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  • Anyone who liked either Twilight or the Sookie Stackhouse series will LOVE this show.

    I absolutely fell in love with this show. After reading the Twilight saga and the Sookie Stackhouse series I had to get my vampire fix somewhere. That's when I started renting Moonlight from NetFlix (NetFlix recommended it to me.) and watching the re-runs on Sci-Fi. I just found out today that there wasn't a second season. I can't understand why since this is such a good show. Anyone who liked either Twilight or the Sookie Stackhouse series will LOVE this show. I even got my boyfriend to like this show. He was very impressed. He thought it was going to be all about murdering and blood sucking. Little did he know!
    Someone needs to pick up this show and put it on primetime TV. Who ever does they will be very glad! I believe now it would have a HUGE following if it didn't before. But don't forget to have the same actors!
  • Great cast, nice action, and one hell of a series with so much untapped potential for more.

    This show left me wanting more every time I watched it. I just started watching it about a week or so ago on the Sci-Fi channel. I can't believe I never gave it a chance when it was on CBS. That was a huge mistake. When I heard about it, the show just seemed like another vampire ripoff but after watching it I know that to be wrong. Sure, there are similarities between Moonlight and other vampire shows but let's be honest, there is not much that hasn't been done with vampires already.

    No, what this show brings is a unique chemistry with a great cast, great moments, nice action and some very well done shooting of scenes. The main vampire, Mick St. John, is an 85 year old vampire who was turned on his wedding night by his wife Coraline. He hates what she did to him and as time passed tried to put his supernatural skills to good use by becoming a PI.

    The show begins with Mick investigating a murder that looks like the killer is a vampire. During this investigation Mick finds himself working with Beth Turner, an internet reporter and someone who he has a past with(although she does not know it.) 22 years previous Mick saved her(when she was 4 years old) from his vampire wife Coraline. The actors Alex O Loughlin(Mick) and Sophia Myles(Beth) have great chemistry together on screen and really are one of the bright spots of the show. Another bright spot is Micks friend Josef(a 400 year old vampire going on 30) Mick and Josef(played by Jason Doerhing) play well off each other and have some of the best scenes in the show. Another interesting character is Micks wife Coraline, who we are introduced to more as the season goes along.

    The show just got better with each episode. The relationship between Beth and Mick develops at a very good pace and isn't drug out with the angst and drama that most couples have on screen. Sure, there is some angst(as all tv shows have to have) but it is a very realistic portrayal and not to the point that most shows have where even the fans get sick of it.

    The storylines were endless with this show. There is so much untapped potential that was just starting to take shape when CBS canceled it. Storylines like the list of vampires finding its way into Beth's new boss hands and the fate of Mick's vampire wife Coraline. If the show had continued we probably wouldve seen more of the vampire mythology uncovered, another storyline that was just being unwrapped before the show was canceled.

    If there is ever a show that is screaming for a revival, with all its untapped potential, Moonlight is it. The show has only been gone for about a year now and I hope at some point in the near future someone is interested in bringing this great, fully untold story back to life. It would be a shame otherwise.
  • If there's a network that wants money, a 2nd season+ of Moonlight must HAPPEN. The 1st season obviously had sub par advertising, because i never heard of the show. It's quite simple: tell E news the actors are super hot!!

    How could this show be cancelled? I only just discovered Moonlight by accident three days ago on Scifi and have since watched every episode. Now, i am to discover that the story has ended! With the noted success of the Twilight Stephenie Meyer book series and its first inspired film, I don't understand how a network could still underestimate the dedication of adventure/romance/vampire fans. Moonlight has a lot of plot yet to unfold, and it would be very smart from a business stand point to bring the show back with an amazing second season at least. Sophia Miles (awesome in Tristan and Isolde, Underworld, Dr. Who), Shannyn Sossamon (amazing in A Knight's Tale, 40 Days and 40 Nights), Alex O'Laughlin (so cool), and Jason Dohring (so hot)must come back in Moonlight's second season!!!!!!!
    The writers and set designers rock!!
  • Just please bring this show is a great show!!

