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  • This show was really good & interesting to watch!

    I wish they had continued this show. Definitely was fun to watch and I enjoyed the characters as they were written, with the actors doing a great job with their roles. Another good series was 'Kindred - The Embraced'. Also cancelled after 1 season. Firefly, Terra Nova, Star-Crossed, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and the Dracula (2013) tv series are also all good shows, fun to watch, with good acting!!
  • Please bring it back!!!!!!!

    Please bring it back, I got into it very quickly, love the entire story and would really like to see it picked up and continued, so please bring it back!!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!
  • Guilty Pleasure

    I love this as a guilty pleasure. I think it was probably just a few years to early for a return to vampire based shows for most people. I do love it though and continue to watch it every now and then as an escape.
  • Caught in the Moonlight

    Vampires, crime, blood. There could be nothing better in a show.

    Moonlight follows the character Mick St. John, a anti-vampire vampire and private investigator. He's despised what he's become ever since, 60 years ago, he's bride Coraline took away his choice of mortality. But it shouldn't have mattered if their love was on the 'forever' side, right? Wrong. I guess you could say Mick got his revenge when he killed his beloved for kidnapping a 4 year old girl. 23 years later and said girl has turned into a beautiful woman, has made a carrier being a reporter for BuzzWire, and has somehow managed to wedge herself back into St. John's hectic life. He kind of deserved it, though. He had been watching her ever since said incident with the ex. But what happens when eternity is the only thing standing in the way of love?

    Well I don't know because they canceled the show!!! And that cliffhanger will be sempiternal in my life. Thanks so much CBS.
  • Moonlight Shines

    CBS's short-lived supernatural crime thriller Moonlight is a well-crafted and compelling series. The show follows a vampire named Mick St. John who works as a private investigator in . and uses his vampire abilities and connections to help people, but things get complicated when a woman from his past comes back into his life. Starring Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, and Jason Dohring the cast is fairly strong. And, the show has a unique vampire lore that makes for a fascinating series mythology. Additionally, the show has some interesting character dynamics that really utilize the long lifespan of vampires and the amoral nature that it imbues. Full of intense drama and exciting action, Moonlight is an entertaining and captivating fantasy series.

    Fell in love with Moonlight and was really very sad to find it cancelled without a fair chance. Please give it a second chance and BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!

    Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John is just perfect!
  • Loved it then, love it now.

    I was sad to see this go, like so many others after reading about it I was certain it wasn't a show for me, but as the fifth episode was released I sat down and gave it a chance, and my god am I glad I did. I ended up buying the series and I still think if anyone gave it a second shot it would do just fine.
  • Now it would be a hit

    I just watch all 16 episode, and got to say I loved it.

    If it would be to return, with all this Vampire pop-culture, this show would be a hit!

    It would be watch by Vampires & Crimes show lovers!

    It reminds me of the show Blood Ties (07-08), she the human was the PI.

    But if it would be to return, I don't know know who'd play Mick, cause Alex O'Loughlin is now on Hawaii Five-0 (and doing great, I might add).

    So that's my 2 cents! :-)
  • Lame. NOT!

    I kinda saw this on TV a when it was first airing. Only saw, like, 5 seconds of it, read a description and though "LAME." Well, I was bored a while ago and watched this entire series in two days! It is NOT lame! I SO wished I had watched it and supported it somehow when it was originally on. >.
  • Feel free to take my survey if you want to

    I am a fan of Moonlight till this day and I found this 16 episode show at the library in 2009, on an obscure shelf that said "vampires" displaying for Halloween. In hindsight, I thought this show was going to be lame when I first borrowed it. I ended up watching it with my cousin and fell completely in love with it.

