Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • The best Moonlight episode to date.

    I still think that this is the best episode that has been made so far. The plot was well written and Leni was a great guest character. The ways that Mick reacted to things such as being shot and being in the desert sun taught me more about the physical limits of vampires as well as showed us that Mick is capable of extraodinary endurance and self control. Beth's reaction to Mick's apparent death revealed slightly her true feelings not only to Mick but also her boyfriend. Action, suspense, romance, crime, and vampires. What more could you want in a show?
  • Sunlight and vampires don't mix.

    This was a wonderful fast paced episode. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing. I think the writers did a brilliant job with this particular episode, I don't know how they'll be able to top it. I love the way Mick risks his life for others. It's so contrary to the nature of Vampires. Of course, it was also brilliant at the end of the episode to have Beth give Mick her blood to keep him from dying. I really like the subtle differences in the whole vampire genre with being able to go in the sun. It certainly leaves more areas for the show to explore. I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers have for us next week!!!
  • One of my favourites.

    I loved seeing Mick how he was all thirtsy and ready to kill anyone and anything, but it was so sad to see him struggle with his vampiric side. And I loved that girl who Mick was trying to protect. She was really cool and really sweet and smart and what not. I just really liked her. But i thought it was obvious that Mick was going to have to drink someones blood or he was going to die. They couldn't do that with the show or the whole thing would have to end. But the episode on a whole was actually awesome. Literally on of my favourites.
  • A young girl goes missing and Mick is hired by Josh to find her. But then something goes wrong.

    It would seem that trouble follows Mick and anyone he happens to be affiliated with. In this episode a twenty-something girl who is supposed to testify in a rather important case is nearly killed and then she runs away, and it is up to Mick to find her. Somehow he ends up in the desert (watch and find out why) and this nearly kills him. And then someone comes to save him. How will it end? Take a wild guess. This was a fantastic episode, and I can only hope that there are more episodes that are as gripping and emotional as this one. I think that it is well worth the time to watch it--this shows rocks!!
  • Mick is hired by Beth's boyfirend to find a young girl that was attacked because she witnessed her boyfriend got shot and killed by a really rich drug dealer.

    this was such a really good episode. before everything happened it already looked like josh and mick didn't really like each other anyway. but they do have one thing in common they both love or are inlove with beth. anyway i think in my opinion josh asked mick if he can do the job because i think he wanted to have beth for him self. you guys can clearly see that beth already thought of mick as a delicate flower and the flirtasous flower smile. anyway the best part of the episode was when mick was dieing and he ripped open his shirt i was all omg that is so hot. beth comes to the rescue and gives mick's blood that was so sweet of her but now he is like now going to try to keep her away which he shouldn't do because she wanted to help him and he shouldn't feel sorry or gulity she went to go save him so that should be ok.
  • One of the best Moonlight episodes so far. Mick and Leni, are having an adventure in the desert...

    PI Mick St. John is again called on a mission, this time from Beth's partner. It's about a girl called Leni, which is being chased by the dealers and wears the baby of the father that she killed by herself. First, Beth's partner is investigating the apartment when the dealer came to kill Leni, but she escaped. Then, they trace her, and they finally reveal the truth. Mick is worried about Beth's safety so he goes to the desert to look for Leni by himself. He finds her and he explains her that he's here to protect her... Then, there come more and more adventures... Mick cant stay on daylight, especially not in the desert... They go to a motel, and they rest there... Mick needs to drink blood, and when Beth realizes that survived the attack from the arm dealers, she comes there and for the first time in the series, gives Mick to drink from her own blood, and saves his live!

    This episode made me feel like I'm watching some sort of a western/thriller/horror movie, filled with romanse, so I get a feeling that Moonlight is one of the best TV shows this season.
  • This episode had everything from mystery, car chases, explosions, love, hate and most importantly vampires!

    When Mick is asked take on a case by Beth's boyfriend Josh, he reluctantly agrees. Little does he know that what he got himself into might be the biggest mistake he had ever made.

