Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mick is lying in a tub full of ice, images or hallucinations. A voiceover starts explaining that we're probably wondering how someone like him ended up in no star motel hell. We flash back to the day before and Mick is getting a drink from his special hiding place. He begins by explaining that blood is life, soothing and warming. How vamps will always be jealous of the living in that aspect, comparing it to renters versus owners. Humans can make their own blood, whereas vamps have to beg, borrow, or work it into the budget.

Mick's attention flickers to the computer and Beth doing a live broadcast on the case of an arms dealer. Mick makes his way closer to the TV and in the background we hear Beth's voice. We learn that the DA on the case is none other than Beth's boyfriend, Josh Lindsey.

Beth and Josh are reviewing her broadcast while lying in bed. Beth asks what Josh has cooked up for the trial coming up. Beth deduces that Josh has a secret witness, and while Josh tries to brush off her comment, we are transported to the safe house.

We watch a young girl, Leni, try to make the best of being sequestered in a noisy area. When her guards don't bite, she takes a trashy tabloid and borrows Officer Colden's cell phone without his knowledge. Bidding her caretakers goodbye she goes into her room and proceeds to make a phone call.

The guards begin to have a conversation about grilling when there's a knock at the door. The man at the door has some bogus story about cable and soon one guard is shot through the door; Officer Colden rushes into Leni's room and tells her to run. The man runs after Leni but loses her when she flees the building.

Mick is getting ready for bed, and the voiceover explains that while some couples can't be together, him and Beth for example seeing as how she has a very real boyfriend and he has serious trust issues after Coraline; whenever he sees its Beth whose calling, he always picks up. Josh and Beth are at Mick's place and he hands her two cups of coffee. A knowing look flows between them.

Josh apologizes for crashing his Sunday morning, but it's an emergency and he's heard good things from Beth. Mick thanks him and asks him to explain what he needs. Josh explains that he wants to hire Mick to find his missing witness. When Mick asks why he isn't having the cops who work for him do it, Josh explains that he thinks there's a leak in the department and that he needs someone who is completely unbiased. He continues that he had to drag Beth there, that she didn't want Josh to bother Mick. Mick asks to hear more about the witness, and Josh asks if that means he'll take the job. Mick explains that it means he'll listen.

Josh explains that Leni was the nanny for Amir Fayed's daughter; the arms dealer in the case that Josh is working for. He explains that she saw Fayed murder Jack Toland because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She's been in safe house for the last month; the safe house was hit. Josh needs Mick to find Leni and to bring her back so that she can testify. Mick agrees to take the case.

In the safe house, Josh explains that the two cops who were watching Leni both were killed. Another cop states that they were good guys and that she was supposed to take over for Nagawa for the graveyard shift.

Josh gives Mick his theory that there were two shooters, but Mick states there was only one, and that smoke makes a silent partner, pointing with his foot to a smoke bomb canister. Mick examines blood on the floor and is told that they don't think that any of it is Leni's. Mick agrees with Josh and tells him that there's no estrogen. Josh explains that Beth had said that it's never boring around him. Josh also explains the escape route that Leni was to take if there was an attack, but Mick states that she didn't go that way, explaining that there were bullets flying that way when Josh asks how he knows. Going to the window, Mick finds blood from where Leni cut her hand on the latch. Mick continues to trace Leni's steps down into the alley, while Josh and Beth chat about what's going on. Mick comes over and explains that Leni's trail ends, that there are tire treads of a truck or SUV. Josh says he'll get a warrant for the lojack records on Officer Colden's truck, and he's headed back to the office.

Beth and Mick agree that a warrant will take too long. Beth is quickly dialing on her cell phone and asking her contact Steve to hack into the lojack system to find Officer Colden's truck.

We see the truck being towed and Mick and Beth wonder why Leni would come here. Mick asks what Beth's deal with Josh is. Beth starts to explain that they've been together for about a year, and that he's smart and funny when Mick interrupts stating he meant the deal from the alley. Beth blushes and states that their deal is quid pro quo; Josh is really worried about the leaks and that Beth is a clean line of communication between Josh and Mick. She also gets the inside scoop on Leni's safe recovery. Mick states that it sounds like a conflict of interest to him and Beth states that it's post verdict and that it's all legal. She adds that she's been covering her boyfriend's cases long before she met Mick. Mick exhales loudly.

