Season 1 Episode 3

Dr. Feelgood

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

After Beth saves Mick from death at the hands of Lee Jay Spaulding, she doesn't know what to do and paces in front Mick's door. Finally knocking, Mick hesitates on answering but finally does.

Beth states that she's there to talk to him about him, and Mick invites her in. Beth tells him to tell her that she didn't hear/see what she thought she did the other night. She asks if he's the only one. Mick tells her that he is a vampire and that he's not the only one, that there are a few hundred in LA.

Beth is astonished, and asks how no one knows about them. Mick tells her that they are very careful, and that people aren't believed when they tell what they've seen. That they've been hunted for thousands of years and that it's extremely important that no one knows they exist.

Beth asks if he bites people and sucks their blood. Mick tells her that he actually gets his blood from a blood bank. She replies that the Red Cross doesn't mention that in their literature. Mick tells her that it's a lot to process and he understands.

She asks how he became a vampire and Mick flashes back to when Coraline turned him, and he tells Beth she has to leave. She questions him further, her reporter instinct clicking on, and he simply tells her another time.

We move to a man walking down the street, when he's hit by a car. The driver rushes out to him to see if the man is ok. The man is a vampire, biting the man.

The driver of the car winds up in a convenience store, blood soaked into his shirt. When clerk confronts him about eating the food without paying for it, the man wants to know why the food has no taste and that he's not paying for anything. The clerk's arm gets scratched, and the newly turned vampire smells the blood. He attacks the clerk.

Beth is on the scene, giving her report. After she's off the air, she sidles up to a conversation between the Lt. Carl and another officer. She hears about a chewed up blood empty body. Beth immediately thinks of Mick.

Mick arrives at the morgue and picks on Guillermo for his text messages he sent about the victim. They chat about the body, stating that the police think it's a dog attack. Mick senses that it's a newly turned vampire, and wonders why the sire isn't controlling him. Guillermo suggests that the sire changed his mind, and Mick states that it goes against every rule, that the sire has to help the newbie through the transition. Guillermo says that he barely remembers anything about being turned, and Mick states that he remembers the rage, the need to satisfy a hunger that he didn't understand and the way it felt to feed for the first time. He deduces that they have a rogue on their hands and they need to find the sire to find the rogue. When Beth appears in the window of the door, Guillermo quickly recovers the body from her view. Mick leaves to talk to her.

He asks what she's doing there, and she tells him the rumor that something slashed the clerk and drained all his blood out. Mick gets defensive and asks if she meant something like him. He goes on to further explain that what did this is nothing like him. He tells her that he wants her off this case and she demands to know why, asking if it's because it has to do with a vampire. She explains that she's getting off the case. He tells her that it's going to get dangerous and she says that it's a good thing she's got him around. He then goes on to explain how one becomes a vampire. The vampire has to feed you their blood once you've reached a point near death. Beth tells him that she'll deal with the cops and computers; he's got to deal with the vampires.

Mick explains that the newly turned seek out food, trying to quench the hunger that dwells within. He senses blood in the air, and finds the place where the new vampire was sired, the corner of 1st and Main. He finds a notebook soaked in blood. He flashes back to more of when Coraline sired him, how panicked and disoriented he was. How Coraline kept stating that she had given him a gift that that she loved him. He runs from her.

Mick goes to Josef for advice/assistance. Mick compares a newly turned vampire to a feral kitten. Josef suggests that he contact the cleaner service for help. He asks if there's anything unusual about her recent calls, and she states that a vampire called about an accidental kill but when she got there that there was no body. She gives him the name of the vampire, Gerald Stovsky, who called in for the cleaner service, stating that when Mick found him, he call her.

Beth is researching vampires on her computer when Josh comes in with food and startles her. He asks what her research is about, and she tells him it's nothing. Josh wants to talk about what's going on with her, and Beth tells him that everything is fine, that the last couple of weeks have been crazy but it's just because of the new job.

Mick is still tracking Gerald Stovsky, and finds him at a lab. Turns out he's not only a vampire but a rocket scientist as well. Mick hands him the book that he picked up where the accident happened. Stovsky tells a tale of sadness that other vampires avoid him, and he can't socialize well with humans. Stovsky explains what happened the other night with the accident and Mick informs him that his accidental kill didn't die, but got turned. That some of Gerald's blood got into the new vamp. Gerald tries to remember what he can about the victim after Mick tells him that he left this poor man alone and scared and now he's out there killing. Gerald remembers that he said he was a doctor.

We find the new vamp in a parking complex. He's wild. He approaches a man getting into his car and tells him everything will be ok, that he's a doctor. He then bites him.

Beth is on scene, doing her report. She claims that no one knows who are what is responsible for the crimes of the last two days. Beth approaches Lt. Carl to get more information, and learns that the new victim's throat was chewed out. Lt. Carl tells her that this could be a serial, and didn't want her starting to send the city into a panic.

Mick is standing off to the side, where he had just watched her most recent broadcast on his phone. He says that she came very close to saying vampire and that by not saying it that she's lying to her viewers. She asks why Mick thinks he can't trust her. Mick changes the subject, telling her what he's found out so far. He asks her to check with the police to see if any reports had been filed. She asks why if he's a PI he doesn't have contacts inside the department. He tells her that it takes time, years, to develop a contact and it's kind of hard when he doesn't age. That people, especially cops, tend to pick up on that. Beth repeats the address, and says she'll see what she can find out.

Mick's inner monologue kicks in, stating that part of him felt bad for the rogue. He flashes back to the night Coraline turned him again. Coraline has tracked him down and has brought something for him to feed on. Mick tells her to get away from him, and Coraline says she knows he's hurting and that food will make him feel better. Mick asks to die. Coraline says no you want to live and shows him the girl's neck. He starts to feed.