    I loved this episode. From begining to end it was captivating. It starts off with Mick close to death, in a bath tub in a no star motel. I thought starting off an episode like this was brilliant as it allowed the audience to view how all the events unfolded up to that point. The show starts off about a day earlier and shows Mick trying to find a girl and trying to save her from an evil mob guy. Because they escape to a desert, Mick can't handle the heat an becomes seriously dehydrated and nearly about to die until Beth comes to the rescue and against Micks wishes, lets Mick feed off her to keep him alive. This was a great episode with a great begining, middle and end.

    This episode had everything from mystery, car chases, explosions, love, hate and most importantly vampires!

    Dam i love this show so much! Because im in Australia, we are like really behind but i watch the shows on the net and i can't get enough of them!

    Best episode so far! And the best part is, it only gets better! Thats why it deserves a 10!
  • A young girl is hunted by a mob like figure.

    This should have been episode number two! I was left reeling with this show. It snagged me. There is no doubt that I am now a bona fide Moonlight fanatic. I even went as far as to buy the show's episodes online. This show is about Leni who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees her boyfriend gunned down. She is state witness to the murder case. Her "safe" house is raided and her protecters killed. She escapes her certain death though. Beth's boyfriend and DA realizes there is a leak on his team and hires Mick to protect Leni until he discovers who his leak is. The shows ending had me in tears. The "feeding" part which Beth feeds Mick her blood to save him was so very touching.
  • What do you get when you put a vampire in the desert? Maybe no more vampire.

    This epi took me so deep into this show I knew that I would be a Moonlight fanatic from here on out. The building romance between undead Mick and mortal Beth is almost at a frenzy. You can feel it. That's the only way to decribe it! Check this out. Our PI is out protecting a young pregnant lady from a dirtball and they end up in motel hell and he's dying. Beth thinks he's already dead. She is crying when the young lady calls her for help. There is only one way to save Mick now, who is about dead from the sunlight he endured. That is blood. Beth offers her blood. He takes it. It was almost has if they had had sex. It was a telling moment in their relationship. Beth finally saves her savior.
  • All the good drama and humor in the right place.

    Kudos to the writers of this ep. This is what I am talking about! The show was excellent, well acted, emotional but tender, loving yet fearful. Strengths and weaknesses balancing perfectly. We need more shows like this! Of all the eps of this show, this is where the writers went right. Adventure with love. This show could be so much more if writers could keep this ep in mind! So well done was it that I bought the ep to prove to myself this show has possibilites. Again, kudos to the writers. Keep this show in mind and you can salvage this show!
  • A perfect 10! This show had it all, love, action, adventure and the best scene ever between Mick and Beth.

    This show so totally rocked. The actors were up to standards, above standards! Mick gets caught out in the desert out running a man sent to kill a witness. The sun makes him begin to die. Beth gets word that he has died and she totally breaks down! But then Leni, the witness, calls her to let her know they are safe but Mick is dying. Beth rushes to Mick's aid. When it becomes clear he needs blood she offers her own. Man, the whole scene in that nasty bathroom was so totally awesome! She offers her arm and Mick drinks enough of her blood to defeat the killer sent after Leni. I found myself not breathing through certain segments of the ep. I almost needed 911 myself!
  • This show had it all!

    This was the greatest show ever. It cememted my die hard feelings for the show. Ok, the evil guy is going to get his butt kicked. I have seen Mick in motion too many times now. We learn he can hear heartbeats, even that of unborn children. He promises Liny that he will protect her and he does his best, even yelling at her to get out when every ounce of him is craving her blood. Then we get Beth on the scene and the feeding scene, I think I about passed out myself! It was as close to sex as an immortal and mortal could attain I thought. That scene, coupled with superb writing made this my favorite episode ever!
  • The scenes in the bathtub, moral tension with Mick resisting killing the girl and sexual tension between Mick and Beth made this the number one episode I have seen in years and cinched this as a must see series for me.

    I cannot get some scenes out of my mind since seeing this a month ago. Scenes like Mick resisting the young girl, then succumbing to Beth, both tense with moral and sexual struggles. Loved Beth's comical innocence when she flips her hair in submission, like X files or the original Startreck poking fun at itself. The fade out when he bites her arm was perfectly timed to let us imagine the rest. Then the image of Mick walking out of the bathroom clothed and dripping wet, muscles showing – so powerful. I have never written a review before, but I am addicted and felt compelled to tell the world. My husband also loves the show, but is a little disturbed by my reaction to it, or maybe jealous. The actors combined with great writing, direction, lighting and music come together perfectly to make the show.
  • Almost perfect.

