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  • Moonlight is about a vampire who is a private detective. He meets (Or re-meets) a young human journalist named Beth, and of course; falls in love with her. The cast and writers are just superb, and it defiantly deserves a second season.

    Moonlight has been a big impact on my life for the past year. At first I liked the show, it was good. It had a terrific cast, and it had an interesting spin on vampires. As the year continued though, moonlight was more than just a good show, it became an obsession of mine. I was so mad when it got cancelled! I was so sure it was going to get its second season. The plot line of the show was very intense, and the writers never disappointed me. I think that if CBS just let moonlight grow some more, it could have become huge.
  • This was a great show with an engaging cast and a wonderful story that deserved more time to expand. The chemistry between Mick and Beth was the best seen in television and the same goes for each supporting character. The glory of

    This was a great show with an engaging cast and a wonderful story that deserved more time to expand. The chemistry between Mick and Beth was the best seen in television and the same goes for each supporting character. The glory of Moonlight was it's ability to rise above ignorant comparisons to Angel, Forever Knight, and a host of other vampire shows. Most of which came before people even saw the pilot. Nice mythology quirks such as vampires being able to mask humanity thanks to a wonder drug and being everything in human society. From lowly paparazzi to the hall of wealth and high society. Moonlight had it all but sadly in this day and age unless you pull tens of millions in ratings your not long for network tv. I urge anyone to get the dvd's when this show comes out to see the greatness of what could've been.
  • The show with a glimpse of immortallity with the need to be human. The show for everyone who loves being mushy and strong for their loved ones.

    This show makes me feel like I'm falling in love all over again. I love the way how they deliver their lines, the way each character portray their role. The best part of this show is the fight scenes, gosh they are really amazing. Beth and Mick really fit each other. I like the way they profess their love for one another. Their mushy lines for one another makes my heart skips a heartbeat. They give lines which overwhelm my poor heart. Salute to the writers of this show. Great job, guys. Deep inside every heart is a dream to be immortal. I have my share of it.

    Moonlight: a nice show for everyone.
  • Moonlight consists of action, suspense and stunning special effects , the characters their on-screen relationships make this show a must-have for any network. The chemistry between lead actors Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles is explosive and deep.

    I never thought i would love a show so much that I would sign a petition, write a letter and other stuff just to get someone's attention to see how good this show is and how addictive .The writing is superb! Every episode is rich with witty dialogue, suspense, drama and romance, with layers of emotion and back-story. For this year the show got People's Choice Award for new drama,it has more than 8 million viewers dedicated and passionate fans to follow there show to whatever network decide to give our show second season. Moonlight has it's fans all over the word and group ages from 17-55 or up.It would be rewarding decision to give our favorite show season two .

    This is one of my favorite shows of all times. It is so addicting. I could whatch it whole day every day fro rest of my live if posible, but saddly live does not work that way. I mean, if we the fans were able to watch this show anythime we wannted anywere, it would proballby make us so much happier, I know it wold make me feal better, but unfortinatlly live does not work that way. I mean. beatween shcool, work and homework some of us berrally even have time to sleep. Ou waight, I just realized that if I wached Moonlight whole night I whould not need to sleep at all.
  • Fun and entertaining show.

    Moonlight is a creative and unique show, which has captivated the imaginations of grandmothers and teens alike - a rare wonderful gift in today's sad desert of entertainment options. It is a sad commentary by the CBS network regarding their view of us an audience/consumer base when its programming schedule states in not so many words that they believe we would prefer to watch, or allow our children to watch, shows like Swingtown or the Ex-list. These shows at best are mind-numbingly similar to a thousand other shows already out there and at worst are a horrific statement about what they think of as healthy romantic relationships.

    Moonlight however delves into such issues as love, friendship, loyalty, a higher moral code or helping others, fidelity (true that only in an immortal relationship could a couple stay together for 150 years but the statement still stands!) and self sacrifice for the welfare of others... all the while remaining intelligent, funny and highly entertaining.

    CBS has truly missed a gem in this show and I am hopeful another network will not be so shortsighted and will take in the many, many fans who are eager to continue this wild thrill ride!
  • Best show on television!