A car is pulling into a driveway, and the garage door goes up. There's food and debris on the floor, and the woman who got out of the car opens the door to the refrigerator to find the newly turned vamp in there. She calls out his name, Jeff, and asks what he's doing in there and where his clothes were. He says that he's tired, very tired and that he didn't need his clothes in there. The cold felt good. She wants him to come inside, that he's been stressed from taking on all those extra shifts. He says that something is happening to him, something he didn't understand. She offers to call the hospital, that he must be sick. He reaches out and slaps her hand, causing her to recoil in pain. He apologizes and says that he didn't mean to scare her, and she says that everything is going to be okay. They exchange I love yous and they hug. He says that he's so hungry, and starts to go for her neck.

Mick and Beth are driving and she tells him that once they get cell coverage they should be able to get those police reports that he wants. She offers him a chip, stating that she got the ones without garlic. Mick says that he can have garlic, if he ate food. Beth begins to question him further about being a vampire. She asks if he can fly and he says yes, just like superman. Amazed Beth asks really and he says no, but it would be pretty cool wouldn't it. She then questions him about the whole not aging and asks him how old he really was. He tells her that he'll be 85 this November. He cell beeps, stating that the only report was that of an abandoned car belonging to Jeffrey Pollock and reads off his address.

Arriving at the address, Mick and Beth enter the house. Beth asks what the smell is and Mick answers blood, telling her to stay close. They enter the living room to find Jeff's wife dead on the floor and Mick tells her that she's dead, murdered. They entered another room, trying to figure out where Jeff would go next. Beth asks about Mick's life before he was turned, about friends and family. She asks if he had a wife. He answers once, and Beth asks what happened. Mick states she dies and when Beth asks if he tried to turn her, he reiterates that she's dead. They find the information about where Jeff works, and then there's a noise of a door opening. Mick pulls his gun, telling her to stay put in the office, and repeats himself that she needs to stay.

The intruder is the Stovsky himself. He states that once Mick left, he realized that he had to be a sire, he had to help the newly turned vamp. Mick states it's too late, that Jeff is out of control, that he's feral and needs to be put down. Gerald hits Mick with a stake, and explains his position. He's never been able to sire before, that this now gives him something he's never had, a son/companion. And he's not going to let Mick take him from him. He uses the stake to further paralyze Mick. Stovsky leaves and Beth comes around the corner, wondering if Mick had left her.

She runs to Mick's side, calling out his name. In a low voice, Mick asks her to take out the stake. She pries his fingers off the stake and pulls it out. Mick takes a deep breath of air and says ouch. He checks his chest wound which is nearly healed, leaving only the blood soaked tear in his shirt for evidence. When Beth questions why the stake didn't kill him, Mick explains that they only paralyze. She touches the wound. Mick tells her who staked him and they leave for the hospital.

At the hospital, Jeff is looking around when two of his friends come around the corner, blood stains on their clothing. They explain that he missed the car wreck in the driver's radial artery was severed. Everywhere Jeff looks he can see blood. His colleagues ask him to cover the floor. He passes by one room and sees blood bags hanging.
Stovsky shows up and says that they need to talk. Mick and Beth race through the hospital and ask if anyone has seen Dr. Pollock tonight. They are told that he's on floor four, and they start running.

Jeff starts examining a patient when Stovsky comes into the room explaining that he really needs to talk to him. Jeff asks him who he is and what does he want. Stovsky explains that he's there to help him, that he's a friend. Jeff says that he needs no friends and throws Stovsky into the hall. Mick and Beth run into Stovsky who tell them that Jeff is insane. Beth yells at him, and then Stovsky continues to run where his is promptly met by the cleaning service.

Mick confronts Jeff just as he's about to bite the patient. Mick tells him to back away, and Jeff tells him that he can smell him. That he knows what he is. Mick repeats that Jeff needs to come with him. Jeff says that he's not going anywhere, that there's endless supply of blood. Mick tells him they don't need to kill to survive, and Jeff says he likes killing. Mick tries further reasoning with him, but it fails.

A fight ensues, and Mick ends up chasing Jeff to an enclosed stairwell. After knocking Jeff down a flight of stairs, Mick stakes him. Pollock begs for his life, stating that he'll go back to his old life, he'll stop killing. Mick tells him it's too late, he's destroyed all of that.

Beth meets up with Mick as he's wheeling Pollock away from the stairwell, telling him that a woman took Stovsky away. Beth sees that Mick caught Pollock, and wonders whether they should call the police. Mick tells her that statements like that are why she shouldn't be there. She clarifies that stakes only paralyze, not kill and asks what they should do. Mick tells her that it's not we, that it's him. Beth tells him that he can't just kill him. Mick states that he's already dead. Beth tries to say something else, but Mick stops her and pushes the gurney into the incinerator room while Beth watches on. The fire envelopes the body.

Mick goes to Josef's and relays the story. Josef tells him that he doesn't understand him, that the bad guy was caught and everyone is safe. Mick tells him that he could have been just like him if it hadn't been for Coraline. Josef tells him a story of two Buddhist monks and relates it to Coraline and Mick. Mick needs to let Coraline go.

Mick shows up at Beth's apartment and tells her the entire story of how he was turned. Mick states that he went to bed a happily married man and awoke a monster. Beth tells him he's not a monster. Mick tells her that she asked him if he trusted her; he says that she is the first human he's every told any of his story or who he is to, so yeah he trusts her. He then reaches out and touches her hand before walking away.
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