    I really felt for the condition Mick was in, having to stay out in the sun for way too long. But, it just demonstrates his committment to helping people in need. And, what Beth did for him to save his life was very poignant.

    Also, I loved Beth's reaction when she thought Mick had been killed; just perfect. You can tell she obviously has deep feelings for this guy... and why not, he *did* save her life back when she was just a little girl. Very strong connection between these two, and it seems to be getting stronger with every new episode.

    LOVE this series!
  • In one of the most sensuous scenes yet, Beth proves her commitment to Mick and he agrees to accept her helping hand. "Moonlight" has fully hit its stride now. Call your friends, family and acquaintances! CBS on Friday nights is the place to be!

    I absolutely adored this episode of "Moonlight." It had everything I wanted to see in it, it was emotional and passionate and it continued to move the vampire lore along quickly. Unlike other vampire genres that painfully draw out the basic points, "Moonlight" presents its story in a refreshing "balls to the wall" way that buoys the action taking place.

    In this episode we find that Beth's boyfriend Joshua Lindsey is hiding a special witness in a safe house...but not for long. A leak in the DA's infrastructure sends the witness running...and no one knows where. Mick's special senses allow him to follow the trail of blood - in sunlight. Beth kids him about being "a delicate flower." Mick and Beth part ways, but not before a wonderful bit of banter in which both Beth and Mick flirt unabashedly.

    Mick finds Leni, but Fayed's hit squad isn't far behind. In this action-packed episode, we get to see a helicopter blow up the police car Mick and Leni are traveling in ("You had to piss off an arms dealer, didn't you") and they take off across the desert on foot in the hot sun. When the news gets back to Beth that the vehicle has been destroyed, she snaps at her boyfriend and goes to her apartment to grieve.

    In the desert, Mick reminds us that vampires do have their breaking points when it comes to lack of nourishment and damage from the sun. Mick and Leni make it to a local hotel closed for renovations and Leni runs for a large bucket of ice while Mick fills the tub with cold water to cool himself in an effort to stave off the hunger. We see that the whites of his eyes are now yellow due to dehydration. His body starts to betray him as Leni hovers over him, trying to do anything she can to help him. He hallucinates that he has bitten into her neck.

    Once Leni is able to contact Beth, she comes to the rescue in one of the most sensual scenes of the episode. Knowing how sick Mick is, Beth offers her body to him to refuel. The camera work on Mick's feeding from her arm is exquisite. He goes from a look of innocence as he allows himself to pick up the scent of her blood and consider feeding from a friend, to a look of sheer evil as he accepts the gift - allowing his vampire to emerge and dig into her flesh, to a pure look of the comfort of a child suckling from it's mother's breast as he feeds.

    On the other hand, Beth reveals a look of surprise and wonder as his teeth bare into her skin, followed by pain and fear on her face as her body weakens with each sip, which morphs into a special bond of closeness as her body molds into his with slight undertones of arousal from deep within.

    As Beth is giving herself to Mick, Joshua finds out which one of his staff has been leaking information regarding the witness and uses this mole to show us what a right hook was meant for.

    Back at the hotel Mick is up and about looking fabulous as ever. While Beth tries to cover her arm with a towel to stop the bleeding, she is attacked by the hit man from the diner and Mick breaks through the door and takes him out with one hand.

    After the trial we see Beth on the bed with her boyfriend talking about her "accident with the chain link fence." Beth is starting to fall out of love with this man beside her. The scene changes and we see her go to Mick's apartment and lean wistfully against his door when he doesn't answer. Mick explains what feeding from Beth has brought upon them. He has her blood in his veins and is now deeply connected to her. It also puts her in danger as he now can become easily aroused by her scent.

    This last scene is the best thing about watching Alex O'Loughlin act. Both he and Sophia Myles have this incredible passion inside them. It's when they are allowing that emotion to express that they draw you into their story. It's not overplayed, but quiet and still as if they are trying to share a piece of their souls with you.

    This script was excellent. It started off with a bang, kept the action going all the way through until the end when we are treated to the equivalent of a dollop of real whipped cream on top of the perfect dessert.