Changing the topic, Beth asks how long Mick can stay outside, how much sun is too much. Mick says that any sun is too much. Smiling, Beth tells Mick that he's a delicate flower. They share a smile and a laugh, and Mick asks if she has a job. She explains that following him today is her job. Mick tells her honestly that after last time with the incinerator and the stakes to the heart, he didn't think that he'd see her again. Beth tells him that it was a lot to process, but she's glad that he told her about everything.

They arrive at the house where Leni was, and Mick picks the lock. Beth asks why Leni would come there, and after looking around Mick tells her it's so that she could clean herself up and get protection. They continue to look around and Beth discovers that it's the murder victim, Jack Toland's house, while Mick discovers some pictures of Leni and Jack. They deduce that Leni and Jack were involved and that no one knew, not even Josh. Mick continues to dig through Jack's filing cabinet and discovers that Leni is headed to Victorville after calling the bus line.

Mick tells Beth that they have to go their separate ways now. When Beth asks why, Mick explains that Leni is scared and has a gun and that she's his contact with Josh. Beth pouts a little, telling him that it's fun being on the hunt with him. Mick smiles and tells her that it's a giant thrill ride that never ends, but that it sometimes does end with screams and bloodshed. Beth is unfazed and states that they make a good team.

Mick meets up with Leni at the Victorville bus station. He gives her a dollar for the vending machine, and hears her heartbeat, racing. Leni asks if Mick has a problem, pulling out the gun and he explains that he's a private eye working for Josh, and that he's there to protect her. Leni states that that's what the cops said and that she's not going back. A vehicle backfires, scaring Leni, and she shoots Mick. Leni's freaking out and Mick tells her that he's fine, as we watch the hole where she hit him close. Mick explains what he knows and convinces her to sit and talk with him.

Josh and Beth are talking in his office; Beth is explaining that Mick is pretty confident he'll get the jump on Leni. Josh seems a little jealous but responds that he seems to be able to get the jump on anyone. A colleague of Josh's comes into the office, giving Josh the call logs. They determine that there was a call from Officer Colden's cell phone to a cell phone paid for by Amir Fayed.

Mick begins a voiceover about his need for blood. He hands Leni a water, and they begin to talk. Leni explains that he was Fayed's daughter, Mara's, nanny. Mick asks what happened. Leni explains that she went downstairs to get Mara a glass of water and she heard shouting. It was the night that Fayed learned that Toland was talking to the cops. She explains that Fayed lost is and shot Toland in the middle of the living room. Mick doesn't understand and tells her that if she cared so much about this guy, why doesn't she want to see justice. Leni gets angry and states that this guy's name was Jack and that she got him killed. She walks away from Mick but Mick follows and apologizes. Leni explains that Jack wasn't just some thug, that he was trying to go straight. Mick states that it was for her and she smiles and agrees. Mick hears Leni's heartbeat again and realizes that she's pregnant.

Josh and crew show up at Fayed's home; Josh shows the guards the warrant. Beth wanders around outside, meets Mara, and Mick calls. He tells her that he's got Leni but she doesn't want to come back because she's pregnant. Beth states that he's got to handle her carefully. Beth gives the phone to Josh who states that Victorville PD will escort them back, but Mick declines and goes after to Leni; following her into the bathroom. They have a conversation about being pregnant, Leni says that maybe if it's a boy she'll call him Mick. He tells her to name him Jack. Leni is scared and says that she wants justice. Mick promises to protect them both if she comes with him.

Meanwhile Josh is in the house with Fayed and his associates, executing the warrant that allows him to see all cell phones paid for by Fayed; Beth talks to Mara, explaining that Leni is safe after Mara says she misses her. Mara says she knows, and when Beth asks how, Mara states that she's not supposed to say. Beth promises not to tell her dad and we see Josh dialing a cellphone. Beth discovers that Leni called Mara, using Officer Colden, answers Mara's phone and tells him to come outside. That phone call had nothing to do with the hit on the safe house – Officer Colden wasn't the leak. Josh tells Beth to call Mick and to get Leni out of there. Beth states that she's tried, the call won't go through.

