Season 1 Episode 3

Dr. Feelgood

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • Bloodthirsty newbie Vamps

    Ah ... a little more insight into the Vampire world. Apparently if you leave a newly turned vampire to their own devices they act like spoiled children. As is evident in this episode. I really love how Mick's character handles things. He's really intense and seems to take everything so personally. This particular episode I feel saw him and Beth getting into their working together 'groove' and of course Beth finds out Mick's big secret. I really enjoyed the scene where she was asking all her questions about Vampires. It was quirky and funny. I certainly can't wait to see what the writers bring us next. More More More please!!!
  • We learn what it takes to become a vampire.

    This was a wonderful episode! The entire episode was written very well, and the action scenes were incredible! I think that this was one of the best episodes so far in the series, which isn't saying much considering there were only two episodes before this one. The acting was wonderful, and the plot was even better! It was cool to learn that there were a couple hundred vampires in LA, not to mention the fact that there is a cleaner vampire whom other vampires call when there is a body that needs to be disposed of. This has to be one of my favorite episodes!
  • We learn more on what it's like to be turned into a vampire. We meet additionals cast members.

    An elderly rocket scientist vampire is hit by a car. Since vamps live off blood and heal this is not a problem after a few minutes for the old vamp. It does take a few minutes to heal, however, and a doctor just happens by and tries to save the old vamp. Things get twisted and the old vamps "sires" himself a new vamp and never realizes it. The term "sire" refers to making to making a vamp out of a human. The good doctor is now a bad doctor out killing for the pleasure of it and to "feed". Mick hunts the bad doctor down while telling Beth what it feels like to become a vampire. The show's ending is very touching.
  • beth learns that mick is a vampire and can't seem to want to leave that subject out. a man is run over who is a vampire and kills a man leaving him to understand what he is.

    i thought that this was a very cool episode. beth slowly wanting to come back and learn from mick. mick is a really cool guy and i could understand why he didn't feel the need to share with beth what happened to his wife. i thought it was so cool that mick didn't mind if beth asked him so many questions about him being a vampire. the two best parts that i really enjoyed in this episode was when mick got stacked and beth took the steak out of him and at the end of the show when he told beth that she is the only human that he has told that he is a vampire and him touching her hand slowly letting her know that he will always be there.
  • A vampire bites a man and "turns" him. Then leaves him.

    A rocket scientist vampire bites a man and drains him of his blood. He accidently spits his blood into the victim thus "turning" him. Check this out! He doesn't realize it and leaves the man "dead". This man is undead! He feeds on every human who gets in his way including his wife! Meanwhile Mick tracks this "rogue" vampire to a hospital where he finally stakes him (which only paralyzes a vamp) and then sticks his staked victim in the incinerator. The only way to kill a vamp is by fire or by chopping their heads off. This rogue vampire dies by fire.
  • A doctor is turned vampire and left rogue.

    A doctor is left drained but turned in the middle of a street in the middle of LA where people are all the time. I mean, millions live there, somebody is going to see this rogue drink blood and generally run amok. The freezer thing is bizarre. His wife catches him sleeping in the frig and her reward? She is drained of her blood. Okay, serious question here. How come the rogue couldn't smell his sire but he could smell Mick St. John. Apparently vampires emit a smell only other vampires can smell. And where did the cleaner take the bad sire? Wrap it up right writers! This show has so much potential!
  • Good Samaratian Gets Bitten and isn't a bit shy about it!

    So it turns out a older vampire gets hits by a car and the next car is a doctor. The older vampire wakes up and has himself a meal. But afterwards he coughs and some of his blood ends up in the "meal" thus turning him. Mick St. John's morgue friend texts him to come and check out the body of the first meal of the brand new vampire. The case is on. We meet the cleaner, more of Josef (who is a hunk thank you) and Mick and Beth just keep crossing paths. Since the newly turned vampire likes to kill he has to be dispatched with and eventually he meets his end in the incinerator. Beth is left questioning why but she trusts Mick enough. I want to know what the cleaner did with the rocket scienetist who sired the evil doctor. The answer is never provided.
  • Mick St. John is now on a mission to eliminate the treat a newbie vampire makes. Also, he has flashbacks of the time he became a vampire...

