Season 1 Episode 5

Arrested Development

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the beginning of the episode the camera pans over the city and closes in on Beth and Josh coming out of a doctor's office after getting her arm checked. Josh remarks that it's a weird cut and the camera focuses to show us two tiny pinpricks on Beth's arm. Josh also wonders why Mick hasn't been around lately.

Mick enters the same building and attempts to get onto an already full elevator. His internal monologue sets the pace about needs and wants of life and how there really is no way of controlling them, no matter how hard you want to. Turning around, he bumps into Beth and Josh.

They make idle chat about why they are both in the building and Beth reveals that she told Josh she fell on a chain link fence. Josh invites Mick to the party that Beth and Josh are having to celebrate their one year anniversary.

After saying goodbye, Mick's inner monologue begins again and the camera flips to a laptop screen and someone scrolling through pictures of half naked women. Printing out picture from the web, you hear the phone dialing.

The next shot is a baseball clad man standing in front of a door. A blonde woman opens the door, and says that she can't, not with him and tells him to run along -- that they would call it even. His face is never shown. She starts to shut the door when he forces it back open and tells her that her picture was a lot prettier. He barges in the room, throwing his hand over her mouth. The door shuts - opening screen rolls.

We return to see Beth sitting in front of a computer screen at BuzzWire. Her boss comes over to her and tells her that they have a live one. Her boss explains that it's juicy stuff; with a very distinct M.O. Beth asks her if it's like the ones in San Francisco. Her boss agrees and tells her to look for a copy cat angle.

Next we're with Mick and two very distressed parents. They explain how their daughter came to the city to be an actress, and how they couldn't reach her but how they knew what she had really been doing in the city. They show Mick a page from the internet, similar to the one our mystery man had printed off earlier. Mick promises to find her.

We're back with Beth at the crime scene, and Beth is caught by Lt. Carl Davis peeking in the apartment. She asks who the guys in suits are, and he smugly replies that they heard the apartment was available. She asks if they are FBI; he just answers no comment. Beth continues to push on whether the killer has come to LA or if it's a copycat until Lt. Davis tells her she needs an off switch. Beth is relegated to being behind the yellow tape once again, but she got something good for her story – possible FBI involvement in the case she's following.

We next find Mick at Josef's apartment being questioned about Beth and how it's been going since she saved his life out in the desert. Mick answers simply with fine. Josef points out that it probably means that he's avoiding her and that he's a romantic in the abstract – but Mick quickly changes the subject to the missing girl he needs help finding. Josef introduces Rider England to Mick and says that he's a maestro of all things telephonic. Mick gives Rider the picture that was given to him by the parents. Rider begins to search the web while Mick and Josef chat about how things have changed over the years. No more cathouses with everything being technological and separated into categories and choices. Everything is very efficient and very American. Mick asks him if he's being nostalgic and Josef asks what happened to the good ol' days. Rider comes up with the girl's address for Mick and he leaves.

Beth and Josh are now entertaining friends, celebrating their one year anniversary together and we learn the story of how Beth and Josh met. Apparently Beth and Josh's cars crashed in an accident. Beth's phone goes off just after their friends toast and she answers it. The caller needs Beth to come and meet them. She tries to beg off, stating that she's in the middle of something but the caller persists. Beth apologizes to her group of guests; explaining that she has to leave, it has to do with the case that she's working on and she promises to be back as soon as possible. Just as she gets out the door, Josh stops her and she thanks him for being so understand, his voice laced with anger. Beth tells him that he's mad and he denies it. He does say however that he thinks it's rude that she's ditching her friends after inviting them because he calls. Beth asks him who he's talking about and Josh answers Mick St. John. Beth explains that it wasn't Mick on the phone, that it was a contact she has at the morgue. He asks her what she would have thought had the situation been different. She asks what he's talking about. Josh tells her that he sees how they look at each other when they bumped into each other at the elevator; that he couldn't miss it. She tells him that it's not the right time to have that particular conversation; that she'll be back as soon as she can. Josh tells her to take her time.