    Absoolutely love this show!!! Please bring this show back!! I have watched this show from the beginning and now all I get is reruns on SciFi! Don't get me wrong I love the reruns but I would love new shows, too! I can't believe that this show is over. This is one show that I have been expecting to return and it's not. Just can't believe that CBS has put a stop to this show especially with all the other vampire shows that are on and getting good reviews. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this show back! I think that your have made a big mistake!!
  • A wonderful modern day vampire romance story, it keeps you wanting more, it always seemed like one hour was not enough!

    We loved this show an we all were very disappointed when they took it off the air. I wish they would bring it back, with all the original characters of course! Our entire family which has over 11 households watched it. We would always end up calling each other and discussing each episode after wards. Sometimes we wold have folks over watching it. We actually got a few of our friends hooked on watching it also. It was like a modern day vampire romance, Not too much sex, violence or rough language for this old lady. My mother in law who does not like a lot of things really liked it! Bring it back please!!!
  • Incredible, never should have ended awesome vampire show.

    MOONLIGHT!!! What can I say that probably hasn't already been said? Um? BRING IT BACK!!! I am so desperate to have this show back on the air. This is the best show, the show I longed for most each week. I can't begin to describe the disappointment I feel over this show's end. It's not just Mick & Beth that make this show either. The storylines were so in depth and clever and unpredictable. Oh and did I mention Joseph? Love, love, love him; he is so great. I love the P.I. and criminal aspect of the show too. This show just has something for everyone. My husband and I have very little in common, but we both LOVED this show. Please, please, please bring it back.
  • Just discovered Moonlight on Sci Fi. Rented the series and watched 6 times. I have felt you left a nation hanging like all people in high status. Now that I know of it, I want more. If you won't bring back (shame on you) at least gives us a finale.

    I would think watching it 6 times and going out to buy the series, could let you know how much I am a fan for life. With the excitement of Twlight, Moonlight would be a great hit given a second season. I don't think people knew enough about it, when you showed it. Because of Twlight, another TV station is going to go with something like it and CBS is going to be the loser. All the actors are so believing in their parts it would be a shame for Moonlight to not go on. Twlight is greared more for the teen years, while moonlight is adults in love. What would it take to bring it back?
  • This was a hot, hot, hot show!! From the very first episode I was hooked...always wanting Mick and Beth to be able to love each other like you knew that they did; that forbidden love story. Josef, Mick's mentor, was amazing.

    This was a hot, hot, hot show!! From the very first episode I was hooked...always wanting Mick and Beth to be able to love each other like you knew that they did; that forbidden love story. Josef, Mick's mentor, was amazing.

    I agree that many people miss seeing the first season of many shows and TV execs should have given season 2 a chance before cancelling it. Our loss for sure, Mick was one fine vampire!! : ) The writing was very well done, too. I thought the story line was very interesting and I was anxiously awaiting to see where the characters would go next.

    My choice...bring back Moonlight and get rid of some of these sappy, pathetic, predictable, and over-done reality shows!
  • CBS should bring back Moonlight, Mick is Great.

    I know that I am late writing but I really hope that they bring Moonlight back, Mick was great, the show was great. They always cancel a show when I really like it. I don't think they know what they are doing. And I agree with everyone else I hope another channel picks up this show and give it the chance that it really should have gotten the first time. CBS is loosing out by cancelling all the good shows all the time. Soon CBS will have all Reality shows and some of them suck, I like some reality shows but they are producing to many of them. I would prefer to see more Series Shows instead.
  • Watched it last week, great show. I would put this one on the same level as Dexter & House. And like both of these shows, many don't know about existence of these shows until season 2, so it was really dumb to cancel it before people even know about it.

    Very good & emotional acting. Best vampire show I ever seen. Also, good stories, keep you on the age, great interior design, etc. . . It is sad that show was canceled. . . I would put this one on the same level as Dexter & House. And like both of these shows, many don't know about existence of these shows until season 2, so it was really dumb to cancel it before people even know about it. But I will buy this show on Blu ray, when it will come out.

    Great lost potential. Very sad that it canceled. . .
  • Its been a while since I actually had one of those, "I think I love this character, even more so because he's a blood sucking vampire. Not since Duchovny/Anderson was this done so well...