    I just found out Moonlight was canceled and I am totally shocked.Moonlight is the best show out there.I look forward to Friday nights to be able to watch a show that is so well written,awesome actors,and is completely SEXY!The chemistry between Mick and Beth was explosive.I still want to see what will happen to there characters.There is still so much more story left.The vampire show Bloodties was no were near as good as Moonlight and it got a second season.Give a good show a chance!!!CBS you guys made a big mistake!Hopefully another network will realize your mistake and reap the rewards.
  • Great show with characters you can relate to.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It had everything, including a great mix of the supernatural, drama and romance. The characters were excellent and the actors did a wonderful job of making them real. All of the cast had chemistry that worked. You could relate to what was going on and lose yourself in the story. I was very disappointed when CBS decided to cancel it. I feel that with the writer's strike disrupting the schedule, and under the circumstances, it was unfair of CBS to cancel this first year show. It should have been given a second season to prove itself.
  • A show on Vampires, love, hate, friendship, life and death what could anyone ask for?

    Moonlight is amazing, besides House it has been the only show I would find on youtube just to watch episodes I missed. I have already signed up to buy a copy of the seasons DVD when it's for sale.

    I am mad at the fact that CBS is blaming the show for poor ratings instead of realizing the writers strike did nothing to gain viewers and that there was no advertising for the show. I caught the season finale and was hooked. If given another season CBS would see how great Moonlight can be. The fans should have a voice and a choice on what programs they want to watch.
  • Well acted, versitaile and surprisingly well performing series spanning many genres, it is allmost garantueued to leave you warm and mexmerized. Vampire drama at its best, standing on its two own feet apart from its predecesors.

    This show, vampires aside, features good acting, a nice and classy wardrobe, witty dialouge and intriguing characters. The main figures of the plot, Mick and Beth evolve through a lovestory amazingly well acted and beautifully protraid. Meanwhile, the good and well written storyline dances a evolving tango back and forth through horror, thrilling criminal investegations, romance and sorrow, vampire goodness, action fighting and vintage flashbacks - fairing equally well in all categories. The scenes and the settings is shown in a very sassy, cool and fresh format without being cold or too techy. Vintage clips and settings is mixed with modern "high end" environmentgs in a very natural fashion, I mean vampires do tend to get to live quite long lives and it gives the timeline jumps a perfect setting. Balance is achieved across the board, with violence and drama, blood and romance - this show lacks nothing except perhaps a good network to air it. It is a new fresh and bloody take on the vampire setting, and it firmly stands on its own two feet aprart from it's predecessors.

    Finally, the actors fits no less than perfect, Mick and Beth is played stunningly well, their acting glows through my heart! Also, the rest of the cast is so well performing, I dare to say this is one of the top 5 ever series with regard to highest average actingskills on set.

    Its a mezmerising and well tasting drink all the way.
  • Vote for moonlight on these web sites!!!!! One you can Vote for people choice award!!!! Pass it along!!!!!!

    Moonlight Fans ! keep fighting! Love this show!

    Good Day or Night Moonlight fans!
    There are Four places you can vote for Moonlight!

    One is but I think every body knows that one!!!! :)

    The other two are at E!

    If you got time please just klick and VOTE here too;

    The second one on the subject vote for Moonlight on E is loosing to Blood Ties!!! Last place to vote is people's choice awards for next season or year!

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  • Uh...I love moonlight and I want it to stay on the air and I want season one DVD! :)

    I love this show! I am praying and hoping and doing anything else that I can to mentaly wish this show will stay on the air! I've watched Moonlight since the pilot and have just fallen more in love with it as it went on my favorite episode would have to be 12:04 the bad guy was ultra creepy and the music was fantastic! Just hoping that someone will get a clue and pick up this GREAT show I hate when great shows get canceled just because the networks don't understand them or know what to do with them. It's like they have to be HUGE hits right away or shut-down...and we who like these shows know it takes time to build up and get a great story going. I mean it's easy to make a crapy sitcom and have it sucessful a few laugh tracks and some ultra cheesy lines...done! Good Drama especially drama involving "supernatural" elements is not as easy to get off the ground and I thought this show had done a fab. job...I live for Fridays! Dear God if anything please just get season one to DVD soon so I can have my fix!!!!
  • A vampire makes a career as a detective.