    The way the story will continue is a mystery. We don't know if Mick and Beth's relationship will take three steps back because he has tasted her very essence or if the writers will be bold enough to go forward. You are left with a confidence that whichever way they decide to go it will be a wonderful ride.

    If you haven't told your friends about "Moonlight" now is the time to get on the bandwagon. Start inviting people over for a Friday night viewing party. Talk the show up in the other forums you visit. With "Woman's Murder Club" now challenging the time slot, we need to show our support in no uncertain terms to CBS, least we wind up like the fans of "Jericho."
  • When a young girl's cover is blown in a safe house, Mick must find and save her. While doing this, he gets stuck in the desert and things get ugly fast.

    I'll just start out by saying that this episode was a bit confusing. I really understood it when I watched it again but I got enough of it the first time through to at least know what was going on. And now, the episode itself. IT WAS AWSOME. I mean, how could it not be with a wet, sexy, no-shirt-on Mick! SOOO HOT!! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system! Anyway, I liked to see Beth and Mick working together. It was just plain cute! Also, it allowed us to see Mick sorta kinda maybe attempt to smile! Try harder Mick! (for anyone who cares, he does smile for real in the next episode FYI) Finally, MICK BITES BETH!!! That was SoOoOoO amazing! I'm pretty upset that they didn't show the bite very long and just faded out. MY friend and I were predicting this would happen... But, hey, it was long enouth for me! I'm happy! Keep it up with the good episodes!
  • A well written show(episode) blending the cop/detective genre with the supernatural/paranormal.

    This series has been getting better and better since it first aired. This episode("Fever") was the best yet. Great storyline and good acting all around. And the guest star who plays Leni(Vanessa Lengies)...Wow! She is so beautiful and seems to be a promising young actress with her head on straight(according to what I read about her) which seems to be a rare combination these days. If I had to predict how this show would do long term based on the first two episodes I would have said it wouldn't survive, especially considering how little patience TV execs seem to have these days when it comes to giving a show the chance to prove itself. After this episode, I think the show may have a future after long as it continues the trend.
  • it had me at the edge of the seat

    the mystery of the week was an interesting one - yet again and although it was a little too cliché it had a special touch in form the realtionship between Lenny and Mick. we got to see more of Josh and he is definitely becoming an interesting character. he has got some balls and we can actually understand why would Beth want to be with him. the halucination part was great in sense of putting the viewer in Micks shoes where neither knew what is real and what is a fantasy. and last but not least the relationship between Mick & Beth got deeper - not only because he drank her blood but because she offered and because she is not only interested in the vampire but in the man too. he admitted his feelings for her at the beggining which makes the last scene even sader.
  • Not a great script, but a steady early performance

    This series continues to be another pleasant surprise for the 2007 Fall Season, especially given its consistent ratings and demographics. It's hard not to focus on the numbers after so many critics panned the show from the very beginning. This may not be a runaway hit, and it hasn't gotten the full season order quite yet, but it's holding its own on a night known for its challenges. Steady numbers are a lot better than a slow but steady decline.

    This particular episode sheds light (no pun intended) on the vulnerabilities of the vampires in this version of the myth. Mick mentioned that prolonged exposure to sunlight was a bad thing, but this helps to establish limits. Apparently they can endure quite a bit of sunlight, and as long as they feed well enough and quickly enough, they can recover in a very short period of time.

    Getting to that point in the story required a bit of plot convenience, particularly once Mick was getting himself out into territory that he knew would be threatening. The cell phone coverage seemed to disappear whenever the story required it, for example. I'm also not sure that Mick would endanger himself to such a degree without getting word to Josef that he might need help. Perhaps that thought comes to mind because Josef is such an enjoyable presence on the show, and his absence was palpable.

    Then again, the story was designed to get Mick and Beth into a particularly compromised situation, and it was worth some of the contrivance necessary to get there. Every episode seems to bring Beth closer and closer to Mick's unusual existence, binding them together, and it works surprisingly well. This is creating a nice bit of tension between Beth and her boyfriend, who already seems expendable, existing only to ground Beth in the "real world".

    Beth also seems to be far more comfortable with Mick's nature than he would like, and that will no doubt play a part when Coraline inevitably appears on the scene. I say inevitably because it would be the natural complication to introduce within the next few episodes, if the show is following the typical "paranormal romance" model.