    Long story short, ever since I saw it, I couldn't stop thinking about how great it was and I was gravely disappointed and angry when I found it was cancelled after 16 episodes. Since then I tried to do everything in my power to get someone to pay attention to it. CBS is beyond stupid and made an incredibly fatal mistake by cancelling this show. The fan base is enormous and has tripled since this show was cancelled. I just want the opportunity to see what other fans think. I'm asking any fan feel free to post the link in your browser and take the survey. It will only take a second of your time. Thanks!
  • love it!!

    i just got into this show "accidentally". i usually do not follow the vampire stuff but i like crime shows. so the other rainy day i happend to watch one of the re-run marathons of it on tv. honestly i got hooked immidiatly. LOVE that show now and im so disappointed that they cancelled it. loved the way how they mix the vampire thing with the crime stuff.

    i gotta agree with some other posts here that mentioned how well the character of mick is played by a.o'loughlin . dvds are already on the way!:)

    bring on S2 or some other kind of a sequel!!!!
  • Bring the Moonlight

    This television show had something that many shows are lacking now days and that is character. Mick St. John was well played by Alex O'Loughlin. The chemistry was there between him and Sophia Myles aka Beth Turner. This show deserves a come back and I bought the DVD to watch with my wife and it is a damn shame that CBS cancelled it. It had a great story-line and would do better now. Bring it back before it's too late. Forever Knight had a good run, Blood Ties did not do so well, but Moonlight has the potential to be great and bring in the audience it deserves.
  • love it

    love this show I watched it when I was younger. And still love it

  • Bring It Back!

    LOVE this show! Finally, a decent vampire show about adults instead of teeny-boppers or teens..

    BRING IT BACK, it is SO not finished!
  • kindly bring back mick st john

    Dear management of CBS

    this is to inform you that you have made a mistake by abruptly ending this series

    the forum is live and active with requests for you to star running the show again

    we all on this forum love moonlight and its not even aired in india i saw it on youtube and fell in love with it

    We would love to see this show and all its original characters in it once again

    please bring moonlight back

  • I had no interest.

    This is one of the very many vampire-themed shows or movies that have been in fad for quite some time. The thing is, it gets old after a year or two and sadly, Moonlight came to the party a year or two late. The acting was okay, but the entire premise was a bit stale and also-ran. It overshadowed anything positive for me, as it was usually because anything the show did had been seen before. Overall, the thing that could have made the show btter was the characters. They needed a lift but never got the star they needed. Thank you.
  • this series is about a vempire P.I mick st. jhon and his relationship with a human reporter beth as you might obviously know...


    this show began in 2007 when vemp shows weren't that popular as today.

    and the show ended with an open ending so they can return and continue it. (else why the open ending)

    people of today doesn't have the imagination required to complete a series without an ending hence the producers have to continue end the series.

    well i say that if the do continue the series it will be a huge success and it wont end so quickly which is good!!
    to do so they need to be innovative and new (like they began with the vemps series)

    so ithought maybe they should make a season 2 where in a situation mick have to save beth and turn her into a vempire and since that event they become 2 (vempire!) investigators.
    and may some other ppl and vemps join them and they become a group!(i like the idea of the cool jossef and the geek vempire)

    lets make 1+1 investigation serieses = success

    vemps serieses + success

    vemps+investigations(+innovation)= alot of success!

    i loved moonlight IMO it was(hopefully is) the best vempire show ever! so please CBS (or anyone else) CONTINUE IT!

  • This show is the best! Bottom line! CBS or some other network needs to pick this back up ASAP. Of all the vampire genre shows out there, this show tops them all!

    If they had a Top Ten list of shows that should have never been cancelled this is in the Top 5 easy. To me this show ended way before it's time and to me deserves a second chance at life, just like our hero. It is set in the city of Los Angeles and follows the story of a vampire turned Private Investigator named Mich St. John and a reporter, Beth Turner. It turns out their "chance" encounter was not that at all and then through a series of harrowing adventures and investigations they follow the leads and their hearts as they realize that there is something to their relationship than just professional.
  • Please bring back Moonlight. It came out just before its time, Now is the time to bring it back!

