Season 1 Episode 11

Love Lasts Forever

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • This episode marks the final chapter in a series of reality bites for Beth.

    Beth has recently learned that Mick saved her from a horrible fate at the hands of Coraline. Coraline was the love of his life. She's back. Turning a human can be complicated. Finally in this episode, we don't know what Beth wants. Gone are the light-hearted flirtations - real lifes are at stake and everything is very serious. Beth turns away from her Guardian Angel when mortality strikes Josh who truely loved Beth. This is a turning point in the relationship and we see it for all of its difficulties which are as tragic as life and death. In the normal course of events, this would be the middle of the season and we would take the journey further. With the strike, we have only one more episode. It looks like we too will be left to contemplate reality.
  • Josh is working a dangerous case that puts Beth in danger. Mick is enlisted to protect Beth. Everything backfires and Josh is kidnapped.

    This was an awesome episode. My favourite one so far this season. It was such a tearjerker! There was also "edge of your seat" suspense the whole way through! This was an exceptionally special episode because Mick admitted that he loved her (even if it was in the voiceover).The only downer to this episode was that there was no Josef in it. But the writers and actors more than made up for that. At the and of the episode after Josh dies and Mick visits Beth, she asks if he hates who he is so much why does he go on living and in the voiceover he says it is because of her. But out loud he says he does not know why. That was really sad, and that was where I really started crying! I loved this episode and can't wait until next week's episode! I hope everything works out for Mick and Beth!
  • Josh considers stepping down from an important case that he is working because Beth is threatened, she encourages him not to with dire results.

    An excellent episode with lots of action, shooting and bloodshed! Ironically enough I thought that this episode showed the character of Josh in a very heroic and positive light and it turned out to be his last one. The relationship with Beth and Josh had to end at some point but it's actually too bad that the writers chose to kill him off instead of keeping him around to add more tension between Mick and Beth. While I absolutely love the character of Beth there were several instances in this episode where I was really frustated with her especially at the end where she lashes out at Mick for not turning Josh. You can always say it was the grief talking but once we get new episodes the writers really need for her to apologise to Mick for her unfair reaction. (not to mention her behaviour in BC) In this episode Mick finally admits at least to himself in a Voice Over that he actually has feelings for Beth. Strangely enough Mick is also the one that takes revenge going after Josh's killers and cleaning house or this case the bar. I can't wait to see where these characters go
  • A great episode!

    This show, the 11th of 12 for the season meant new storylines and the wrap up of an old one. Josh, Beth's boyfriend, gets caught up fighting a very powerful man who marks Beth for death if Josh pursues him. Josh initally stops but Beth talks him into with horrible results. Beth asks Mick to turn Josh to save him but Mick refuses knowing Josh wouldn't want to become a "monster" (that is how Mick views himself) and reminds Beth that it was his job that killed him. Beth becomes angry with Mick and you can see a wedge being driven between the two. A very good episode, though a very painful one to watch.
  • So..

    First off, at the start when they kiss. To me it looked like beth wasnt wanting to do it, and again when they woke up. the way her eyes looked.

    secondly i thought it was insanely harsh how they arrested him infront of his daugther at his sweet 16!

    the bit about the blood had me thinking that it was beth that had the cure..

    omg the bit where he heard about the i love you and i love yous. its soooo sad :(

    when josh got taken that was such a surprise. even though i had read some of the reviews i was still shocked. they could of just made him leave, not kill him off, although they were so inlove that would of been quite unbelievable

    but now it seems beth is choosing second best!! :(

    idk, i like how theres a chance for em but i cried like a baby when josh died, came a real shock.

    just when she thought he was safe :(!!
  • i was very sad in the way how beth's boy friend died. i was even more sad when beth became very upset at mick for not turning josh.

    i loved this episode but i call it a tearjerker cause i was really starting to get into the charaters but i guess beth had different ideas on how she treated both mick and josh. in my opinion she was inlove with him maybe for a few months and then it got to the point where she wanted adventure that she could report. then when meeting mick and finding out that he is a vampire she maybe thought that she could hang with him so she can get the stories that she can have to share with the world or maybe not. i really don't know but i was shocked at seeing how she was the one coming to mick all the time giving him the hot looks abd now she is just plan upset that her boy friend has died. mick was right becoming the undead isn't saving your life, it's making it more complicated.
  • Possibly the best episode of the season

    It feels like forever since the last new episode of "Moonlight", and it did not disappoint. Under better circumstances, this would have been the midpoint of the season; instead, it's a prelude to the apparent season finale. Whatever the case, there are major changes to the status quo, and some unexpected consequences emerge for Mick and Beth.