Mick is now at the apartment where the crime had occurred. His inner monologue tells us that normally vamps don't frequent women in the working trade; there's no need with other options. He could smell a vampire had been there though. He could smell struggle, resistance, and defeat, but not only from the victim but from the vamp as well.

Beth is slipping some money to her contact at the morgue, and is told to hurry that the boss would be back any minute. She says it won't take long, that she'll know what she's looking for when she sees it. Beth asks why she's still a Jane Doe and is told that they hadn't uncovered her real identity yet. Lifting the sheet, Beth is repulsed by what she sees. The elevator dings and Beth hides in a small room. Mick walks in with the parents he's trying to help. They pull back the sheet and the mother starts to cry. It's not their daughter. Mick looks slightly bewildered, and then his eyes flicker towards the room in which Beth is hiding. The parents say goodbye and Mick tells her that she can come out now. He asks her what she's doing there. He helps her up and she tells him that she was just about to ask him the same thing. She tells him that she's on a story, and that she thinks a vamp is involved. He confirms it for her, telling her that the vamp is extremely frustrated and dangerous. She then asks him what he's doing there, if he's tracking the vamp. He explains that he's on the missing girl case. They then realize they're on the same case. They leave, only to stop and Beth confronts him about avoiding her. He denies it, and she tells him that he's been avoiding her since the desert. She asks him if he thinks it's strange that despite following two completely different paths they still manage to cross. He tells her he doesn't believe in that sort of stuff and she calls him a liar. She wants to him admit that it's a big deal. She wants him to admit that something happened between them. He admits it and he questions if they both admit something happened then what? She tells him that she thinks they'll get answers if they work together.

A cell phone rings and the girl that Mick's been looking for answers it. Our mystery man is on the other end, flipping over a picture. He tells her that her old roommate, the dead one, says hi. They chat slightly, and then set a date. The call ends.

Back at BuzzWire we learn that Beth doesn't know how to spell predator; Marissa teases her. She asks how the morgue was and Beth apologizes. Marissa tells her not to apologize to her but to Josh, stating that he burnt dinner. She asks what's going on with them, why they aren't more serious. Why they haven't moved in together. They talk about signs and answering the call once Beth's cell phone rings. Marissa says see that's a sign. Beth states that it's not Josh.

Rider is going through the missing girl's history and background. Anything that will help him find her when Beth arrives at Josef's. Beth wonders why she's here. They explain that they have a list of incoming numbers from the dead girl's phone and they want Beth to call and try to flush them out. Beth uses a very sultry voice on the first number trying to determine who the serial killer is. Mick watches her intently. When the first call ends badly she thinks she messed it up and Mick tries to reinforce that she did well but is at a loss for words with Josef filling in very impressive and Rider adding that she was hot. They try another number, and out mystery man answers. Instead of thinking it's Jassmyn, the dead girl, he thinks it's someone named Cherish. He asked if they were still on for today at Greenies and then hung up. Beth said the person on the other end reminded her of high school. Rider gives them the address of the landline they called and says he'll look for a place called Greenies. Mick and Beth are off.

They arrive at the address and Beth asks if his friends are vampires. He says they are and asks if she could tell. She says no and he responds with scary, huh? They knock on the door of the apartment, but there's no answer. Mick picks the lock and motions for Beth to wait. Mick and Beth are ambushed by the men in suits.

Meanwhile our mystery player (whose name I believe to be David) enters a bar/restaurant in an amusement park like setting and heads for the pretty blond sitting at the bar. He asks her if she's Cherish. She says yes, but the look on her face is of question. Mystery man says it's nice to see her, she tells him to sit down. We finally see the face of our mystery player – he looks like a teenager! We also see his fangs.