    Terrific Show, great vibe and authentic sense of attraction between the two leads. Great plot lines, very sexy theme underlying just about everything. Alas, you're going to have to get in your episodes quickly... Argh! I am cursed to fall for sci fi shows that are inevitably canceled. BRING IT BACK! Seriously. This show is a gem, and Vampires are HOT! Talk about your bad timing! Can't Sci-Fi pick this one up? C'mon! Its been a while since I actually had one of those, "I think I love this character, even more so because he's a blood sucking vampire. Not since Duchovny/Anderson was this done so well... Now gimme back my show!
  • i love this show

    I loved this show but I don't understand why they had to cancel it in the first place. I watched this show every friday and I loved it the first time I watched I didn't get it but the thrid eposode I got it. I wish that they bring it back cause it is a really good show and I loved it. So please writers bring it back. I love this show and I am sad that it went off air. When I saw it was off I had to find spmething else to watch but there was nothing on!
  • Moonlight is a show about a Vampire who uses his abilities to help people as a private investigator. But all he really wants is to become human again and find true love with Beth.

    Apparently CBS has no brains for cancelling the fabulous Moonlight and replacing it with the lame show about some woman who finds out one of her exes is the "one" and now has to figure out which one Bad acting on the little bit that I saw. The star wasn't even popular enought to stay on Grey's Anatomy. Moonlight had great stories and Alex Olaughlin is HOT HOT HOT! Somebody get smart and pick up the series and start making new episodes. I, for one need to see more of Alex and Beth (especilly with no shirt on Alex!) Please, someone listen to the people who gave this show a People's Choice Award!!!!!!!!!
  • It´s about Mick the vampire and Beth the human. And about others people and stuff.....

    Mick St. John is an immortal vampire and private investigator. He was turn into a vampire 60 years ago by his then wife Coraline. As of 2007 he lives and works in Los Angeles as a private investigator. He gets to know Beth Turner, who is a news reporter, at a crime scene. She does not know that he is a vampire but she soon finds out. They end up working on the same cases and they become friends and soon they fall in love. I love this show, I just don´t understand why they cancelled it. This show has everything a good show should have: great dialogue, great characters, great actors and great storylines. I will miss this show very much.
  • No Buffy or Angel but its worth a shot if your into this kinda stuff.

    I liked this show but thought a lot of the stories could drag on. That was until the last few episodes where it started to get real interesting, what with the cure for vapirism and what not. Though it did seem a bit cliched it was cool and the actors did a brilliant job. I believe this show was making its way to something big but never got a proper chance and most likely never will now, if you like vampire shows then this is likely something to keep you interested for a while. The only true fault was there was not enough screen time for Josef (Jason Dohring), as he was what really made the show.
  • Excellent stories, good characters, and a good pace. Program was improving all the time. An interesting twist on Vampire Lore.

    Based on the drivel the major networks rolled out in the 08-09 season this drama certainly could have found a place somewhere in prime time.

    I recently re-watched all of the episodes on DVD when it came out. You really get a feel for what the producers/writers were working toward and how they were moving the overall story forward. At times thought provoking and great escapist TV. It must have cost too much to produce or someone important didn't like the creator?

    A real shame overall. Now that CBS has locked up Alex O'Loughlin to a contract you have to figure this series is finally and completely buried.
  • Moonlight is a great show could of been the answer to a new generation of vampire shows like Buffy and Angel but was never given a chance.

    Moonlight is a great show could of been the answer to a new generation of vampire shows like Buffy and Angel but was never given a chance. I'm a sucker for vampires, and 'Moonlight' really had me by just the first episode.This show was entertaining and had its own spin on the Vampire mythology that I actually liked better than the same old mythology of other shows The attraction between Mick and Beth was magical! The last episode brings up a unfinished story. Who sent the list with the names? Moonlight had a great cast to make it be a great so bring it back.
  • I was really sad when it ended!

    While 'Moonlight' wasn't the best show out there, I really did love it. I'm a sucker for vampires, and 'Moonlight' really had me by just the first episode. It could be a bit cheesey at times, but there are WAY cheesier shows out there! When I found out the all it would get was one season, I was very sad. I will admit that I cried when the last episode was over. I just didn't want to let it go! I can't even put my finger on why I loved it so much. Maybe it was Josef. ;) Yes, I think Josef had a big part in me not wanting to let the show go. Don't ask me why I loved him, I just did!

    Every week I faithfully turned on my TV to watch the latest episode, and I loved every minute.