    The plot details surrounding Josh in this episode are largely inconsequential. It only matters that Josh has invited several attempts on his life, directly or indirectly, and Mick is caught in the middle. At first, the threat is leveled at Beth, and Mick manages to save her life, at the cost of Coraline's blood sample (which wasn't giving him the answers he wanted anyway). This is something that continues to draw Mick and Beth closer, even if her main concern is still Josh and his safety.

    Before long, however, the episode moves to a completely different level when Josh is kidnapped. Beth's frantic chase to find and save Josh, with Mick helping in every way possible, is disturbing in all the right ways. But it's simply a prelude; the core of the episode itself is the long and brutal attempt to save Josh's life.

    Most shows would have let him die quickly, but the writers make the perfect move by lingering over every single opportunity to keep him alive. It's important to show Mick scrambling for every option, because it forces the audience to come to the inevitable conclusion long before Beth is ready to make her request. And of course, one realizes that if Mick was going to turn Josh, he would have done it before all those other measures were taken. It's abundantly, painfully clear that Mick will not turn Josh under any circumstance, even with so much blood tempting him.

    And it is that choice that finally drives a wedge between Mick and Beth. This is ironic, because Josh was always the annoying barrier to the two of them getting together. Fans hated Josh. Yet his purpose is now obvious, and from a plotting perspective, this is a brilliant move. The writers couldn't put anyone else in Beth's life in similar jeopardy without weakening the point to be made. This is how Beth learns that Mick will not turn a human (even if I believe he was glossing over a complicated truth when he said he wouldn't turn Beth).

    Looking back at the previous few, this is just another in a long string of solid episodes for the freshman series. "Moonlight" has managed to carve out a devoted Friday night audience and plenty of momentum from a People's Choice Award. In fact, if more people came to the show after it won that award, just to see what they were missing, this was the perfect episode for them to see. There's no reason to think that the series won't live on for another season, once the writers' strike is over.
  • It looks like the flirtasion and the sexual tension between mick and beth has been either put to a halt or a pause.

    this was such a very good episode. the first two or three minutes were the best. i just loved watching mick working out. anyway beth now decides to choose to sleep with josh of everything that she has done. she now decides to beg mick to turn josh right after his heart stops. to me that was not fair at all. she was never in love with him and besides if josh did turn into a vampire i think josh would have been very pissed off realising that beth has hanged out more times with mick than she did with him. i loved the whole action in this episode the best part was when mick used his vampire face and teased one of the gang members to get information. i thought that was very funny i couldn't stop laughing. mick was so slick about it and the gang member was crying his pants off because he was so scared. i really loved this episode i hope that beth will understand that it's not mick's falt and i hope that someday mick and beth will become a thing.
  • Very sad episode

    This episode we see Beth less focused Mick and more on her boyfriend Josh no less and right before he takes the most dangerous case of his life that puts her in danger as well ( good thing that girl has Mick, Phewwwww!)
    This time we get to see Mick struggle not only with his real feelings for Beth but also with not wanting to dissapoint her (by not turning Josh- which he knew would do more harm than good) And Beth with all her sorrow refuses to accept that very truth;for her-Mick had let her down and so she won't talk to him for now...
  • Mick and Beth setting the Sunlight to Moonlight

    I just can't beside who I fell more sorry for Mick or Beth. Josh dying was sad but they must have had a reason for it. I wanted Beth to leave Josh on her own free will. Mick always pulled away from Beth before telling her it could never work but this episode told all about his true fellings. It looked like Beth really was uneasy when Josh and Mick were in the same room. So tell me what was going on in her heart. The way she treated Mick was totally wrong He has always been there for her and Josh when needed. Praying for a full season and a second one. Not much of a tv watcher but this show I can't wait until friday.
  • "....a giant thrill ride that never ends...but sometimes it does end- with terrible screams and bloodshed."