    This one is the third episode of my favourite show this season, Moonlight. In the last episode, we saw how Beth revealed the truth about Mick. But, surprisingly, she isn't mad or surprised at all. She goes to Mick and asks him about how he became a vampire, but he dont talk to her. He remembers the first night after his wedding, and how his ex. wife turned him into a vampire. And then, we see a vampire hurting an innocent, but without killing him, so the guy becomes a vampire. He cant control himself, so he just kills arround, and makes mess. Beth must lie to buzzwire, even though she knows the truth.

    Then Mick gets to know the old vampire that turned the guy, and asks him about what he remembers. The old vamp. says he's a doctor, so Mick and Beth go to the clinic. They catch him and Mick destroys him.

    Then Mick tells Beth the hole truth about him.

    Interesting episode...
  • The writers continue to move the story along at a nice clip. The Executive Producers must know how precious little time they have to hook their audience. They've DEFINITELY got MY vote!

    Vampire stories have come and gone; some faster than others. For some, it's about killing the vampires, for others it's about the shame and secrecy of being a vampire. "Moonlight" has a newer, fresher take on this age old story. Whether it's because the staff of "Moonlight" knows it has very little time to make their statement or because they wanted to get through the meat of the story without having to reintroduce the foundation of vampire lore, they are speeding through the introductory episodes at a comfortable pace for the "get it instantly" audiences of today.

    What aspect of a show determines fan loyalty? Sometimes it's the rush of living life in 40 minute segments at a time. To others, it's being able to visit places and situations far removed from your own life. To some of the most loyal fans it's all about the characters. They look for characters they'd want to spend time with and get to know. "Firefly" fans were so loyal they took a canceled network show and turned it into a big screen offering. They loved their "Firefly" family of actors and to many it was their own personal "quality time."

    Could it be that by moving so quickly through the introductory part of a vampire's story, the Executive Producers of "Moonlight" are hoping to create a family of their own? Mick St. John isn't like other vampire heroes we've seen. He is low key and not as "polished" an orator. Sure he's hot, but his manner and verbiage seem more like an ex-rocker who stopped taking drugs and decided to participate in life with the rest of us. His human imperfections allow us to bond with him on a more personal level, because we all know someone who's a little emotionally detached and withdrawn. Being able to watch Mick come out of his shell bit by bit is the fun part of this series. The vampire lore is a bonus.

    In this episode we learn how vampires are sired and what happens if the baby-daddy doesn't hang around. We also find there is a clean-up crew for those occasions that would bring attention to the vampire community (a service Mick apparently doesn't use).

    The best part of this episode, in my opinion, is watching Mick come out of his shell. Unlike other vampire stories, Mick does what he has to do without hesitation or angst. Score 1 for "Moonlight." He talks with Beth about exposing that side of himself to her. To Beth's credit, she quickly embraces the vampire lifestyle as she points out she just lied to her viewers in a news report to protect the vampire community.

    What makes "Moonlight" different than most is it's ability to give the unknown it's rightful place in today's society. Society as a rule is more accepting of that which is different. Many of us revel in exploring possibilities. The opportunity to integrate all the hues of life brightens our own and makes us better people.

    Once the writers etch out the basic lore, this series will be able to go so many other places with their stories. We have 400 years of Josef's life and 85 years of Mick's to explore. We have the bright-eyed innocence of Beth as she fearlessly tries to explore all the boundaries to Mick's world. Once CBS makes a commitment to the series other vampires can be added in for flavor.

    "Moonlight" is a wonderful opportunity that is finding it's way into our hearts. Let us hope that CBS is able to respect this property for it's potential while it does so.
  • At the end of the second episode Beth discovered Mick's secret and this third episode follows the two of them as they track a renegade vampire.

