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ABC Family (ended 2001)


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Moolah Beach

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REMEMBER... "If the sun doesn't burn, you, Someone else will."

From the sands of Hawaii comes 12 teens to compete for a cash prize of $25,000 hidden in one of many Hawaiian Idols that the last two teams would choose from. Testing their skills, strength and courage... Each episode (except for the first episode) focused on a "Makahiki Mission" and "Kahuna Mission" where all the teams would compete against each other to get a clue on which idol did not contain the money and who would get banished off by the mighty Tiki God.

Moolah Beach was created when Survivor's popularity grew. Often billed as "Survivor for Teens", Moolah Beach originally aired on FOX Family Channel (Now under new name ABC Family Channel) as a 60 minute program. For those who did not receive the pay cable channel FOX Family, FOX Family aired it on their sister station, FOX, part of their Saturday Morning Cartoon block. The only difference was that FOX Kids Version was edited from the 60 minute program to a 30 minute program (minus all the romance and other useless stuff, focusing on the primarily on the challenge) before the 60 minute program aired on FOX Family.

Moolah Beach only lasted one season, composed of 6 episodes + a reunion episode. At the end of the Reunion episode, Host J.D. Roth told the viewers "to stay tuned" for Moolah Beach 2 in Summer 2002, but that did not happen. Producers decided to make a new show for Discovery Kids (airing on NBC Saturday afternoon) called "Endurance" similar to moolah beach nut different in it's own way.

Broadcast History:

Saturdays, Fox Family

12 PM (60 minutes)

Saturdays, Fox Kids

8 AM? (30 minutes version)

Sundays, Fox Family (repeats)

11 AM (60 minutes)

J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth


Kyle Searles

Kyle Searles

himself, Green Team, Didn't win the Moolah

Nancy Diaz

Nancy Diaz

herself, Red Team - banished 4th

Brittany Harris

Brittany Harris

herself, Yellow Team - banished 3rd

Summer Borden

Summer Borden

herself, Purple Team, Won the Moolah!