Monty Python's Flying Circus - Season 3

BBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus
    The second special for WDR was the Pythons' rebuttal of a BBC proposal to send a compilation show to Germany. This program was filmed with one less burden: the cast could speak in English. Connie Booth had begun writing with John Cleese by this time, and the two turned out the "Fairy Tale" sketch, later reprinted in The Brand New Monty Python Bok. Other sketches are summarized in Kim "Howard" Johnson's book The First 280 Years of Monty Python, published by St. Martin's Press.moreless
  • Grandstand (aka The British Royal Awards Programme)

    The British Show Biz awards presented by HRH The Dummy Princess Margret, Oscar Wilde's descriptions of the King, a new brain for Mrs. Zambezi, wife rugby, and formation wife swapping are featured in the third season finale.

  • Grandstand
    Episode 13
    Oscar Wilde, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, George Bernard Shaw and the future Edward VII exchange epigrams at an evening party; mechanical brain surgery fails to dramatically affect a woman's mentality.
  • A Book at Bedtime
    Episode 12

    A Book At Bedtime where no one can read, the Scottish kamikaze regiment, No Time Toulouse, Frontiers in Medicine, penguins in nature, and Spot The Looney! feature in this episode.

  • Dennis Moore
    Episode 11

    Dennis Moore steals lupins, the Ideal Loon exhibition, the TV show Predjudice!, and doctors shaking down patients are featured in this episode.

  • 12/21/72

    A Tudor-era job agency, a dirty book shop, converts to the St. Looney Up The Cream Bun and Jam church, a discussion of life after death, and the disease named after the man who discovered it are featured.

  • 12/14/72

    Mr. Badger tries to ruin sketches throughout this episode. Also, 19th century characters from English literature and a hypnotist build housing developments, an outburst of capital punishment, the Olympic men's hide-and-seek ends in a tie, the Cheaplaughs visiting their neighbors, a bullfighting probe, and split-crotched panties are huge on the planet Algon.

  • The Cycling Tour
    Episode 8

    Mr. Pither's cycling tour of North Cornwall goes through many falls, people who don't want to talk, a bicycle shop disguised as a doctor's office, a man who thinks he's Trotsky and Eartha Kitt, a Communist revolution, and a firing squad before a happy ending.

  • Salad Days
    Episode 7

    Biggles dictates a letter, climbing Oxbridge Road, the cheese shop sketch, and Sam Peckinpah's Salad Days are featured in this episode.

  • 11/23/72

    Housewives cleaning up the arts, randy mollusks, apologizing for politicians, a Naval expedition to Runcorn Streetm and answering questions on the Magna Carta are featured in this episode.

  • The All-England Summarize Proust Competition, hairdressers climbing Mount Everest, telephone operators asking about shoe sizes, party hints for communists, Mr. Smoketoomuch and Ms. Anne Elk, and fire brigade choruses singing Proust are featured.

  • Anagrams, merchant bankers, pantomime horses, Jacques Cousteau, a man joining the WRAC, and an actor complaining about getting no funny lines all feature in this episode.

  • 11/2/72

    The Money Programme presenter gets excited about money, a Japanese adaptation of Elizabeth V, and Scotland Yard's menagerie of detectives expose bad films and phony directors, while an argument clinic fills extra time.

  • 10/26/72

    A couple tries to prove their ancestors traveled from one small town to another; a headmaster enlists a student to examine his wife; How To Do It shows how to live in peace and harmony; exploding athlete's foot treatment; Farming World profiles Tchaikovsky; Trim-Jeans Theatre features classic literature while losing hundreds of pound; and BBC productions plagued by lack of money.

  • Whicker's World
    Episode 1

    An Icelandic saga can't get started, then it does with help from a small town council, while two women search for Jean-Paul Sartre, and Whicker's World finds an island of himself.

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