    Some people think Moonlight was just a fad and that it would not last; I do not think it was a fad. Many fans of this unique series will agree. Moonlight was just a bit early and would easily catch on now. A friend of mine referred me to Moonlight, and I am so happy they did! Moonlight is completely different from the regular Vampire shows, and I know that it would become popular if it was brought back. There is so much to tell and with a story that has a "CSI" sort or twist to it, it can go on forever. I really hope that Moonlight is revived.

  • Moonlight also loved in the Russia and Moldova.We all wantthe next seasons.

    Moonlight was the best show I've seen.It is a great vampire love story.The main hero is, Mick St. John , vampire, who uses his abilities to help people as a private investigator. But all he really wants is to become human again and find true love with Beth.It was a very intresting,exciting and excellent show.Just can't believe that CBS has put a stop to this show.I wish they would bring it back, with all the original characters of course!.This brilliant show is missed by a lot of funs from Russia and Moldova.We all want the next seasons.Please bring it back!!!
  • Moonlight was a decent series with good fun acting. Stories were good and fun to watch. No full on sex scenes or bad language. Perhaps viewers have returned to wanting to be entertained.

    Moonlight was taken off the screens at the worst time especially with the success of Twilight and True Blood. It was a gentle series with minimum of violence, if any.Films and programmes can be successful without actors taking off all their clothes or shouting obscenities at each other. It was a love story but also a series where friendship and love could blossom between two very different characters. I think it should return to TV and see the reaction of todays viewers. The male lead showed us that he had feelings especially in the episode where he thought he had a son born when he was in the army. The acting was superb and I believe that any viewer was hoping that he was the father, showing how he wanted to be a dad but didnt know he might have been one, then when it was proved that he wasnt the expression on his face when he found out, wanting yet grateful he wasn't. He realised that he could never be a father due to being a vampire. His loss was in his face.
  • Bring it Back!!! CW you can do it!!!

    Loved this show. CW please reignite this series and bring it back to life - new episodes - the real deal. Back in action. Vampires never die. Bring the original cast back in and let's get it started. If they are not available, recast with other great actors. It had an original twist to the Vampire genre. Good casting and Good writing. Kept everyone's interest. Never understood why the original pilot was never aired. I missed the re-airing date on CW. I hope they aired the pilot and will re-air it so I can finally see it. Bring it Back, CW, please. If anyone can do it, you can!
  • There are good vampire shows, and then there's Moonlight. Add good looking male lead, subtract everything cool about vampires.

    Moonlight is a collection of everything bad about the vampire film genre. With poorly written uncharismatic characters, like Mick: the man unwillingly turned by his vampire wife, and the suddle-as-an explosion romance between the male and female leads. The episode plots are laughable, ranging from a recently turned doctor vampire to a rampaging teen vampire with hormonal issues. There are also half baked love triangles and poor attempts at "shadow conspirecies" that make you wonder if the writers where being timed on how fast they could churn out a story as opposed to actually writting something worth watching. Sadly the producers tried to bank on a show who's main draw was a goodlooking male lead. This is almost the same gameplan as trying to sell young males on Halle Berry as Catwoman, and look how that turned out. Note to the potential buyer: There are only 16 episodes for a reason!
  • Moonlight follows Mick St. John, an immortal vampire and private investigator and his struggle to exist after he was bitten 60 years ago by his vampire bride, Coraline, on their wedding night.

    I love this series and its was a great one at that. I am so mad that they canceled it after only one season. But at least I was about to see it when I could. To anyone who think they might like to see this series then I suggest you do so because it really that great to watch. You might be able to find the show at YouTube, Netflix or try to buy the series from the computer or store. I was glad I saw this show and so will you. Good luck at finding it and I hope you do find it.
  • If this show started around the same time as Twilight, we would be on season 2 or 3 right now.