    Dr. Feelgood was another excellent episode. I can't express how relieved I was that the writers didn't drag out the whole secret identity thing with Mick and Beth, that would have annoyed me beyond anything. It was a bit amusing to me that Mick was so worried about Beth rejecting him after finding out about his "problem" and instead Beth seemed to be more curious than afraid about Mick's vampirism. As a matter of fact she was being somewhat nosy about the whole business. This third episode emphasizes the growing chemistry between Beth and Mick and personally I am very interested in discovering what's going to happen between these two in future episodes.
  • Terrific show! This series keeps getting better! I am a true fan! LONG LIVE MOONLIGHT!!!

    Dr Feelgood was a terrific episode that had times when I was sitting up on the edge of the seat, times when I just about jumped out of the chair and times (like at the end) where I was yelling at the TV "No, it can't go off now! I need more!" After the previews for next week, that just made my anxiety worse!!! It is going to be a long week till Friday...

    I loved seeing Mick and Beth working together and how their relationship is developing as Beth learns more about Mick the vampire. Moonlight has definitely developed a following already and it is growing. It is a great show that is fun to watch. I am definitely hooked and sincerely hopes that CBS keeps this show on the air!

  • Still finding its feet, but doing well

    Many critics of "Moonlight" point out that the show is riddled with cliché, and that the characters present nothing new. To a certain extent, it's hard to argue with that assessment. It's just that the assessment doesn't matter very much for this particular genre. Very few vampire tales offer anything new, after all. It comes down to execution and style. One may quibble over how well the series has distinguished itself from the rest of the pack, but it's unfair to attack any entry in such a well-traveled subgenre.

    In fact, I find myself reacting oddly to "Moonlight". I can easily identify some of the tropes at play and the struggle to find an original voice, and I know that the series has yet to introduce anything truly new. Yet I find it very hard to hold that against the series, because frankly, I just like it. It may be cookie-cutter vampire adventure material, but it's competent, and each new episode makes up for the weaknesses of the pilot.

    The cast is settling in rather nicely now, especially Sophia Myles (either that, or her American accent is growing on me). I also appreciate the fact that the relationship between Mick and Beth is advancing much more quickly than one would otherwise expect. Considering the fact that the episodes are still covering introductory material, this bodes well for the future, when the complications set in and the stories grow into (hopefully) uncharted territory.

    As far as this episode is concerned, it was about establishing more of the rules and delving into Mick's past in more detail. It's one thing for the writers to dump all of that information into an expository dream at the beginning of the pilot, and quite another to show how it works in practice. Hopefully, now that the production side has stabilized, the writers will continue to show us the rules instead of telling us about them.

    Whatever the case, this episode may not win any awards, but it was a solid enough entry for the series and was comfortably entertaining. The character dynamics are growing by leaps and bounds, and there's every reason to believe that the process will continue. With the ratings fairly stable (especially compared to more visible opposition), this series should be safe for the short-term, giving the writers time to progress with the improvements.
  • Not a bad episode but nothing special either. This time around Mick tells the story of how he came to be a vampire and we see a little deeper into the vamp world. Beth assumed Mick had bit his wife and vamped her which I found offensive why

    Not a bad episode but nothing special either. This time around Mick tells the story of how he came to be a vampire and we see a little deeper into the vamp world. Beth assumed Mick had bit his wife and vamped her which I found offensive why would she assume such a thing? He reveals however his wife was the vampire and turned him and that he was as evil as any vampire in the beginning. Seeing the vamp that couldn't sire straight was kind of funny and him getting the drop on Mick was sad. Once again the vampire underworld continues to entertain me. A vampire murder clean up crew great and they took the Dr. at the end for off screen justice which was very satisfying. Even though it was good I have to say this was so far the weakest of the episodes but that's not bad. We forget that shows need standalone episodes just as much as long story arcs that reveal large plot points.
  • I didn't know that.

    I didn't know that the guy that works in the morge was a vampire. That explains why he helps Mick all the time. We also got the whole story on how Mick was turned and why. I can't believe that his ex-wife just thought that he wanted to be vampire becuse he married her.

    I like the relationship between Mick and Beth. I like that he told her he was a vamire but I like that she asked questions and didn't just accept it. But I wonder how long it's going to take before they end up with a more physical relationship. Or how long it takes before she starts thinking about being turned.