    Overall, I was sad to see it go, and I'd be really happy to see it come back. Though I doubt that'll ever happen.
  • Mick St John is hot...

    Mick St John is the new "Edward" for women over 18! Mick has way more charisma and is a character you can easily drool over. Watching him and Beth you actually want them together

    Whoever canceled this show must not of had any idea of how popular Twilight would be... If this show had come out in 2008 with the whole "vampire craze" no way would it have tanked in the ratings. I'm totally addicted to it, like a vampire is to blood!
    Mick is way hotter than Edward is. I just can't get enough of him. I hope this show gets resurrected, it deserves a second chance!!!
  • Moonlight also loved in The Netherlands! We want a next season!

    Yesterday I watched the last episode of Moonlight on tv in The Netherlands. I loved it! And I was really disappointed when I read on the internet that there probably isn't coming a season 2! For the last weeks I really looked forward to the Sunday evenings; the evening that Moonlight was on tv here. The attraction between Mick and Beth was magical! The last episode brings up un unfinished story. Who sent the list with the names? There are not many tv-shows that I love, but this one I really do! We want to see more! Please bring Moonlight back!
  • Show wasn't given a chance really

    This show was entertaining and had its own spin on the Vampire mythology that I actually liked better than the same old mythology of other shows. CBS dropped the ball here. Friday Nights at 9PM is basically a death warrant for a show because, well it is Friday night and people got better things to do than watch TV at that time. Sundays are of course better, but HBO and CBS's Showtime usually have shows at that time slot that have huge adult followings. Alex (Mick St. James on the show) had signed a six year contract with CBS for Moonlight, so I guess it is possible (however unlikely) if enough fans watch the re-runs on SCI-FI, that perhaps it will get picked up again. Not sure if any of the other characters have a similar signed contract with CBS as well.
  • The best show in seasons of every networks trials. This show had it all, spunk, romance, action, and always left me wanting more.

    I am wondering why no one has bothered to bring back Moonlight yet. This was the best show that's been out in forever. So come on peeps, what is the hold up. Something is wrong when a show with a 8.8 rating and the peoples choice award is taken down. SERIOUSLY Come on now. Get busy SOMEBODY and bring this show back. I'll switch To Whatever airs it.This was one of the most creative shows I've ever seen, and I have serious doubts about the person who made the dicision to remove this show from the Friday lineup. And replace it with "The EX List" Really? Not trying to offend anyone, but that was NOT a very smart decision. I mean after all, aren't you here to please the people? Well that didn't do it I'm sorry to say. BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK
  • A Vampire story about a good vamp.....

    Really with all of the "reality" television that's taken over there is so little worth watching, and it's been this way for years! Moonlight, was an absolute gem, a good story, and clean for the entire family- this was one show that we did gather for, and with teenagers it's not easy to get the entire family in the same room sharing the same T.V. set. Who the heck are the idiots that decided to cancel this show? I can imagine what they did think was worthy....yet another game show, as if we haven't had enough already, BRING BACK MOONLIGHT.
  • An 80 year old vampire fall's in love with the girl he was looking after since his X-wife kidnaps her.

    Please bring it back. I still don't understand why CBS decided to cancel this show. I have seen my share of movies and series and I must say this show was great. My finance even watched this show and he is also wants more moonlight and he doesn't even like TV that much nor he fallows that many of the series but this one is his favorite. There are shows running at the moment which you wander why they even started them but this show was different. With great plots and a very strong story line I would say that it beets all the shows running at the moment or even in a long time. Every body I know that seen even an episode of moon light has fallen in love with this show. Please please bring it back. Who ever that seen this show I think would agree with me that the last episode was not an end of the series episode but it was end of a season episode. So if you were not planning to really stop show why do so.
  • This was great show and cancelled well before it should have been.

    The show centres on Mick St John, and 80year old vampire currently working as a private investigator in LA and his budding relationship with a mortal Journalist.

    Admittedly the plotline sounds a lot like Angel but this is so much better. It has just enough flashbacks and back story to keep you interested without taking away from the here and now and allowing you to stay interested. The individal plotlines are really very interesting and often more allegorical that you initailly realise. It also has some great casting especially in the supporting roles and the script is great. All in all it is just a shame that this show wasn't allowed to continue and expand into the series we knew it could become.
  • I love the show.. Hope and pray for its return...With the same actors that we come to love...

