Moon Phase

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • In this special episode, The Mido family house has mysterous moved ot the middle of the ocean and no one but Seiji has noticed anything wierd after this. While their lives have changed withotu knowing, can the Mido family get used to their new lives and will Hazuki learn what it means to be a sister?moreless
    • Hazuki if finalyl rescued and the vampires banished, and the Mido family is returning back to normal. Well whatever normal is for them atleast. But can Hazuki get back to normal?
    • The castle which had been her cage for so long appears, summoned by Hazuki’s acceptance of her fate – to return to her imprisonment and her life as the unfeeling, uncaring Mistress Luna.
    • Goodbye, Brother...I am really going back? Going back?
      Yayo, Hikaru and Haiji attempt to rescue Hazuki, will they be able to resuce her without Kouhei's Jagan?
    • 3/14/05
      As the Puppet Master attacks Hazuku and Kouhei, can Kouhei conqueror his fear of Hazuki's true form? Will they survive the battle and will Seiji be able to drive the vampires back?
    • Mistress Arte is forbidden to kill Luna/Hazuki instead Arte decides to kill Kouhei. Will Kouhei be able to fend off Arte and save Hazuki?
    • Hazuki and Hikaru rush into the trap of the enemy. Meanwhile, Kouhei is at the mercy of a child vampire. Will they be able to force the vampires to retreat?
    • Kouhei continues with his training, driven by the memory of Gramp's sacrifice.
    • Godfather, why are you dressed up like that?
      Kouhei’s training continues but masked stranger steps in with a test and Kouhei’s finds himself alone. Will he be able to find the others and survive?
    • As Hiromi ponders the fate that has befallen her friends, gone these eight months past, all is not quiet at the Mido family shrine.
    • Day in the mountains hot water monkeys and cat whiskers... who are you people?
      Hazuki takes Kaoru, Yayoi and Hikaru to the mountain refuge where Kouhei is suppose to be training. While Hazuki and Kouhei catch up with all the time they had been apart, few vampires attack. Will they be able to survive their attacks?
    • It has been eight months since Hazuki’s home had been destroyed. She continues to wait for Kouhei to finish his training at the Mido shrine as well as mourning for her lost friends. Will she be able to stop mourning and when will Kouhei finish his training?
    • Kouhei feels powerless to protect Hazuki, he wants to train in the art of supernatural powers. Kouhei experiments this by himself. Will this lead him in trouble?
    • 1/24/05
      Hazuki’s battle with two crows leads her to discovery about her powers. Kouhei later makes her the subject to his photography. Just as they are about to start, there is a knock on the door. Who can this person at the door be?
    • 1/17/05
      Luna and Hazuki start their battle for the body. Will Hazuki be able to beat Luna and keep control over her body?
    • Hazuki and the others finally kill Count Kinkel and Hazuki is finally safe. She soon finds herself dealing with emotional pain. Will she be ever herself again?
    • 12/27/04
      With the help of Elfriede, Hazuki and the others have discovered Count Kinkel’s weakness. Will they be able to outsmart the Count?
    • 12/20/04
      Count Kinkel kidnapped Grandpa to lure Hazuki. Hazuki and the friends return to the castle to save Grandpa. Will they escape the castle alive?
    • 12/13/04
      After troubling experience, everyone is looking forward to some peace and quiet. Will this peace last long?
    • After the battle to save Hazuki, Kouhei is gravely injured and is in the hospital. Mistress Luna, Hazuki’s alter ego was the one that injured which could place a huge gape between Hazuki and her friendship with the group. Will they fear her and will Kouhei survive?
    • 11/29/04
      Hazuki under a sleeping spell inside of Count Kinkel’s castle and Kouhei save her just before she loses all her memories and reverts back to her other self, Luna. Will they be able to escape the castle?
    • 11/22/04
      Just when Hazuki thinks that she will never see her mother, she happens to stumble upon her. She gets her hopes up and walks into a trap. Will her friends be able to save her?
    • 11/15/04
      The household found some peace at last which doesn’t seem to last long. Tired of Kouhei, Hazuki brainwashes Hiromi to become her slave. What will Hazuki do with trouble follows?
    • 9/5/07
      Kouhei and his family take Hazuki and Haiji to Kyoto, to visit the Mido family home and seek mystical assistance.
    • Heart Throbs in Kyoto... Exciting
      A trip to Kyoto becomes a little complex for Hazuki. She meets two new enemies and an old one. What will happen to Hazuki?
    • 11/1/04
      The mysterious stranger reveals herself to be the servant of Count Kinkel, one of the most feared vampires. She continues to reveal that she came from Germany to take Luna back to the castle. Hazuki refuses to return to the castle and a battle breaks out. Will Kouhei be able to protect Hazuki?moreless
    • Kouhei and his family welcome the young vampire and her newfound feline friend, Haiji, into the household, the only stipulation being that Hazuki must wear the neko mimi at all times...aka cute little cat ears.
    • Big Brother, give me a kiss
      It's been about a month since Hazuki came to live with Kouhei and they are approaching another full moon. Along with the full moon, comes Hazuki's split personality Luna who seems to know more about Hazuki that she herself does. Will Hazuki ever learn more about her past?
    • Kouhei finds himself living with Hazuki, a vampire he saved from Schwartz Quelee Castle. Kouhei tries to fulfill the promise he made to Hazuki, to find her mother. They go on a trip into the mountain to find Hazuki's mother. Kouhei soon learns more about Hazuki and her split personalities. Whose side is Luna, Hazuki's other personality, on? and who is this mysterious figure following Kouhei and Hazuki?moreless
    • Call Me Mistress
      Episode 2
      Unable to master Kouhei with her vampire wiles, Hazuki changes tactics, convincing the photographer to help gain her freedom with pleading and tears.
    • Please call me master
      Hazuki bites Kouhei hoping to make him her servant. While Kazuki is trying to manipulate Kouhei, Kouhei's cousin Seiji is fighting a spiritual battle against Vigo, an another mysterious character in the castle. What has happend to Kouhei? and will he be able to escape the castle?
    • 10/4/04
      Kouhei's job photographing for a tabloid takes him to Germany's Schwartz Quelle, an ancient castle build during the Middle Ages. While photographing in the castle, Kouhei comes across a mysterious young girl that can't be photographed. Can this get any more paranormal than it already is? And who is this mysterious young girl?moreless