    The bottom line is that this series continues to be a solid hour of vampire entertainment, despite its first season flaws. The scripts can be a bit shaky, especially in terms of dialogue, and Sophia Myles is still getting the hang of her character and accent, but it's still a lot of fun. I hope that the additional scripts give the writers a chance to tighten things up a bit.
  • Well this episode was action packed had a lot of tension and was good. Just a few minor quips i'm not a romantic so the constant fixation with Beth and Mick loving like there is no

    Well this episode was action packed had a lot of tension and was good. Just a few minor quips i'm not a romantic so the constant fixation with Beth and Mick loving like there is no tomorrow is trying on my nerves. Next I thought Beth falling apart when she thought Mick might be dead and it was a big might was real silly. Once again driving home the I love you to no end theme. Well other than the Carnival cruise size shipping going on the episode was good fun to watch. Hopefully the focus on the relationship will die down once they get together which hopefully will be soon.
  • Mick puts his life in danger by spending too much time in the sun...

    This for me has been the best episode so far, I love the sexual attraction between Mick and Beth, glad to see the "not" typical dangers to vampires and how this show presents those dangers. It would be sort of cool to see a vamp dusted, yet so cliche and just another vamp series I guess. One thing that bother's me is just how "blind" Beth's boyfriend Josh is, could he not see just how distraught she was over the possibility that Mick was dead? Great chemistry between the two actors! I can't wait for the next episode to see what happens next.
  • Mick gets a bit too much sun.

    This was an excellent episode with a great script. I just wish the editor or director hadn't put the bath scene at the beginning. I felt like a big and unnecessary spoiler.

    Easily the best scripted episode so far, everything worked and combined to make this a really engaging episode. The imaginary scenes that flashed through Mick's mind were excellent. I also loved the moral and ethical dilemma tormenting Mick, saving your own life by feeding on the only human you've ever trusted, even though she offered it willingly and knowingly, is bound to make you feel awful, but it worked.

    I don't really like it but I have to wonder how long the boyfriend will last. Why can't men and women never be simply friends, there always has to be some sort of love affair. I would've preferred Beth and Mick to remain close friends, but it definitely looks like something more is developing.
  • Another Excellent episode! I loved it! The chemistry between Mick and Beth is wonderful, their budding friendship/romance is growing with every episode and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    I've mentioned the tangible chemistry between the main characters of Mick and Beth before but it bares repeating. I don't know what it is exactly that makes them so good to watch on the screen but the episode Fever clearly illustrates whatever it is works! There were several instances during the episode where Beth and Mick would make eye contact and I don't think that either Coraline or Josh crossed their minds especially near the end when Mick feeds on Beth. That whole scene comes across as being more intimate than the most passionate of kisses! Sophia Myles did an excellent job on the rather emotional scenes when her character Beth finds out that Mick was "killed". The expression on her face was heartbreaking, and it wasn't a fake Hollywood cry, it looked real. Again I can't wait to see more episodes!
  • What will happen between Beth and Mick now that she knows the truth? Can Mick help Josh put away an arms dealer and protect the witness?

    The episode starts with a wounded Mick in a tub in a motel and he bites Beth. After this we jump back 21 hours in the past and we learn how it could lead to that.

    The biggest story in the fourth episode is about Josh and a case he has against an arms dealer named Fayed. Josh wants to put him in jail and he has a secret weapon to do this, namely a young woman named Leni. She used to be the nanny for Fayed's daughter and saw him murder Jack Toland. The safehouse where she is hiding gets attacked by a hitman. He kills the 2 cops who were guarding her but Leni manages to escape. To find her back Josh asks Mick to help him locate her. He and Beth go on a search for Leni and learn that Leni was in love with Jack. Mick and Beth split up and he manages to catch up with her in Victorville. Mick succeeds to convince her to go back with him, just before they want to leave a cop arrives to escort them back safely. It isn't a real cop but the hitman, Mick knows something is wrong and escapes with Leni in a cop car. Before they can get away a helicopter comes after them and fire some missiles at the car. The car gets blown up but Mick and Leni manage to escape.

