Monty Python's Flying Circus

Season 1 Episode 6

The BBC Entry For the Zinc Stoat of Budapest

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1969 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Inspector Praline: Next we have number four, "Crunchy Frog".
      Mr. Milton: Ah, yes.
      Inspector Praline: Am I right in thinking there's a real frog in here?
      Mr. Milton: Yes. A little one.
      Inspector Praline: What sort of frog?
      Mr. Milton: A dead frog.
      Inspector Praline: Is it cooked?
      Mr. Milton: No.
      Inspector Praline: What, a raw frog?
      Mr. Milton: We use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose.
      Inspector Praline: That's as may be, but it's still a frog!
      Mr. Milton: What else?
      Inspector Praline: Well don't you even take the bones out?
      Mr. Milton: If we took the bones out, it wouldn't be Crunchy would it?