    Only time will tell.
  • Mick must bring down a vampire who can't stop killing. Beth deals with accepting Mick's secret and soon helps him using her police contacts. Finally, we get a satisfing glimpse into Mick's past.

    The good episodes just keep on coming! This episode had a lot of action and excitement as well as learning some about Mick's past and how he became a vampire. I was interested the whole way through and was waiting with baited breath durring each commercial break. My Most memerable moments:

    1. I couldn't belive it when Mick got steaked! That was so crazy! But, it gave us viewers an important fact: in Moonlight, steaks caused a vampire to be paralized, not killed.

    2. Mick's past! I keep hearing him telling his wife, "Kill me, I don't want to live anymore." Poor Mick!

    3. Mick and Beth's interaction at the end. It was sweet to hear Mick say he trusted Beth. Poor Mick, sleeping all alone. Fresh Beth, laying in her boyfriend's arms thinking about Mick! Naughty, naughty! Any bets on how long it takes for Beth to dump her boyfriend? ;)
  • I love vampires.

    I thought it was nice to see other vampires besides Mick and his friend. It was intersting to see that creepy older vampire wanting to change some innocent guy just so he has a compainon. What a loser. I hope he dies in the next episode or something along those lines. I loved the vampire on vampire action scenes. Those were great, and made the show. The special effects and camera angles are pretty amazing too. Mick's old wife never fails to creep me out, the way she looks and the way she talks makes me shiver. I really hope she's secretly alive and comes back to kill Beth in a later episode.
  • Another great episode! Characters and storyline are developing nicely!

    Excellent story and progression with Beth learning about the vampire world. The relationships are developing, and the storylines are exciting! Josef and Mick have a history that will be interesting to see develop - what brought them together? Is Coralina really dead? Mick still has feelings for Coralina, or is it regret? Something tells me she did not die in the fire. Hope to see more of their relationship after she turned Mick into a vampire. He was not a nice vampire for a long time. Want to see exactly what made him become a good vampire. Something must have led up to him rescuing Beth from Coralina. So many possibilities!! Come on CBS - You've got a great start to a hit series!! You had the courage to give the genre a chance:) Now - give it some publicity like you hype so many other series!! Moonlight deserves the attention!!
  • "Dr. Feelgood" is the strongest episode yet.

    I...loved...this...third...episode!!!!! This is the strongest episode yet.

    I especially enjoyed the mesh of the supernatural with the detective story throughout the hour. I think it's a fresh combo that hasn't been overdone to death in TV - not too much of the supernatural (not that it is a bad thing, imo) and not too entrenched in the procedural element.

    I will say that I am pouting a bit that there wasn't enough pre-vampire Mick in there. I wanna see what we have to look forward to when Mick starts to "lift his burden" and resentment towards Coraline, as Josef stated in this episode.

    Definitely looking forward to next week!
  • "Mr. Sloppy and Mr. Stupid"

    The show moves along at a great clip, and the dialogue is as sharp as Forever Knight at its best. I loved The Cleaner ("Mr. Sloppy and Mr. Stupid got a little carried away," she says, while headless corpses are being bundled into a van). Effing brilliant!

    Jason Dohring's Konstantin is always fun to watch, though they should really give him more to do than swill blood cocktails and drop bon mots..

    Why is Beth's boyfriend still on the show? Obviously the poor sap became history the instant she clapped her eyes on Mr. Mick St. John, vampire PI. Why prolong the agony?
  • Mick and Beth deal with the truth about Mick being a vampire, and try to find a rogue vamp that is killing people left and right.

    It was the BEST yet!

    It had me laughing sooo much!
    But it had serious moments too!
    The effects are getting better, and this plot line was.... OMG!
    I was yelling at the tv during commercials, things like, "These commercials are taking FOREVER!!!! I don't care about FREAKING NASONEX! Are you a vampire getting a stake pulled out of him?!? NO!?!?!? Then get the heck off my TV!!!!"
    And then the part with Mick and Beth at the very end?? It was perfect! A simple, "yes, I trust you." A warm fuzzy ending- unlike the last two episodes which broke my heart!

    I can't wait to watch it again!