    While wandering in the desert Mick doesn't feel well from the sun. He gets worse and worse before they finally reach a motel. Leni manages to call Beth and tell them where they are. Beth arrives just in time, but is in a really bad state. She decides to let Mick feed on her, because she knows he won't turn her or won't kill her. When Beth leaves the bathroom she gets attacked by the hitman but Mick manages to kill him. It also turns out that Josh's friend was the leak and gave the information to Fayed. They manage to bring Leni back safely and Fayed gets convicted. The episode ends with Beth knocking on Mick's door but he doesn't open it.

    Best episode so far and I seriously hope it gets picked up soon. There were some really good scenes in this one and I was really hoping that Mick wouldn't bite Leni. Can't wait for next week to find out if Mick will let Beth back in his life. Hope you guys will watch aswell.
  • Could've been better

    It's official: Moonlight is my geeky guilty pleasure of the year.
    Last night's episode had some really great stuff, but it was also lacking. I'm going to divide the episode into Pros and Cons...

    We got to see Mick's weak side. I mean, really weak. he showed so much restaint, though, with Beth and Lynnie? Leni? However you spell it. If Josef was in Mick's situation, pregnant girl would be dead in 10 seconds flat.
    Also, I sort of liked the added touch that vampires can hear heartbeats. I learn something new every episode!
    They also really accentuated the whole "detective thriller" genre thing to a whole new level this time around. The whole thing at the crime scene at the beginning with Josh and Mick was great. Beth just added so much tension. Best love triangle on television this season!
    Speaking of Josh, I really do like im, maybe even more than Mick. I know Mick can't help it, but he's always brooding. It gets old.
    Finally, the scene where he bit Beth was really great. Especially in the aftermath, when he doesn't open the door for her because "he's a danger to her, now" or something.

    And now, the cons:
    LACK OF JOSEF! I mean, come on! He's my favourite character! The show lacked a certain lightness that he usually brings to it. The whole "delicate flower" thing. I just thought that was the worst written television line ever. Second only to "Screwed up is starting to seem normal".I mean, I'm 13 years old and I can still write better than that!

    Oh, well...I still can't help but love it...
  • Mick agreed to help the district attorney find a witness who watched her boyfriend being shot to death. He had to track the girl to the bus depot and winding up in the desert....

    I have to say this is one of the best episodes yet. Mick is so charasmatic and Beth is just darn cute. Together they make " a great team". Mick winds up in the desert trying to save a witness to a murder. After a long treck in the desert they wind up at a deserted hotel. Beth thinks that Mick is dead, and I think finally realizes how important he is to her. Mick is trying not to drink from the witness so he sends her to contact Beth and only Beth- he trusts her. Beth is so relieved. She rushes to save Mick and with the unbearable thought of him dying, she willingly lets Mick drink from her. The raw emotion portrayed by Mick that he didn't want to drink from her this way (leading us all to believe that he had had more intimate thoughts of drinking from her. They both realize they are linked to one another. It was a fantastic episode and I hope there will be many many more of this show!! love it!!
  • Mick is protecting a witness in the desert and the sunlight causes a near death fever.

    I really like this series. Unlike other vampire cop/detective shows this show retains the flavor of the detective shows decades past. Even if you took out the vampire twist this show would still be worth watching and I hope that will catapult it to unbelievable heights.

    However in scifi shows there is always an episode where a person is trapped/stranded or exposed to their weakness(especially prevalent in first seasons). This is that episode. I know it gives the watchers a firsthand look at the characters weaknesses or in some cases lets us see their human side. But it's old. I'm really tired of seeing it over and over.

    Also I would like to point out the most fake looking ice ever. It just doesnt resemble ice at all. It's obviously some type of white foam or plastic. I know they can't use real ice for the sheer amount of time the actor probably had to be in the tub during those scenes, but at least get something that looks real. This was soo bad it actually detracted from the emotional impact the scene was supposed to have.

    That being said this was a great episode. We get to see Mick using his numinous nose again to track down things that have the cops baffled. We get to see a very human and weak Mick. We get to see the bonds of relationships he's formed. We even get to see overt jealousy over Beth's boyfriend with his standoffish attitude when Beth's boyfriend first asks him to take the case.

    Those minor things though did detract from the episode but not much. Thats why this episode is still a 9. Keep them coming!!!
  • O my goodness! What an awesome episode! "Fever" definitely didn't disapoint the viewers! I want more Moonlight!

