Moon Phase

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • anime pediphile porn

    thats all it is prettymuch. i don't know why funimation would want to dub something as crappy as this. Well at least it ended a little while after it started. seriously could this show have anymore nudity and child pedophilia in it? oh and pots/washtubs falling on peoples heads. the show started off interesting in the first episode but then it was completly ruined afterwards. the opening is terrible and filled with porn. the characters personalities are decent but become ruined by pedophilia. its such a shame what it turned into cuz i thought the first episode was really good despite the terrible opening. i also guess they were too lazy to get someone to sing for the op so they just put in words randomly DX.
  • A heroine with an alter ego, a "thick-headed" hero, and various amusing characters, a pretty good show, overall.

    What can I say about Moon Phase? The plot was fine, if a little undetermined in some episodes, and it had a decent ending. However, it was the animation that really made the entire show as memorable as it was, and the artwork was beautiful. The visual experience was awesome. It's the type of work that really sticks with you. Some of the best, and most detailed drawings I've seen in a while.

    The plot and story line is quite original as well. It has a nice blend of action, romance and comedy.

    But definitely, you shouldn't miss this anime. Check it out! :D
  • I haven't seen the whole anime, but a very interesting and a good romance one.

    This anime is funny, and a good romance story. I'm usually not into romance very much, but they carried out the plot very good. Hazuki is funny in the things she tries to do to Kouhei. And his reaction is very fitting in most animes, a very dense guy that isn't able to pick up the slightest on why the girl is doing this to him. Plus having the ability to take "normal" picture, but turn out to be ghost in most of them has to funny. Plus the animation is very good for mostly happening at night. Usually most animes fail at this point. But I think it ended too early, but I guess most animes do when they pass the manga.
  • When photographer Kohei goes to a castle to take pictures, he sees Kazuki. Kazuki tries to make Kohei her servant but failed and now Kohei has to protect Kazuki from vampires trying to bring her back to the castle.

    This show is interesting and the characters were also very cute for example Kazuki and her shikigami. It was also very awesome and the battles or fights they had were so stunning. In this show you can also see what are the powers of the vampires that were chasing after Kazuki and how Kohei and Kazuki somehow saved the day or managed to defeat them. In the end, it turns out that Kazuki had a younger sister and she was so adorable. This is a rather touching show as well and Kohei and Kazuki's trust in each other grew more.
  • A decant romance anime.

    Moon Phase is a pretty good romance anime. The out line story is pretty original for a romance anime. It's about Kohei Morioka a photographer who goes to a German castle to takes pictures and Hazuki a young female vampire he meets there and tries to turn him into her slave. Like I said the story is good but what really got me was the animation. It's some of the best animation I've seen, the style is dark after all it involves vampires. What kept it from getting a 10 was the ending of the series. There's no real resolution, it just abruptly ends. I'm going to have to check out the manga to see if there's anything different.