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ABC (ended 1993)

Any hope of seeing Moon Over Miami on DVD?

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    I know that failed series rarely make it to DVD, but I really liked Moon Over Miami.  I taped a few episodes but made the mistake of not taping the pilot, and one ep was interrupted by Gulf War news.  Sigh. 
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    I totally feel the same way.  I loved this show, the characters, the chemistry and the stories where just great fun..Magic!!

    It showed on tv over here (in Australia) a very long time ago and I am just so glad that I kept a few episodes on video tapes.  Although i love going back and checking them out, they wont last forever and i'm dreading the day the VCR will chew them up and spit them out..Bring on downloads or DVD's anyone PLEASE.  Until then, I hope that someone will give it a chance and think it worthy for release.

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