    "Fever" definitely delivered a terrific show last night! This show had a good detective story going on (not to mention the added intrigue of him being a vampire), it had turmoil within the DA's office, you also got a developing relationship between Mick and Beth that went to a new level. We also have a great looking cast that draws in the fans!

    There was witty dialogue such as Beth calling Mick a "delicate flower" since he can't take the sun for long and then he repeats that to her later in the show. Another good one was when Mick and Lynnie were escaping in the police car and a helicopter loaded with a rocket was chasing them and Mick said to Lynnie, "you had to go and piss off an arms dealer!". Loved the fact that when Beth thought Mick was dead (and I could feel her anguish) she was realizing what he meant to her. Then after Lynnie calls her and she knows he is alive, she immediately goes to the abandoned motel to help and finds Mick in a bad way. He is in the tub filled with cold water and ice to cool him down and he is dying from being out in the sunlight too long and the fact that he needed blood to regenerate himself. Beth doesn't hesitate and immediately tells him she is giving him her blood basically so he can live. You can feel the anguish he feels over the thought of taking her blood (really like Mick's voice overs in the show) and now he explains (in a voice over) how difficult it is "with needing something for life but it being the one thing that makes life unbearable". Beth finally convinces him to take her blood and he gets better just in time to save Beth.

    Then the ending was a killer with Beth going to Mick's apartment and being on one side of the door and Mick being on the othe, watching her on the security camera but he won't open the door. He decides he can't be around her because he puts her life in danger and then it goes off. I can't wait for next week's episode...but then again, it is like that each week waiting for the next Moonlight show to come on TV!

    I sure hope CBS keeps this show on the air! It is a winner!!!
  • Beth's boyfriend hires Mick to find and protect a key witness in a huge case. Due to a police leak, Mick and the witness are caught in the desert and Beth has to save Mick (again!)

    This show was tighter than the rest, more action and PI goodies for the boys, enough eye candy and romantic tension for the girls (wet Alex, anyone?!). I was worried that the writers were taking things too fast, but the tension actually keeps building with each revelation!

    There were few storyline glitches, EXCELLENT emotional acting by both leads--you can feel Mick's hunger and horror with himself and his need to feed as he's fading in the desert as well as petty jealousy and tiredness being called to work by his untouchable love interest's boyfriend just as he was going to "bed", and Beth's pain and shock when she thinks Mick is dead and her courage to offer him her own blood to save him.

    This show overall is addictive--started out for me a guilty pleasure and now has become my favorite overall. If CBS gives this a chance at a whole season, they will have a diehard core of fans shouting CBS's praises for all time.

    After all, CBS, you did use Celine's "Taking Chances" as the background to your promos. Take a chance on us, now. Keep our show going!
  • Mick is trapped in the daylight of California's high desert and Beth is forced to come to his rescue.

    Yeah, I know this series hasn't been around long enough to be repeating storylines but the Vampire genre has used this device before. Several time in fact.
    The first case I recall was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when Angel, "the Vampire with a soul", is poisoned and needs to feed but he no longer hunts his prey. The answer is for Buffy to offers her neck to save the love of her life. A second case occurred last season on "Blood Ties". Henry Fitzroy is in trouble so Vicki Nelson likewise allows him to feed from her, again from the neck. There was probably is a similar case on "Blade the Series" although I don't remember the specifics. In Fever Beth even offers her neck. Probably from viewing too many horror flicks, however, Mick feeds from her fore arm. Probably much more realistic, neck wounds being harder to stop. Closer to the heart you know.
    My point is that this is a common plot device in this genre. It provides conflict and tension to drive the drama, which is the necessary ingredient to keeps a prime time drama from getting too soapy.
    It's unfortunate that Moonlight had go to this story line in episode four. It may signal that the writers are already running out of ideas. Hopefully not! One thing that was accomplished in "Fever" was Beth to display the depth of her feelings for Mick. He is after all the one who saved her when she was abducted as a child and he has trusted her with his secret. Here we see another common conflict devise; the insurmountable obstacle to the consummation of true love between the main characters.
    In all, this episode was pedestrian. If the viewer does not really, really love the Vampire genre it will probably lead to furious activity on the remote. If, however, you enjoy the genre this is an episode you will watch to the bitter end.
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