    Much as I loved the story line this is one of those episodes that just asked for a bit more suspension of disbelief (vampires, no problem, other stuff, well...) than I would normally like. I have to assume that conversations involving Coralines disappearance took place off camera and that Beth has somehow worked things out with Mick and Josh since her life seems to be back to business as usual. OK, I can live with that. What I found myself upset about were the medical procedures. For some reason the AO- blood type/artery cauterization/tying off of another artery scenes got my mind yelling "no way" even as I was riveted to the screen. Consider it my own personal bugaboo since the direct pressure and TQ were right on. If you are not expecting accuracy it was one giant thrill ride. Sorry Josh, there was nothing that could be done to save you.

    This was an episode that made Mick's claims of being a 'monster' a bit more believable, but since it was for a good cause I loved it. Nice to see a vampire be a vampire even as he wrestles with being an immortal with very mortal feelings. The action sequences and interrogation room were some of the best. Definitely a nail biter from start to finish.
  • This episode I think shows a little more to Mick and the hurt that he goes through with Beth.

    Knowing that Mick deeply loves Beth and that Beth feels something for Mick made this episode painful to watch. Everyone wants Mick and Beth together but not really at the hands of Josh dying. It was sad to see that Mick was being pushed away from Beth instead of being able to be there for her when needed the most, and not being able to tell her how he feels (obviously not the right time anyway)shows the hurt that he goes through on a day to day basis. He lives for her, how much more hurt can he take before he gives up on her? For our sakes I hope alot!!!
  • Josh-heavy installment. The show just keeps getting better.

    I'm impressed with how the series producers are taking a familiar concept to a good place. Too bad the bloody writers strike is keeping production on new episodes from going ahead.

    Just one more left after this episode.

    Speaking of which, "Love Lasts Forever" opens with Josh pressing Chemma Tejada, an El Salvadoran drug lord, to either help bring in some Latin-American drug dealers in the US or face a grand jury.

    Tejada tells Josh to do what he has to do and be ready for "a miserable future." Tejada took out the wife of the last prosecutor who went after him back in El Salvador. I guess the guys from the Colombian Medellin cartel don't have anything on Tejada. Josh's prospects aren't looking bright.

    Mick and Beth are in her apartment kibitzing over a blood sample he got from Coraline before she vanished. They decide on a private lab when Josh shows up to warn Beth about Tejada. He also signs Mick up for her protection detail.

    Some goons in mask beat on Josh in a parking lot as he goes from his office to his car. When they have him curled up on the ground, they leave a picture of Beth by his face and warn they'll see her next if he doesn't back off of Tejada.

    Josh hightails it back to Beth to tell her that he's recusing himself from the case to save her. Beth then goes noble and selfless, saying how her safety doesn't matter against the need to put Tejada behind bars. Josh muses how he'd forgotten about how cute she was when she crusaded. A spark's rekindled, they kiss, and...spend the night together.

    Tejada is holding his daughter's quinceanera (15th birthday party), a Latin-American sweet sixteen gala. As they dance, he tells his daughter nothing's too good for her. Too bad he's a ruthless thug. Josh crashes the party with Lt. Davis and a few squads of cops. Josh says Tejada shouldn't have made things personal. Tejada tells Josh he doesn't have much time left. Looking like bullyboys, the cops haul Tejada from his daughter's party. Ironic.

    Josh goes ahead with pressing charges and gets a judge to set a bail of $5 million dollars.

    Meantime, Nick and Beth're getting the low down on Coraline's blood, which is...normal.

    Aside from the fact that it's like a child's sample, being free of toxins and free radicals that adults inevitably gather (unless they eat well). And the sample is A-negative, extremely rare. As in less than 15% of Americans rare. It's also Beth's blood type. Outside the clinic, Mick reveals that children's blood is the best for vamps, especially if it's the same type as the vamp's original blood. I'm speculating here, but I won't be shocked if Beth turns out to be a descendant of Coraline's. Another reason Coraline singled her out as a potential vamp daughter?

    Mick comes up short when he hears a high-powered automatic rifle being assembled and loaded. Supersonic vamp hearing is so handy. A sniper targets Beth in the head with a laser scope and fires--

    Nick drags her down at the last millisecond, then dodges superquick toward Tejada's goons, who bug out. Nick goes back to Beth, who only has a few scratches. She worries when she sees he has blood on his chest. It's not his blood. It's Coraline's. Damn.

    The vial's crushed. But Mick and Beth have more pressing concerns right now.

    At Beth's apartment, Josh makes sure Beth is OK and that her police escort has been suitably beefed up. He and Mick have a nice bonding moment over how they want to keep Beth safe.