Back in Victorville, the guy who knocked on the door of the safe house gets out of a police cruiser. He enters the diner where Leni and Mick are. Mick checks his id, and asks if he's hot in that jacket. The guy states that he never gets hot. Mick jokes cold as ice huh and the guy answers something like that. He asks if they're ready to go. Mick states that he'll go get Leni out of the women's room and that the "officer" should wait there. After a few minutes, the "officer" goes into the bathroom, only to see his car driving rapidly away.

Mick keeps looking in the rearview, explaining to a confused Leni that they needed to put miles between them. He hears a helicopter coming up on them and soon it fires a missile which nearly misses them. Mick orders Leni from the car, and jams the accelerator down with a nightstick. He leaps from the car and follows Leni to the underbrush while the helicopter follows the now unmanned car. The next missile hits its target and the car is blown to pieces. Mick hears a siren in the distance, and checks his phone for a signal, still nothing. Mick and Leni flee the scene.

Josh and Beth are back in his office, and Josh is just getting off the phone. Josh explains that the Victorville PD found a fresh accident scene on the way to the bus station. He states that it looks like both Leni and Mick died. Josh offers very little sympathy to an obviously devastated Beth. She tries not to cry and tells Josh that they have a big problem; that Mick didn't talk to anyone but her or him. Josh gets defensive and asks if she's accusing him of being the leak. Beth shouts that she's saying that someone on his team is responsible for the leak and that he should find out who. She then storms out from the office.

Mick and Leni are walking crossing through the desert, and Mick's voiceover states that he survived the Battle of the Bulge and he thought that was hell, and that he was wrong. Mick and Leni keep walking, despite Leni stating that he looks dehydrated.

Beth enters her apartment and breaks down, crying. Visually upset about Mick.

Mick's voice continues to explain that vampire survival instincts are simple, if you're dying you need blood; doesn't matter if he'd sworn to protect Leni and her unborn child, that he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Mick and Leni find an abandoned motel, and Mick tells her to find the ice machine and to get a lot. Mick starts to draw cold water in the tub. Leni finds the machine and there is ice in it. Mick plunges himself into the cold water, and Leni pours the ice into the tub with Mick. Leni tries to find out what's going on; Mick tells her to keep trying Beth. Mick tells her to stay out, and shoos her from the bathroom after zooming in on her neck.

Beth's cell phone rings, and it's Leni. Beth asks how Mick is and if she can talk to him. Beth demands to know where they are, and she's on her way. Leni goes into the bathroom to tell Mick and Mick hallucinates that he bit her. He yells at her to leave.

Back to where we began with Mick in the tub, and he's having more hallucinations. In Josh's office, he lets his team know that both Mick and Leni are safe and that Victorville will bring them to them in the morning.

Beth rushes into the motel, and Leni states that you have to help him, showing Beth where Mick is. Beth tells her to stay there. Beth rushes to Mick's side, and he's talking nonsense. Beth reassures him that Leni is fine, and Mick tells her to take Leni back. The assassin's coming. Beth tells him that she knows him that he needs blood and begins to try and offer him hers. Mick tells her no, but Beth is insistent. Mick takes her arm, telling her that she'll have to stop him. She leans on him as we see him feed on her. The assassin pulls up to the motel.

Josh watches his team leave his office, and follows them out. Josh confronts his friend about feeding information to Fayed, and when the guy tries to explain, Josh slugs him.

Beth leaves the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her arm, and calls out to Leni. The assassin grabs her and tells her if she screams she's dead. Mick breaks through the door and breaks the guy's neck. Mick rushes out and asks if Beth's ok, Leni peeks her head around a corner and rushes up to hug him while we see Beth's bleeding arm. Mick and Beth never break eye contact.

Beth and Josh are at an apartment, watching her broadcast. Her arm is bandaged and Josh comes up to kiss it. Beth tells him that it's all her fault, that she's such a klutz. Josh apologizes for being insensitive earlier when they thought that Mick was dead. Beth apologizes for accusing him, and Josh states that they make a pretty good team. Beth still has a look of sadness on her face.

Mick is sitting in his apartment when he hears footsteps and then a knock on his door. He goes and checks his security system. His voiceover starts, stating that maybe it was her blood in his veins that allowed him to feel her, the beating of her heart or maybe they've always been connected. But that being near him put her in danger and that it had to stop. They both rested against his door, Beth leaves first and then Mick.