    I've recently watched Moonlight on youtube and i loved it.... As I watch every episode I kept on wanting to watch more....I would agree to another person's comment that Moonlight is much better than the twilight movie... Maybe becuase it is more mature than twilight... I would also agree to what Alex O'Loughlin said in an interview: I would have liked to have seen Mick & Beth start exploring a relationship together and see where that goes. Also throw Coraline in to spice things up and put an obstacle in Mick & Beth's way for dramatic purposes. Coraline wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and there was a lot to explore there. I also would have to explore whether Mick's true nature as a vampire, as an immortal creature that lives on human blood would ever come to the surface and if Beth would mind being in more danger than if she was not with Mick. Furthermore, I would also like to explore on what will Talbot do to the list that he received to the last episode. Will he investigate or just keep it for future use. And what about Josef what will happen to his relationship with Simone or Sarah.. Will ge get his miracle?? I would love to see the next season of Moonlight if there will be any. I know I can't be in New York for the campaign to return the show because I live on the other side of the continent. But a simple reply will do... I do hope that this reply can be read by the producers, networks, directors and even the actors.. Sorry if I haven't replied sooner... From us here in the Philippines. more power for the show, actors, crew and to everybody who work hard to make it happen. I hope and pray that this will not be the end. Can't wait to watch it of Sci-Fi Channel.

    Shay Alcid of Philippines 23yrs old
  • I miss this show...

    I've also wondered why television executives take off shows that are original and creative, and leave totally useless shows on the air. Who needs another season of America's Got Talent or The Bachelor? Apparently America does, because the best show on television was taken off the air. But at least, the shows star will have a chance to get another series, which means the network actually notices talent, if not quality of a television series. I sincerely hope that the next series that stars Alex O'Loughlin is given a fair chance to show what it can do. I know his fans will be waiting.
  • Moonlight brought us vampires with a variety of modern twists that made them more interesting and less scary. Giving the main vampire characters morals was also a cool, and hot, twist. Blurring the line between mortal and immortal never looked so good.

    Moonlight was the only show that I watched, since getting TiVo, that I still sat down to watch precisely when it was on live. I didn't want to wait one minute longer. I am a major fan of procedurals, crime and courtroom dramas and not a particular fan of the supernatural genre much less an avid vampire fan. However, after years of CSIs and Law&Orders, Moonlight was a delightful change. And, it was not macabre or particularly gorey. It had good action, good humor, titillating romance, great actors/actresses, and was fascinating in putting modern spins on vampire "issues", such as the ability of digital cameras to capture the images of vampires whereas film could not. Moonlight was also a visual and auditory dream - great sets and great music. I think it easily could make a lot more money for CBS, Warner, Silver, and/or whoever would bring it back. I don't think that they should settle for leaving behind the money that it could pull in. It certainly could be a product-placement marvel. And as fans tire of their stalwart CSI shows, only 1-2 of which are interesting IMO, this could help the network keep a large at-home box office.
  • Please bring this show back!!!

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this show a 10!! It was awesome!! Alex was and still is the most sexiest vampire ever!!! Since Twilight,the movie just came out in November 2008, you should know that vampires are all the rave. CBS should bring Moonlight back and see how it does now. I'm sure other viewers would agree with that also. I know you would have more viewers especially since Twilight did so great. I also think that a DVD of Moonlight would be a great investment for CBS also. I know I would buy it,and I'm sure all the other viewers would too. So, please bring it back. Thank you. :)
  • We get over load of CSI's don't get me wrong till they started taking the characters out of the program that made it work.I loved watching Moonlight and now I don't bother to get interested in CBS shows because I have no interest in self inflicted pain.

    The networks should pay attention to the baby boomers since we are the majority now. Why is it that we the public don't seem to matter when it comes to what we want to watch. This show had romance, loyalty, kindness, and was one of the best shows to come on CBS for a long time. When I first saw it I thought this would last forever. It just doesn't happen on CBS. We get over loads of Law and Order and CSI's which I like but there is room for other different good shows. We all need a change of scenery once in a while. But then again we don't matter to the fools of this network.
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