    Josh steps out to his car, where Tejada's thugs grab him and stuff him into their car's trunk. Pretty blatant. I would've nabbed him out of sight of Beth's police detail. Nick and Beth jump into her car and go chasing after 'em. But they're out of sight. So Nick calls a hacker friend (human?) to triangulate on the GPS locater in Josh's cell, which Beth calls. As she assures Josh, who's gagged, that she'll find him, Nick's hacker friend triangulates the return signal in a remote corner of Griffith Park somewhere near the observatory. Nick and Beth peel rubber and call the police to meet 'em.

    Tejada's thugs pause in the park as they wait for a park ranger to drive away. They're just about to bump Josh off when Nick and Beth come barrelling. Nick shrugs off a few hits and takes the thugs down, while Beth keeps her head to the ground.

    They open the car trunk and are about to get Josh out when a thug revives, gets a spare gun, and pumps a few rounds into Josh.

    Nick knocks him out, gets Beth to call an ambulance, then does first aid on Nick, revealing he was a medic in WW II. In a sequence worthy of "House" and "Grey's Anatomy," Nick puts pressure on a belly wound, uses a neck tie as a tourniquet to bind Josh's leg, and cauterizes a severed artery on Josh's neck with a car cigarette lighter.

    But Nick senses that Josh's leg wound is still bleeding, so he bums Beth's necklace to tie an artery off. But Josh goes unconscious and Nick hears his heart stop. He and Beth're doing CPR when Davis and the cops show up. Late.

    The ambulance shows up even later. The medics put paddles to Josh, but no joy. As the cops cuff Tejada's thugs and the medics look 'em over, Beth begs Mick to "turn" Josh.

    Mick can't, and Josh is gone. Beth glares daggers at Mick.

    At the police station, Davis gives up trying to pump Tejada's goons for their jefe's whereabouts. With his back to Davis, Mick turns vamp, and asks the goon where Tejada is.

    The goon freaks out and tells the "diablo" where to go to a bar. Mick sends Davis off on a wild goose chase and goes to the bar.

    Nick himself monologues on how things go the same in every bar fight, like when the barkeep pops up with a gun in hand. He goes vamp, beats down the patrons, and gets Tejada's location in the oficina, where Mick finishes him off. We only get to see Mick start to bleed him dry.

    Mick shows up at Beth's apartment to let her know Tejada's been taken cared of. He tells her he couldn't inflict the curse of vampirism on Josh (not to mention reveal his secret in front of the cops and medics).

    When Beth asks why he keeps "living," Nick says to himself it's because of her. Aloud, he mumbles, "I don't know." She then asks if Mick would let her die, and Nick says "Yes."

    Things don't end on the best note here.

    Which is perfect.

    How can one not feel for Nick and Beth? Once the strike ends and the second half of season 1 (the first half of season 2 more like) kicks off, I do wonder how things can keep going at this pitch? I totally understand why Josh had to die, but there were some interesting possibilities here. If Josh had lived, it would've made things even more interesting for Nick and Beth.

    And if Nick had "turned" Josh, we would've gotten to see Beth torn between two vamps--and gotten a whole new storyline with Josh getting used to being a vamp and Nick bringing him into the fold as his sire and maybe seeing those two come to blows over Beth.

    I can hardly wait for the season finale.

    If only it weren't for the bloody writers strike. Too bad no one can lock the negotiators for both sides in a room and keep 'em there on bread and water till they stop acting like kids holding their breaths and make a reasonable deal.

  • This episode is gripping and nerve wracking.

    One of the best things about Moonlight is the originality and the sheer genius that goes into every episode. In this episode the case that Josh is working is a big one and they threaten Beth. He stays on the case and it is then kidnapped. After watching this episode I guarantee that you will be left wanting more. It is romantic, tragic, gripping, nerve racking and breath taking. Although every episode is amazing there is something about this one that separates it from all of the others. And there is a scene where the new Blue October song "Calling You" is used. Over all this is an awesome episode well worth the time of any true fan. Even if you have never seen the show it is well worth your time. You will not be disappointed.
  • OK, this is now my favorite episode of the season. Too bad fans can't vote for the Emmys! (Guess we'll have to be content with helping get that Best New Drama People's Choice Award!)