    It's too bad that we won't get another season of "Moonlight." The series has fun with the concept of vampires. You have some, like Mick St John, who are decent souls, and others who are absolute monsters. (Not unlike the people around us.) The creators behind the scenes, as well as the actors, were very good at establishing an air of dark, sexy menace, intermixed with scenes of action. One of the central storylines is the attraction Mick and Beth feel for each other from the very first episode, and it is handled extremely well because we want to see these two get together in spite of the various situations that are forcing them apart. This is a great show, there is so much more to explore here, and it deserves more seasons.
  • Moonlight is my personal favorite. It has SO many stories left to reveal, and millions of Moonlight fans are insisting that these stories be told!

    This show is VERY addicting. It pulled me in from episode 1, but each episode showed the evolution of the characters, expanding the great stoylines and fascinating scenarios in which the characters were able to develop. One doesn't even need to be a sci-fi or fantasy fan to get into the show; the chemistry between Moonlight's leads is so very engaging, and the romance intriguing. Two of the main characters, Beth and Mick, are played by imports Sophia Myles and Alex O'loughlin, who have been a wonderful surprise. Both have talent and charisma in spades, and have made us fall in love with their characters and how they've brought these characters to life for us. Jason Doering adds immeasurably to the mix, and his Josef is always a fascinating individual in the story. Viewers have also become very fond of the "secondary" characters, who have been allowed to develop in their own right, and add an incredible amount to the show. There is always something surprising and unexpected in the unfolding stories, and what we learn about the characters as individuals. The plots always have intensity, yet retain an underlying gothic, poignant undertone, which is something I love about well-done vampire stories.
  • Mick St John has been a vampire for almost 90 years. As he still feels very close to humans, he becomes a Private Investigator. He ends up bonding with Beth, a little girl he saved 20 years ago...

    I was not expected too much about Moonlight, but we decided to give it a try. Vampires... why not !

    Actually, it turned out to be an excellent show ! The plop goes much deeper than I usually expected, and the characters are complex enough to keep you hooked.

    As a Vampire: the masquerade player back in my teens, well, it's quite coherent, for most aspects. Their vampire might be a bit too insensitive when it comes to sun but well, it is not that big a deal, and at least you can see some sunlight ;)

    Definitely worth watching, I'm pretty impatient to see what the next seasons will bring us.
  • The story line was awesome! The characters were great! The cast did an outstanding job, as did the writers and the crew. I absolutely loved the show!

    Bring Moonlight back to CBS and Friday night! It definitely deserved a second season!!!!!!!! It was the best show on Friday night. I loved the cast, the characters and the story line. It has so many possiblities!! The final episode was awesome!!!!!!!!! I hope CBS will reconsider their decision to cancel Moonlight. It was a bad decision. The fans (viewers) are what is important! We are customers and "The customer is always right!" I am so tired of reality TV. Finally, they put a great show on TV and then cancel it? This isn't logical to me. Great sci-fi, drama, romance and wit! We need Mick, Beth, Josef and Talbot back.
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Moonlight is about a vampire detective (Mick) who falls in love with a human woman (Beth), who turns out to be the same woman he saved as a child years ago from his vampire wife (Corraline). They try not to fall in love, but can't h

    Moonlight is a great show. I can't believe CBS cancelled
    it! As the show went on, the actors and writers had started
    to gell. The last 4 episodes were absolutely the best I have seen this season on any network. It has it all-action, mystery, romance, a little horror, wit, and a little comedy thrown in. Given time to grow, this show
    could have been as great as Angel, maybe even better.
    Alex O'Loughlin (as Mick) and Sophia Myles (Beth) have sizzling chemistry. And all the supporting cast, including Jason Doring as Josef, Mick's vampire best friend, were excellent as well. Josef is where the comedy
    comes in-he's snarky but witty and funny at the same time.
    Some network needs to pick up this show NOW!
  • CBS Unfair to "Moonlight" and its fans. No shows should have been cancelled after this past season. The writers' strike made things bad all over, for old and new shows alike. Moonlight deserves another season to gain its audience!

    Although 8 million fans is scoffed at these days by CBS, Moonlight consistently delivered enthralling episodes week after week, hooking millions of fans worldwide, in this stunted season of the writers' strike. While Moonlight is my favorite show of the past season, it seems unfair that the networks would lower the ax on any new show that failed to perform, in light of the circumstances. The campaign to bring Moonlight back on the air, on a different network, not only shows the producers of the show just how much it was loved, but it is also a way to show the networks that the viewers have had it with their antiquated ratings system and refusal to acknowledge the millions of techo-savvy viewers of online episodes, DVR and TiVo users who actually make up the REAL viewing public!

