Season 1 Episode 4

Part Four

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Part Four
The Moondial comes to a stop and Minty is again back in the past and finds it is night there to. She leaves the Moondial and walks down the path in the dark. Minty continues down the dark path and hears a girls voice singing and catches glimpses of others following the singer. The singer is Sarah a young girl and gradually she is surrounded by hooded boys all chanting "What's the time Mr. Wolf?" They shout louder and louder, then the words change and Minty hears them shouting "Moondial" - "Moondial" - "Moondial." The chanting again changes to "Devil's child." Sarah starts screaming and so Minty rushes forward shouting. The boys are frightened by this unexpected course of events and so scatter in all directions. Another voice is then heard harshly shouting "Sarah", "Sarah." Sarah, then falls to the ground in a faint. The hooded figures vanish into the night and the Governess, for want of another title, then appears - lifts Sarah to her feet and reviles her with the words "you really are a devil's child." Minty finds herself back in her bedroom again. We are unsure here as to whether this is a dream or not but it looks like morning. Minty is walking in the trees, surrounded by mist she can hear voices - children's voices. Now she can see small cloaked shadowy figures running around. The children are stood in a ring chanting "Devil's child" going round and around a small doll like figure in the middle. The doll has a cloak and a sack for a head. The children now start to hit the figure with large sticks and then stamp on it shouting "Dead." Minty watches them parade round the doll before they throw it onto the fire. Minty is back in the her world now and goes to see World. She asks about the dial and the path and the figures attached to the moondial. World says that he has a book on sundials that he gives to Minty. He tells her that Clock time is mean time, Sun time is apparent time, Real time is star time" to which Minty asks if this is the same as Moon Time. World does not know but supposes so as the moon and the stars are seen together. Minty's tape is given to Mr Benson for her mother Kat to listen to. It is hoped it will bring her out of a coma. Back in the House Minty sees a small bag in the hallway. She can hear voices in the kitchen and goes to investigate. There she is introduced to Ms Raven (those of you who watch / remember Blake's 7 will recognise her as Servalen) by Aunt Mary.moreless

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