Mick is getting chewed out by the woman from the FBI, showing her his PI ID, and tunes her out after a few to glimpse around the room noticing a PS2 game console, acne medication, several teen magazines, a picture from days gone by, and a leopard skin print covered address book. After being release by the FBI agent, Mick takes a closer look at the picture. There is only one boy in a picture full of women in front of what looks like an old cathouse. He then walks over to Beth who is being lectured by Lt. Davis, who tells her that they have this guy nailed. He's 38-45 years old, a loner, tortured animals, and wets his bed. He also tells her that the freezer is to keep trophies of his victims. Mick gets her attention to grab the address book from the side table. She slides it under her coat and they leave the apartment. Mick tells her they're wrong as they leave the building. Beth begins to look through the address book, finding a picture of the two girls with a number on the back. Mick tells her to call it and they take off.

We're back with our missing girl and David. She's asking him if he's a virgin, and he tells her no. She asks how old he is, and he tells her 21. She asks how old he really is and he answers 197 ½. She tries to let him down easy, when her cell goes off. He tells her not to answer it, sliding some money across the bar. Mick and Beth are racing to the amusement park.

David tells her that they can go on rides, that there's a rollercoaster she'll love. He's looking very excited at the premise of spending time with her. She says that she doesn't have time for all that. He tells her to move her chair closer and she starting to get creeped out. She moves her chair slightly and he reaches down and moves it to where he wants it. He wants her to kiss him, and she gives him a light peck. He tells her to kiss him like she means it when people snicker as they walk by.

In the car, Beth asks Mick how the sex thing works, explaining that her parents left out the part about vampires. Mick tells her that while not impossible it's inadvisable because it never works out well. When Beth asks never – Mick tells her to check the number again.

Back at the diner, David begins to show his true colors, getting angry when she's not completely compliant to what he wants. She's had enough and answers her phone finally. Mick begins to try to talk the David down and to let the girl go. David takes the phone from her, throwing it on the floor then escapes through a back door onto a crowded boardwalk. They are followed quickly by Mick and Beth. Mick uses his super-human senses to track the couple into an arcade where he discovers the couple in a photo booth. Beth comforts the scared girl after an innocent bystander tries to help. David exits back out onto the crowded boardwalk, where he hides underneath while Mick looks out towards the ocean.

Night has fallen and the David apparently feels it's safe to leave his hiding spot. The amusement park is dark and quiet. All of a sudden Mick's voice fills the air, telling him it doesn't have to be this way. Mick brings the amusement park to life, telling him that he knows what he's going through. That he's been through it himself. David asks him how he could know, because he wasn't turned at 16. All David wanted to do was grow out of this stage of life and now he won't ever. Mick continues to search the park for David, jumping up onto the track of a rollercoaster for a better view. David lets the cars of the coaster go.

David asks if Mick has every loved someone so completely, that she was his whole world, that he would do anything she asked. Mick thinks back to Coraline, their wedding night and answers yes. David answers that he hasn't. A fight ensues on the track of the coaster, while the cars race toward them. One set of cars narrowly misses them, and Mick's inner monologue kicks in once again, stating that in 85 years he's learned that what we want doesn't necessarily matter if the universe has something different planned for us. That you can want to survive but if the universe wants you to die, it's your time.

Back at BuzzWire, Mick walks in with the parents and they are reunited with their daughter. It's a tearful, joyous reunion. Beth's boss wants to know why the cameras aren't rolling, that it's juicy stuff, nearly killed prostitute reunited with her parents. Beth explains that they don't want this public; that she doesn't want to be on the internet. Beth looks to where Mick was standing only he's not there anymore and she tells her boss that she has to go.

Out in the parking lot, Mick is starting to get in his car, but drops his keys. Beth runs up the stairs and looks for Mick. She doesn't see him but sees his car and starts heading for it. He stands up and startles her. He shows her that he dropped his keys. She said that he didn't say goodbye, and he says that she was tied up with her editor. She tells him that he could have still said goodbye. Mick gets the word good out and Beth kisses him. They break apart and he says bye. They kiss again, and Beth runs back into the building.