    Does CBS really think we want to see more CSI spinoffs? Puhleeeze! Enough is enough!

    Mad for Moonlight in Oregon.
  • I love all the suspense, the drama, the forbidden love. It's got every thing: romance, police/detective, action/violence, drama, mystery. What more could you want in a television show?

    I love this show!!! I got so addicted and now it's cancelled?!?!? Not fair and not reasonable. I ache knowing this show was wrongly cancelled. Why cancel an amazing show with amazing ratings? The only reason to get rid of a show is if it has become a liability to the network. This show has an amazing amount of viewers! We all love it, so why would you get it taken off the air, it makes no sense!!! I need to know why someone would do something as stupid as that. Seriously. All I'm saying is that it would probably be the smarter thing to do if it was brought back.
  • moon light is the best show on tv

    I have never watched such a good tv series like moonlight.When moolight first started i thought not another vampire programme but i was wrong it isnt. Each episode is different and each episode keeps me and my husband on the edge of our seats. Why have they canceled it? Its the only show worth watching at the moment why safe shows that shouldnt be shown i.e some mothers have them as the the only reason it eas saved was because of Britney Spears. I hope they change their minds maybe another network can take over. I really hope someone does a second series
  • moonlight not just another vampy detective show or is it?

    What can i tell you about moonlight? well its a show about a vampire who is also a detective and works with a reporter. What makes the show interesting apart from the hot cast is the storylines. At first the show was very similar to other vamp shows angel/bloodties but the formula does work. We do have a high interest in the occult and in particularly handsome vamps who may be interested in the human girls. i love this type of show and there has to be a lot more people like me or else they would not keep making them it is entertaining and fun to watch i look forward to tuesday nights and i found out my mum even likes it and she is in her 60's i wonder if she finds mick st john hot as well hmmmmm.
  • I did enjoy this show, but I got to say, after two episodes, the likeness with another tv-show started to occur to me..

    A 'sexy and brooding' vampire (with a very cool car) runs a detective operation in Los Angeles. Because he wants to help people. He doesn't want to drink directly from people, because it makes him feel guilty. Them he falls in love with a blond mortal girl. Ok, she's not a slayer, but she does look VERY much like Kate, the cop in Angel (I presume by this time you knew I was talking about Angel). At first she doesn't believe in the 'occult', but because of several of her cases/sories she can't denie the proof anymore, and when she finds out the dark and handsome detective is a vampire, she is shocked at first, but gets over it, and helps him.

    Come on, this circumstances of 'Moonlight' and 'Angel' are completely ALIKE! Why didn't they resume Angel again, if they wanted to make the same series? (but without humour)
    I'm not saying it isn't good, I especially enjoyed the prefomance of Shannyn Sossamon (Coraline). Her acting is amazing, but as Coraline and Morgan. And she's very beautiful.

    I have to say, I'm not very sorry she series won't continue. Eventhough the first season was quite amusing, they would probably continue with Mick and Beth's storyline, and I personally think they have no chemistry as characters.
  • I was heartbroken to get confirmation of Moonlight's cancelation.

    I was heartbroken when CBS canceled this spectacular show. Moonlight won awards, consistently won its time slot, and has a huge, very loyal fan base. They say that the ratings went down after the writer's strike; however, all serialized shows lost some viewers after the strike. The network should give Moonlight another shot.
    I Tivoed the last episode and I can't bring myself to watch it because I'm not ready to say goodbye to Mick, Beth, and Josef. Hopefully CBS will change its mind. Or maybe another network will pick it up. I do know that a lot of people have been calling USA and Sci-Fi.

    I love this show. I always liked Angel but let's face it Mick St. John is the vamp worth watching. It is a shame that CBS is not renewing the show. There are so many things that this show could do. They left things open for expansion by having a list sent to the D.A. also what about vamp/human love can it work? There have been other shows that have dealt with this but none of them have ever let it be anything but a heartbreak. Look at Angel and Buffy or Angel and Cordilla or Buffy and Spike, maybe this romance could turn out differently. The show is certainly on a different level than Buffy or Angel. I just really hate that Moonlight has been cancelled, it was one of the few shows on that I enjoyed watching.
  • This show is absolutely wonderful, I can actually sit and watch it with my granddaughters who are teenagers. AND WHO is doing the ratings anyway??? I'm not anywhere between 18-49 nor are my granddaughter teenagers!!! And the

    WHERE are the powers that be where all of us are concerned??????? Bring back MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't anyone care about 8.5 million viewers????