    And next week!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • I like the way Beth is still coming to grips with Micks' revelation about him being a vampire and not falling apart and running away.

    I really am loving this show and cannot wait until next weeks episode. I do hope it does not become too predictable as obviously Mick has feelings for Beth and she him, which is something that we all can see would/will happen. This show needs to keep the interest going without becoming a soap opera. It is also interesting that they just give you bits and pieces of Micks' past each episode, hopefully they will not make the mistake of having too many flashbacks( like Lost did) and lose the fan base.I was never a Buffy fan, but this show seems more charismatic and hopefully will become one of the good ones.
  • Beth now knows Mick's true identity, and is trying to cope with his confession. Meanwhile, a newly turned rogue vampire is on the loose and Beth decides to help Mick stop him before he kills again.

    I absolutely loved this episode.

    It flashbacks to show you Mick's past, and makes you want to keep watching to see what happens next. Those flashbacks helped me to understand and love Mick even more. It was amazing to see how Beth was coping with finding out about Mick's true identity. And it's cool to see that after finding out about Mick, she's not really scared of him. The fighting scene between the two vampires was great, Also, the scene near the end where Josef was telling Mick that he needs to let go of Coraline was so sweet. This episode was the perfect example of why I watch this series.

    I can't wait for next Friday's episode of Moonlight!!
  • Amazingly good continuity (compared to most shows :)

    WOW, just WOW. That was awesome. I loved that he told her in the end, I really wasn't expecting that honestly. It felt really real. It was very in character for her to go into 'reporter' mode, it wouldn't be right if she just immediately accepted it without questions or reservations. The humor was perfect (and again, showed that TPTB care about continuity). Mick was very understandably and believably cautious about revealing 'vamp things' to Beth. The cleaner was also a hoot, hopefully we'll see more of her this season! I thought they couldn't improve on the 2nd episode, but clearly I was wrong! Quite the pleasant surprise that :D
  • I loved it.

    I loved it. Rogue vampires isn't something new but I think they handled this one quite well and added their own touches. They handled Beth's reaction very well and the slight sarcasm was great as usual. The added flashbacks of how Mick was made answers my own curiousity from a comment he made in the 1st episode about his ex. I liked the little story that Josef tells Mick.. it was a good one instead of just telling him to "get over it." I will watch it again (and probably again and

    After the preview of next week.. this is gonna be one longggg week until the next episode. >.
  • Mick tracks down a rogue vampire as Beth adjusts to knowing about vampires. Meanwhile, she blows off her boyfriend who is human.

    This episode is better than the pilot and the first episode but it still isn't great. Part of the problem is that Mick not only isn't very bright, but he really has little to no sense of humor. People around him joke, but he rarely smiles or laughs about anything. This makes his exposition and broodiness kind of obnoxious.

    Beth handles Mick's being a vampire pretty well, although her initial questions seem pretty stupid. However, I am really starting to like her character, although the actress must take some classes on how to talk with an American accent. She still sounds like she is talking through marbles.

    Mick is the weakest part of the show. He has the broody, Byronesque hero crap down, but other than that he is not really interesting. His tortured demeanor comes off as whiny and more than a little emo. Also, he doesn't strike me as being particularly smart. For a detective he is thick as a post.

    Also, the flashback scenes being so totally fuzzy and shaky-cammed is just annoying. It isn't cool stylistically, it is just stupid and blurry.

    The saving grace is the world is pretty cool – I love that the vampires have a cleaner for "accidents". I also really like Josef. He has a good philosophy on life, but he is woefully under utilized. The series desperately needs some levity to counter Mick's brood and Beth can only bring so much levity to the table.

    While I am still not a huge fan of Beth, she is growing on me. I like that she saved the day last episode, and then in this episode when Mick tells her to wait in the car she retorts, "Yeah, cause that worked so well last time." She may ask stupid questions here and there and she may ignore her boyfriend shamelessly, but she actually is a pretty cool and interesting character for this show. If only Mick weren't such a big, dull, dud. How about the writers try to give the guy some decent dialogue? Just a thought.

    The show is improving, but it still hasn't managed to work its way up to average yet. Although it has cliché down pat.
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