for overacting; animation- Hamlet ward, bombs morph into to flowers; Flower Arranging, hosted by D.P. Gumby; a local dinerette serves spam, spam, spam, baked beans, and spam "I don't like SPAM!," song- Spam, historian, more spam; credits; Marx and Mao post-coitus.moreless
  • How Not to Be Seen
    Episode 11
    Thanks to "S. Grog," Conquistador Instant Coffee becomes Conquistador Instant Leprosy; needle stuck on recording of announcer; needle stuck on credits; in 1929, Ramsey MacDonald in ladies' underwear "My it's hot in here"; job interview at swap center; animation- Miss Johnson destroyed by Chinese Communist conspiracy, Crelm toothpaste and U.S. defense only protection, Shrill gas mileage test; Neville Shunt's `It All Happened on the 8:13 From Gillingham', Shunt, Gavin Milnarrrr reviews the play; announcer and interviewer obsessed with giant buckteeth, shows clips from Martin Curry's film Julius Incisor; man on the street "I've been in the city..."; Crackpot Religions Ltd. to Cartoon Religions Ltd. (see below); H.M. Government Public Service Film No. 42 Para. 6 How Not to Be Seen; interview with a man trying not to seen; Jackie Charleton and the Toenails sing "Yummy Yummy (I've Got Love In My Tummy)" while trying not to be seen; credits; for those who just missed Monty Python, a 30-second recap.moreless
  • 12/1/70
    Footage from the movie "Le Fromage Grand," starring a lady and a revolutionary in a garbage dump "I see you have a cabbage," film reviewer, another dump; the filming of Scott of the Antarctic "Gleet! Gleet!" mutates into Scott of the Sahara "I gotta fight the lion!," "See Scott's death struggle with a huge African lion!" a 40 foot tall electric penguin with tentacles, and a giant set of teeth; announcer; credits; animation- stepping on people, Conrad Pooth and his dancing teeth, and a letter; man tries to license his pet fish Eric; Derby Council #15 comes out for the second half of a rugby match with Lord Mayors and their ladies; in football, the Gynecologists Association versus the Long John Silver Impersonators; credits.moreless
  • How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body
    Ladies in bikinis, announcer in bikini, Hermit in bikini; credits; How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body; University of Wallamaloo staff meeting for the Philosophy department `Rule 1: No Poofters!'; body parts; interviewer with Norman St. John Polevaulter a man who contradicts people; body parts; Mr. Luxury-Yacht (Throatwarbler-Mangrove) seeks a nose job and camping holiday; and now a precision display of bad temper; close order swanning about `Oooh, get her. Whoops! I got your number duckie, you couldn't afford me dear 2,3. I'll scratch your eyes out! Don't come the Brigadier bit with us dear, we all know where you've been, you military fairy, 2,3. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Whoops, don't look now girls the major just minced in with the jolly colour sergeant. 2,3! Oooh.'; animation- ballet, generals, old lady trips bus, The Killer Cars, mutant cat and hand; Verrifast Plaine Co. Ltd. offers no frills flight to America; re-enactment of the first heart transplant by the Battley Townswomen's Guild and other open air productions at sea; animation- car tours lady's body; body parts; radio dramatization of the Death of Mary, Queen of Scots; `What's on the television then? Looks like a penguin.'; body parts; `Don't anyone move there's been a burnley!', Sgt. Duckie's song; multi-lingual contest announcer; Monaco's winning song: Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bang; credits.moreless
  • A University of Woolamaloo philosophy-department meeting---the members of which are all named Bruce; an exploding penguin; a radio version of "The Death of Mary Queen of Scots." Also: advice on how to pick up a cosmetic surgeon.
  • Archaeology Today
    Episode 8
    BBC-1 previews what's coming on, Variety and then there's Sport!; credits; animation- toe from credits found in dig; Archaeology Today- interviewer obsessed with peoples heights; Flaming Star- singing archaeologists' revenge against interviewer from previous sketch; an appeal to overcome sanity by the Reverend Arthur Belling of St. Looney Up the Cream Bun and Jam; Leapy Lee makes an appeal on behalf of the National Truss, boxer KO's Leapy; man tries to exchange wife at registry office; abandoned sketch; animation- Muggsy Spaniel and Eggs Diamond; the Git family at a party; nice version of the preceding sketch; boxer KO's nun; Hank and Roy Spim, Aussie hunters stalk mosquitoes `There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded mosquito'; justices in disrobing room; Mrs Thing and Mrs. Entity discuss the subject of doing nothing and Beethoven and his Mynah bird `Sod the sugar bowl!', `Stuff the jam spoon!', Shakespeare, Michelangelo, W.A. Mozart, Colin Mozart ratcatcher at the Beethoven's flat `I told you to get off the piano you stupid flying buck toothed git! Get OFF!'; justices in disrobing room; credits.moreless
  • The Atilla the Hun Show
    he Atilla the Hun Show!; song: With a Little Love by the Hunlets; credits; Atilla the Nun, doctor examines lady to `The Stripper'; Secretary of State for the Commonwealth delivers an address on Agrarian policies while stripping; political groupies; Ratcatcher sketch; scientist researches new strain of sheep; animation- killer sheep on the lamb; news for parrots; adaptation of Tale of Two Cities for parrots; Today in Parliment; news for Wombats; animation- Atilla the Bun; the Art of Idioting `I may be an idiot, but I'm no fool'; Cricketing from Lords; animation- cricket match played by furniture, Epsom Downs furniture racing; Mrs. Scum wins a blow on the head; credits.moreless
  • 1/1/70
    "The Attila the Hun Show"; a burlesque performance by government ministers; a documentary study of village idiots. Also: political groupies pursue MPs.