    OK, this is now my favorite episode of the season. Too bad fans can't vote for the Emmys! (Guess we'll have to be content with helping get that Best New Drama People's Choice Award!)

    The scene where Josh dies and Mick is trying to save him using his battlefield medic training was incredibly intense. I knew Josh was supposed to die in this episode, but it was heartbreaking to watch as Beth asked Mick to turn Josh into a vampire, Mick refusing, and Beth turning away from Mick. Alex, Sophia and Jordan definitely deserve Emmy consideration for this episode.

    And a lot of action! The shootout at the blood clinic, the Mick & Beth car chase to try and save Josh, the fight at the bar, Mick's revenge against the man who was responsible for Josh's death – one of the most fast-paced episodes so far.

    And, of course, another poignant and emotionally charged ending scene – Mick coming to Beth to try and console her, Beth still not able to reconcile her feelings and forgive Mick. Wow! I can't wait for the next episode, yet it's painful knowing this is most likely the last one of the season. Let's get this writer's strike settled now!
  • WOW! The writers are fantastic, this episode realy moved me, between Alex and how well the writers create each episode it only gets better and better, I can in NO way see how this series could ever be in trouble, its a marvelous show,keep up the good work

    WOW! The writers are fantastic, this episode realy moved me, between Alex and how well the writers create each episode it only gets better and better, I can in NO way see how this series could ever be in trouble, its a marvelous show,keep up the good work!!! Please know this series never really had a chance so PLEASE give it a chance, Alex is a wonderful actor, so sexy, and the episodes, are so genuinely creative, and exciting, I can hardly wait to see what comes on each week.Please keep writing, and producing Moonlight, I have all my friends watching it now, and they are telling their friends, it is really catching on!!!
  • I just loved this episode. My heart was pounding the entire hour. Beth's words to Mick at the end of the show is a huge turning point in their relationship. I don't think they will ever feel the same way about one another again.

    The episode started out with Mick once again telling Beth how much he hates being a vampire and the Sleeping Beauty episode has Beth retreating even more from ever wanting to be a vampire. You can see and feel Mick's wanting someone to share his life. In walks Josh beaten-up and him and Beth reconnecting. But the look on her face the following morning looks like a little regret. Like maybe she's cheated on Mick.

    We finally and unequivocally find out just how much and how deep Mick loves Beth. Everything he does is trying to make him worthy for her. This has been his life's mission since saving her all those years ago. Beth's over an hour late so Mick goes to her apartment to make sure she's okay. She answers the door in a t-shirt. See the way Mick looked at her legs. I was wondering if he was remembering the last time he saw her in just a shirt, his shirt, walking up his stairs in just his shirt in B.C.

    The shooting incident at the lab was awesome. I re-watched it in slow mo and it was still awesome. Being a vampire does have its advantageous. I loved the scene at Beth's apartment when she's cleaning up her wound. See how close Mick is standing next to her. In walks Josh and Mick stands away. He looks away when Josh kisses Beth. That had to be hard on him. Little did he know that it was going to get harder on him when he hears Beth tell Josh that she loves him.

    And then the action begins. Unbelievable. The way that Mick stays calm and thinks logically and clearly while Beth is falling apart. Now that's a man you want in your life. Mick beating the crap out of those two bad guys. Great action sequence. And then Josh gets shot 3 times. In the neck, stomach and leg and in critical areas. Mick once again coming to the rescue. Methodically taking care of each wound. He feels the life leaving Josh's body - no heart beat, no circulation. You feel his pain and conflict when Beth ask him to turn Josh and he says no. Its a shame that Beth couldn't see how much Mick fought to save Josh and what it cost him.

    Then Mick's vampiric revenge. They made it personal. They put him in a position with Beth that will have lasting repercussions. Its unlike Mick to fight like that, to show people what he really is, but I think he's fighting for more than just a little payback and delayed justice. He's fighting his feelings for Beth at having her put him in this position of having his feeling tested for her by asking him to turn Josh for her, "do it for me". What was he to do? I think what he did was right. He didn't put Josh in that precarious position so he shouldn't feel any guilt or responsibility for Josh's life. He tried everything that he could to keep Josh alive. To Mick's way of thinking, he didn't want to take that life altering decision from Josh, like it was taken from him. The last part of this episode broke my heart. Seeing Mick wanting so much to comfort Beth and her being cold and standoffish. For her to ask him, "if you hate yourself so much, why continue to live" and his voice over - "you make me want to". I think this is where he questions his feelings for Beth and starts to re-evaluate her and what kind of person she is deep down inside.