    Let's face it, This was a great show and if it was aired around the time Twilight blew up it would still be on now probably coming up to it's 2nd or 3rd season. It is such a shame good shows are axed all the time and absolute tripe like Charmed got 8 seasons to get it right and never did. Also Angel was a very good show and was cancelled just as things were getting very interesting. (Thank the lord for IDW comic books where Angel has continued) There was a long good story to be told on Moonlight and I was looking forward in particular to finding out what become of Coralline, But unless a miracle happens we have seen the end of Mick St John, Josef Costin and Beth Turner. Fingers crossed though, because you never know these days.
  • Moonlight is a tv series about a pirvate eye whos a vampire trying to make up for his past mistakes

    I just watched moonlight it was quite good. Intersting theme a private eye has a vampire never heard of that before. But the common bit in it was the mortal falling in love with the inmortal which we have seen in a lot of tv series and movies about vampires. Moonlights overal 4 disc series was good and intersting but it was cancelled just after season 1. In my opinon it should come back on and make more season's since the vampire theme has hit pouplar with teens these days. That was the only down side to the tv series. I enjoyed the new look on vampires how the sleep in feezers and how only fire and cut there head off is the only way to kill them. The stake will only parlize the vampire and the cure to become human again was cool. This show is well written and has lots of good twisted. I would recommend that you be a least 16 before watching this show tho.
  • It just keeps getting better!

    I loved this show from the beginning so much and waited anxiously for it to develop and live up to its promise. I've never been dissapointed and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Romance, humor, mystery .... its all there! I can see why this show continues to gain an audience. Everyone samples the new shows and either stays or leaves. New viewers are continuing to sample Moonlight and staying. Excellent writers, ecellent cast, and a purely addictive storyline. What more could you ask for? Well, how about a leading man, hotter than anyone I've ever seen break into the public eye? Wow, well add that to a show that is already excellent and then add the charming Jason Dohring as his sidekick and you have a guaranteed HIT!
  • Is to Angel what Charmed was to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    The series premiere of Moonlight was on a little while ago. Early on, producers kept insisting that their show, which is about a vampire who's a private detective, wasn't a rip-off of Angel. They lied. Okay, it had a lot of private detective/cop show mixed in, but yeah, it borrowed heavily from Angel. Kind of a cross between Angel and Veronica Mars, and considering that Veronica Mars has been frequently compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, well you get the picture.

    The main character is a tortured vampire who chooses to help mortals rather than feed off them. He spends his nights (and days – sunlight is harmful but not outright deadly) working as a private detective, essentially helping the helpless and focusing on cases that are more occult in nature.

    His sire is a female vampire; he kills her.

    He's enamored by an investigative journalist (a blonde) who is strong-willed and self-reliant. He first encounters her as a child, and rescues her from his own sire by killing her.

    He also drives a convertible and wears a ring remarkably reminiscent of a Claddagh. On the same finger Angel wore his Claddagh.

    Okay, so a lot of this stuff is really nitpicking, but throughout the show, I just kept feeling like it really was trying to be Angel all over again, but much in the way that Charmed tried to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that is, very dumbed down. Strip away all the layers and metaphors and leave just the veneer of Angel, and you've got Moonlight. That's what it felt like.

    I wasn't impressed.
  • Moonlight cancellation was a huge mistake

    I absolutely loved this show. and have no idea why it was canceled. Who decides these things!? This didn't start off great but the plots and writing were getting excellent. I love werewolves and vampire shows.It has been a long time since a show put real characters up not just for the killing. it was a love story too. I wanted to see what was going to happen now that Nick was human. It's like a open ending story. Is there a way to request a show of that nature back on? and if so where would we submit it?
  • BRING IT BACK. I don't care what night it comes on just bring it back. How many votes will it take? I can start a petition.

    I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Nick is so HOT and the Stories are so good. Nick is a great Vampire and a good protector of his friends and love ones. His relationship with Beth is so touching and exciting. His frind Josef is a great character. I lived for Friday nights to watch it on SciFi. Although Nick is a Vampire he is a GOOD Vampire and helps fight crime. We need more good shows on TV I am SICK of dimb reality shows, dancer, entertainer and idol shows. I love night time soaps and drama. Bring it back ASAP.
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