  • It's a Living (aka School Prizes)
    It's a Living explains it's rules; BBC1 tells time on both networks; animation- This Way Please!; credits; announcers appears to tell us why he is unable to appear; presentation of school prizes by thieving impostors; Mr. L.F. Dibley defends his films (IF, 2001, Midnight Cowboy , Finnian's Rainbow and Rear Window) on a TV talk show; Foreign secretary speaks on canoeing and Arabs throw him into lake, Arabs throw others into lake; dinner party interrupted by Book of the Month club dung, Dead Indian with new gas cooker and the M4 motorway; animation- other prizes; Timmy Williams Coffee Time; Raymond Luxury-Yacht (Throatwarbler-Mangrove) goes on a talk show; animation- pnuematic lady welcomes sexual athletes; marriage registrar misunderstands mans request; animation- Prince with a spot of `CANCER' not the audio dubbed `Gangreen' (see episode 24), `Yes, black as the ace of spades!'; Election Night Special- Sensible, Slightly Silly, Silly and Very Silly parties, candidates include Jethro Q. Walrustitty, Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lin-busstop-f'tang-f'tang-ole'-biscuit barrel and Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Umbrella Stand Jasper Wednesday (Pop! Pop!) Stoatgobbler John Raw Vegetable (Whinnying!) Arthur Norman Michael (Squeak!) Featherstone Smith (Whistle) Northgot Edwards Harris (Whoop!) Mason (Chuff!-Chuff!-Chuff!) Frampton Jones Fruitbat Gilbert `We'll Keep a Welcome In the (Bang! Bang! Bang!)' Williams If I Could Walk That Way Jenkin (Squeak!) Tiger-draws Pratt Thompson `Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' Darcy Carter (Toot!) Pussycat `Don't Sleep In The Subway' Barton Mannering (Hoot!, Whoop!) Smith; credits.moreless
  • It's a Living
    Episode 6
    Sketches include: The time on BBC 1, School Prize Giving, Films by Mr. Dibley, Timmy Williams Interview, Election Night Special
  • Live from the Grill-O-Mat
    BBC1, announcer live from a Painton snack bar; credits; announcer- the hors d'oeuvre; Blackmail!; the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things turns into a German prison camp; animation- the escape; announcer- the dish; Population Explosion- new talk show; animation- more of the escapees; Prawn Salad Ltd. `Hello Officer, there seems to have been an accident'; escapees meet bishop still practicing from show #5; announcer- the dessert; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers a school play; animation- Teddy and Neddy hunting piggy banks; butchershop sketch `Oh, thank you says the great queen like a la-te-da poofter!'; announcer- the coffee; Ken Clean-Air Systems the great white hope of British boxing `nobody knows why'; waitress reads announcers note, announcer on bus; credits.moreless
  • 1/1/70
    Contestants vie for incriminating photos in "The Blackmail Game"; a boxer spars with schoolgirls.
  • 10/20/70
    animation- drab caterpillar guy turns to game-show-host-type butterfly; credits; Gumbies introduce sketches; Architect Sketch; recognizing a free mason and cure; Gumbies; Insurance Sketch; The Bishop! a C of E film; housing problem of the aged; Poet Board- poet reads weather; discussing censorship `semprini?'; the chemist sketch featuring A Not At All Naughty Chemists Ltd., shoplifter and Police Superintendent Pan Am; Gumbies, Gumbettes; credits.moreless
  • Deja Vu?
    Episode 3
    Woman undresses by window, announcer by window; exploding animals; Hermit; credits; A bishop practicing for show #8, `This way please!' to the flying lesson sketch `Oh, Oh, Oh! No more butter scones for me Mater, I'm off to play the grand piano! Pardon me while I fly my aeroplane!'; BALPA spokesman protests; airplane hijacking sketch `don't anybody move, except of course for certain involuntary movements'; bus hijacking sketch; The poetry of Ewen MacTeagle `Can You Lend Me Fifty Pounds to Mend the Shed'; exploding animals, scotsman protests McTeagle sketch, gynecologist on his lunch hour; animation- little girl and men, hands and a lasso; psychiatric milkmen; complaints; psychiatric dairies, This way please; It's the Mind- the strange phenomenon of deja-vu; credits.moreless
  • 9/22/70
    Man flying into cliff; credits; Jarrow- New Years Eve 1911, interrupted by Spanish Inquisition; man asked to be in a sketch with a novelty salesman, man's head borrowed for animation- eyeball stolen and shot in cannon; new tax proposed on `thingie'; man on the street- What I would tax; snapshots with the Spanish Inquisition; animation- I confess!; semaphore version of Wuthering Heights, Julius Caesar on an Aldis Lamp, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Morse Code and the smoke signal version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; charades in the Criminal Court, judge on trial, credits, Spanish Inquisition late for court.moreless
  • Face the Press (aka Dinsdale)
    Credits with flowers and man with chicken body; Face the Press- Minister in a pink tulle dress; The New Gas Cooker Sketch; animation- flying monarch; dirty old man and billboard `I like a bit of pram please'; Ministry of Silly Walks; Ethel the Frog looks at the rise and fall of Doug and Dinsdale Piranha; announcer, hermit; credits with Spiny Norman.moreless
  • Face the Press
    Episode 1
    A sketch about the Ministry of Silly Walks. Also: a British minister---attired in a pink tulle dress---talks about housing; 30 gas-company men investigate the installation of a stove; a giant hedgehog wanders London.