    After this episode I fear their dyanmic will change. I think he's going to be even more controlled of his reactions to her, more so than in previous episodes. And I can't even begin to guess how Beth's feelings for Mick will have changed. I hope she doesn't hold this against him. I hope after she works through her pain of losing Josh that she comes to realize the extent of Mick's feelings and what it cost him to lose Josh.

    This was a wonderful episode and I'm really bummed that there is only 1 more new episode to go. And we still don't know the fate of this show, even after they won the People's Choice Award. I love this show for the romantic under tones. It all boils down to that one great love.
  • One of the best episodes in the series to date because not only does it contain significant character developments and taught action sequences, but it also significantly changes the relationship between the main characters.

    Up until this episode, Josh was the great guy who you rooted against. He was an impediment standing between Mick and Beth. Sure, Josh is handsome, smart, ambitious, and understanding, but through the first 10 episodes it seemed like Beth was constantly talking herself into being with him. The spark was reserved for Mick and Beth.

    In this episode, you see that Beth and Josh truly care about each other and they do have a passionate relationship - it's just been submerged for a while. The opening scene reinforces that events from "Sleeping Beauty" have affected Beth. She now sees the dangers of vampire/human relationships and has effectively stopped pursuing Mick, creating an oping for her to truly see Josh again.

    On the other hand, "Sleeping Beauty" gave Mick hope. Anything is possible. He is now admitting to himself that he has deep feelings for Beth, and she makes him want to live. ...of course none of this is said.

    Two thirds through the episode, Josh dies from multiple gun shot wounds, while Mick and Beth try to save him. Seconds before death, Beth begs Mick to turn Josh into a vampire. When he refuses, stunned that she would ask, Beth gets angry/upset/hurt. Mick would not help her to save the man she loves. I'd like to see the effects of Josh's death and Beth's request explored more in future episodes, because it creates a fantastic (and potentially long-standing) point of tension between the two leads. While the relationships between the characters captivated me and makes this episode truly great, the action sequences and overall storyline were pretty good. There are 4 main action sequences, three of which were extremely well done and advanced both the storyline and the characters. However, the final action sequence in a bar seemed to go against Mick's character and thus takes this episode down from superb to just great.

    Mick is someone who doesn't want to kill. He incapacitated Josh's kidnappers and routinely knocks people unconscious. When he has killed humans in the past, it has been in defense of others. However, after Josh's death and Beth's subsequent dismissal, Mick seeks out vampire revenge. He intimidates a witness by showing fangs, lies to Detective Carl, and then goes to a bar intending to kill the drug trafficker who order the hit on Josh. In the process, he turns into a full-on vampire and kills or enables others to kill many of the patrons. Finally, he finds and bites the drug trafficker. Within a matter of minutes, he has probably killed 20 people. Perhaps if there was more context for Mick's behavior, such as elaborating on his own anguish at Beth's request and subsequent dismissal, I would be able to accept these actions. But that context wasn't included in the episode. Also, I find it hard to accept these actions, especially in light of the sequent scene when he tells Beth a half-truth that he continues to live in order to make up for horrible things he did as a young vampire. Overall, this was an action packed episode that created a lot of great set ups. For example: what is the significance of the AO- blood that Coraline and Beth share? how will Beth return to life after Josh's death and how will she relate to Mick? will Mick ever tell Beth how he feels? what will detective Carl do when he discovers that Tejada and everyone else in the bar is dead and will he ever start investigating Mick?
  • Real good episode finally we have all road blocks to Mick and Beth getting together out of the way. An episode focusing on the death of Beth's boyfriend was a good choice. They even gave us the heart wrenching scenes with her and

    Real good episode finally we have all road blocks to Mick and Beth getting together out of the way. An episode focusing on the death of Beth's boyfriend was a good choice. They even gave us the heart wrenching scenes with her and Josh getting closer. Josh was working a case against a prolific gang which ended in a chase scene. In which those of us who don't do spoilers it appeared he might make it. This ended with a great conflict of Beth wanting Mick to change Josh to save him but Mick refusing the curse that is the vampire life. Good episode taking us on a turn for character development.
  • I was on the edge of my seat with this one. Great Job!! It left me with feelings of excitement, sadness, hoping & just stunned all in one show.