    I bet they didn't think Europeons watched our MOONLIGHT!!!!!!! Well they do as well as Canada, the Phillipines, and all across the USA. I'm from Central Florida and I couldn't believe that we can't even see reruns until our show gets a home for this up coming season!! Shame on you CBS!!!!!!!!!! You don't know what you are throwing away with all 8.5 million backers!!!!!!

    Better start ohter age brackets as well!!!!! I'M 59!!!

    Bring back MOONLIGHT!!!!!!! We love MOONLIGHT!!
  • Best Drama and best Friday night show!

    Its great, the cast, the star-Alex, its addictive and it will be missed. The One reason to watch TV on Friday nights. A love story, romantic, funny, fast paced, sexy, and smart dialog like "killing 2 bats w/one stone"
    Did I say Sexy-talk about Mr. Dreamy-Alex way dreamier than the "doctor" on TV. I wish HBO would pick up and add to their line up-can you imagine w/the writers, producers, and production how really great and how far it could go-the cast is perfect-Jason, Sophia, even the smaller supporting cast really started to grow on you! Had the potential to be a real ensemble.
  • Vampires and humans in the same world!

    I only write reviews when I think it's necessary to, and I think this is necessary because CBS has decided to cancel Moonlight, which I don't really understand. I love Moonlight because of the drama and suspense in each episode. I remember it won the People's Choice award for best new show or something like that, and it also got high ratings in its time slot. Also when the writer's strike was over and some shows got axed, Moonlight was given another chance. I usually don't watch vampire shows, I never watched Angel or Buffy, but when I saw the previews for this show I knew I had to watch. Things I love in this show:

    -Beth and Mick's Chemistry
    -Josef's humor he brings into each scene he is in
    -The fact that Mick had connections like the guy (Guillermo) in the hospital giving him blood, and the tech guy (Logan) who never left his basement
    -The fact that each episode brought someone in who was a vampire or that somebody had to be saved.
    -Brilliant writing for each episode.

    I really wish that this could be brought back for a second season, it so desperately needs it and the fans want to see another season!
  • Moonlight the best show that was on TV! All the Fans want it back!

    What can I say about Moonlight that hasn't been already said and more than likely better than I could. This is my favorite show of my 35 years! I have had many shows over the years I have liked and lost, but just didn't hit a cord in me that made me want to fight for it like Moonlight does.
    It has everything that interests me in TV- not reality, love the paranormal aspect, Amazing love story, action, adventure, emotional struggle. Its like a great paranormal romance story, ( which I read tons of who doesn't like a good vampire?). There just isn't any other show before or since that could compare to Moonlight in my book. Oh and did I mention that the cast is amazing to look at and extreamely Tallented. Another great aspect of this show is an old fashion concept it isn't all about sex. It stands on emotional commitment, friendships, and love. This show just makes me Feel, draws me in, taps into my emotions- along with many family members of all ages. As well as tons of adoring fans that would do anything to bring back our Moonlight that means so much to so many!
  • Show about vampires and humans, what more could you ask for :P

    Moonlight is a fresh hot show that is really good. Its got love, romance, humor, action, mystery, and blood. Mick St. John is the main guy character in the show who's a detective that has been living on Earth for a while now. Then there's Beth Turner she works at a place known as Buzz Wire. They both have a thing for each other, which is fun to see when awkward subjects about vamps and humans pop up. They both also work together to solve mysteries and crimes committed in the place where they live. This is a show that I would definitely recommend to anyone really, it's just a great show that people should watch. I'm sad to say thought that season one has just ended, but when it comes back I know fans including me with welcome it back with joy. Overall Moonlight is a great show that the whole family can watch or not depending on the type of family you have. : P
  • Moonlight needs season two!!!!

    Moonlight is the most phenomanal show I have ever seen in my entire life!!! CBS should ashmaed of themselves for not wanting a second season. There are many devoted Moonlight fans around the whole world and Moonlight needs a season two, three, four, five, and so on. I watched the episodes of the first season every friday without hesitation. I have every episode on my iPod and DVR and I try to get every chance I can to stop and watch the episodes on my iPod. I love all of the characters in Moonlight especially Mick played by Alex O' Loughlin. They are all great actors and they too know that this show deserves a second season. We need saeson two!!!!
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