    Truly why I love this show!!!! I think it did alot to see Beth & Josh try to work out their differences at the beginning of the show, expressing their love for one another-- then to have him pass away, it was just heart breaking. I really enjoyed the tension b/t Josh & Mick when it came to Beth. They both loved her and I believe she truly loves them both, but now what??? What will she do about her feelings for Mick? Is she going to continue to blame him and obsess over the fact that Mick didn't turn Josh? Is she going to become so vulnerable and "lonely" that she's going to turn to him for comfort? Just a lot of questions with this turn of events in the show. I can't wait to see next weeks show and even to see how the AO negative blood is going to play out with Coraline...

    Glad this show won the People's Choice Award! Woo-Hoo!!
  • This was a dynamite episode, and by the time the closing credits rolled I was dumstruck and breathless.

    This was definately worth the wait.

    There was shock and heartbreak all around.


    Where will Mick and Beth’s relationship go from here? Will she stay away from Mick out of guilt? Or does she really blame him for Josh’s death?
    And where’s that crazy ex-wife of Micks’?
    And if Beth was so in love with Josh, how come she's been flirting with Mick all this time. After all, she's the one who's instigated all the kisses?

    I’ve got more questions than answers from this episode, but that’s just fine - especially since there have been more episodes ordered.

    Now would the wretched studios/production companies/whatever, please pay the writers their share of internet royalties so they’ll go back to work?!
  • OMG! That was absolutely fantastic! A real rollercoaster!

    I had seen the promo and was so excited to see this episode and it was so much better than I expected! It was equally exciting as tragic! Of course one wanted Josh out the way -- but not like this! How many episodes is it going to take for Beth to forgive Mick? And with Josh out of the job [well and life of course!] will Carl be her contact in the DA's office? Sorry ... just being practical here! Well presumably all will be revealed in next week's final episode? I am glad this episode was fast moving; it certainly picked up a lot of pace which was just right for this type of storyline. Of course we all knew that it was bye bye Josh but just for a split second didn't you think that all that promo stuff could have been wrong? I did and I never thought myself as being that taken in - so it must have been the excellent writing! And you know when Mick told Beth he would have done the same and let her die if the situation arose -- yeah well I didn't believe that one for a second! Or maybe that was just the romantic in me?

    This episode for me was quite perfect and it did everything it obviously set out to do ... that is both thrill and sadden at the same time. I mean all us Mick fans aren't that heartless that we were glad to see the back of Josh once and for all ... are we??? Well ... jury is still out on that one!!!

    And for a p.s. fgs end the writer's strike already! The point has been made - the writers should be paid ... OK we get it! We would also like to get our series back ... I don't know about you ... but one more episode of seeing Mick ... you studio bosses are killing me!!!!!
  • I cried all the way through this show!

    Josh takes on a gang that is bigger than he is. After getting a small beating he decides not to go any further on the case. Beth insists that he do pursue the case. Words I know she regrets! Josh is killed by the gang. It was so sad! I cried the rest of the show! Beth gets a bit upset with Mick but I really don't think that much. She asked him to save Josh by turning him into a vampire. He refused. I was through an entire box of tissues at this point! She was crying, Mick was very sad and the show ends just like that. I started crying again just writing this. The writers pulled my heart out and threw it on the ground. Then they stomped on it. Couldn't Beth and Josh just broken up?
  • This episode was just okay. *Spoiler Alert*

    I remember seeing the previews for this episode and I thought this should be a good episode but I have to say I was really disappointed. The writing had a lot of holes. Why would the police only put a detail on Beth? Even though she was the one initially threatened, why wouldn't they think that the drug cartel wouldn't go after Josh that just did not make any sense. When Mick was interviewing one of the henchmen in the interrogation room, wouldn't the police have been listening in? Don't most interrogation rooms have cameras. The writers really dropped the ball again. I knew before this episode aired that Josh was probably going to die so I was not shocked when that happened. I did like that we found out more about Mick's past. He was a medic during WWII. I still do not know how I feel about Mick going all vigilante in this episode. It kind of seemed out of character but maybe that is just me. They do have me intrigued about the AO- blood and Coraline becoming human. I can't wait to hear Coraline's explanation of how that worked. Hopefully the writing will be better for next week's episode. Mick turning human should be interesting even if it is only temporary.