Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 2008 on CBS
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A human is killed by a vampire in the heat of passion, causing Mick and Beth to face the ultimate consequences of a vampire-human relationship. The investigation of the murder puts Mick and Josef's secret identities in jeopardy, forcing them to join forces with the other vampires in Los Angeles to keep their secret safe.moreless

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  • Everything the series finale of "Forever Knight" should have been. But, wasn't.

    Mick and Beth have admitted they love each other. And, now, there is no going back. That's the good news. The bad news? Someone other than "freshies" (mortals who willingly donate blood to vamps) knows the truth about the Community. This episode was delightfully suspenseful, from start to finish. It literally had me guessing as to Dominic's real killer. But, an unfaithful she-vamp who liked to get rough? That completely floored me. Although, not as completely as the cop Emma tossed through that glass door! Personally, I have no sympathy for the way she was executed by her fellow vamps. She was an elitist tramp who almost betrayed their secrecy twice! Once, by resisting arrest. And, the second time, by blackmailing aid for her escape. Jackson Monahan (masterfully played by Jonathan LaPaglia, younger brother of Anthony "Without A Trace" LaPagalia) was a more loyal husband than she deserved. One wonders just how loyal Beth's new boss will be to her? That big black envelope delivered to ADA Talbot was omninous enough with the vampiric names it contained. But, whether or not he tells Beth about getting it is something he'll no doubt be mentally debating all summer. And, so will every true fan of this series: myself, included.moreless
  • The chemistry, ther are no words!!!! All us "Boomers" that I have read posts from are just dieing for the second, third, forth season so we can continue this love story as well as the drama and smiles that go along with it!moreless

    Since CBS cancelled our Moonlight I have purchased the shows from Amazon and have watched them all three times SO FAR!!!! Hope some of you got to go to one of the June 14th rallies, they sure seemed like we got the word out. TV stations, newspapers, that is just aswome. How could any network deny how much the fans want and need Moonlight??

    Just keep sending email, snail mails, and posts and votes and we will all get our Moonlight - Mick/Beth back on TV!!

    Hey Nielsen was down on the 15th because everyone was worn out from all those rallies, but is back up now!!!! has lots of pictures!!moreless
  • Please give us a second season!!

    With all the vampire series/movies going around, Moonlight is, for me, really a 'classic' vampire series - if you can call it that. Beautiful love story, clean, no foul language oroffensive/dirty sex scenes. I absolutely loved this series. Please bring it back. And alsowith the same cast: Mick/Beth & Josh. PLEASE!!!
  • Mick and Beth come to a conclusion about their relationship as they are forced to look at the realities of them being together. Very strong development of the principals of this show come out as well. This show now was hitting on all cylinders.moreless

    Very strong episodic television with a lot of emotion and quality throughout. Many subtle pieces to the Moonlight puzzle were exposed in this episode such as the "human donor" and how difficult a relationship can be with a vampire even with another vampire let alone a human. It would have been fun to see these played out over at least another ten episodes, but we are left with this one experience to fill the void. In a way the main storyline is secondary as the relationships between Josef and Lisa, Mick and Beth, Emma and Jackson, and the tenuous relationship of any human/vampire that might exist. There was a lot of passion and love put into this story and the acting was beautiful. Lisa's obvious feelings for Josef and the hope that she could eventually be with him forever. Beth's realization of what she was really dealing with long term and would she be able to handle the depth of the relationship. Mick's figuring out that his need to love Beth was one he could not contain no matter what. Finally the absolute true love of one person to another no matter their sins and the need and want to follow through to the end.

    The ideas brought forth are frightening and wonderful in a world where a lot is possible. I am sure everyone who saw this final episode had their own feelings on the outcome, but there is no doubt that this was a great piece of television and a show that will be missed for years to come.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Mick and Beth begin to have consequences with their vampire-human relationship. Also Mick and Josef's identities are revealed and they have to join forces with other vampire in L.A. to keep their secrets safe!It was filled with SUSPENSE!moreless

    Omg! i loved this episode soo much and i watch it again and again! When Beth told Mick she couldn't handle it anymore, and then Mick ran out and started CRYING, so did I!! It was soo emotional! But then they kissed and it was happliy ever after! i LOVE MOONLIGHT soo much and i was soo mad that this was the last episode because they should really make more! it is such a perfect show and im in love with it! I love moonlight and alex o' loughlin soo soo much that i need a daily dose of both of them everyday soo CBS bring it back!moreless
Eric Winter

Eric Winter

ADA Benjamin Talbot

Guest Star

Heather Stephens

Heather Stephens

Emma Monaghan

Guest Star

Jonathan LaPaglia

Jonathan LaPaglia

Jackson Monaghan

Guest Star

Jacob Vargas

Jacob Vargas


Recurring Role

David Blue

David Blue

Logan Griffith

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In this episode it is revealed that vampires can communicate with each other using frequencies below audible human levels.

    • Mick reveals to Beth that a "human donor," someone who lets a vampire drink their blood, is known as a "freshie" in the vampire community.

    • This is the first time that Guillermo is seen in street clothes - every other time he was seen he was wearing scrubs. This is also the first time Logan has been seen outside of his basement.

    • On Talbot's list of L.A. vampires, many of the names are repeated several times. Also, some of the repeated names are crossed off on only some of the pages they appear on.

    • Josef (Jason Dohring's character) gets an award for donating money to Hearst College. In Veronica Mars, Logan (also played by Jason Dohring) attended Hearst College.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mick: I wasn't feeding on Simone, okay? It wasn't a big deal.
      Beth: Then why do I feel like I walked in on you two making out?
      Mick: We were not making out. I only wanna make out with you.
      Beth: Yeah, but you don't wanna drink my blood.
      Mick: Whoa! You want me to drink your blood? Where is this coming from?
      Beth: No, I ... I don't ... It's just that when you were dying in the desert and you fed on me, you made it seem like it was a big deal and now you're saying it's not. So please forgive me for being a little confused.

    • Beth: Do you realize this is our fourth official date?
      Mick: Define official.
      Beth: Any outing that doesn't involve dead bodies.
      Mick: You are such a romantic, you know that?

    • Josef: Mick's not usually the jealous type.
      Beth: Speaking of jealous. (watching Mick and Simone talking)
      Josef: Don't worry, Mick isn't suicidal enough to hit on my date.
      Beth: Your date? Let me guess. She was born to Hungarian Aristocracy in 1758. Danced Swan Lake with the Bolshoi Ballet, before you turned her.
      Josef: Actually Simone was born in Recita. '80. And nobody turned her.
      Beth: Your girlfriend's human?
      Josef: She's not my girlfriend. She's one of my lawyers. Quite an up-and-comer. And a very willing source of refreshment.

    • Mick: (voice over) Josef Kostan celebrated as a civic-minded entrepreneur. Definitely worth putting the monkey suit on for. And of course, there are fringe benefits. (looks at Beth) Like spending the evening with Beth.

    • (Beth walks in and sees Mick drinking Simone's blood)
      Simone: We should go.
      Josef: But this is so awkward ... I love awkward.

    • Lisa: (about Dominic) We hooked up once or twice. I'm into jocks this semester.
      Mick: Oh. So how long you been in college?
      Lisa: Forty years or so. It's the perfect life for a vamp. Nobody notices when you sleep all day, and there's a constant rotation of frat boys too drunk to know when a hickey ... isn't a hickey.
      Mick: No one notices the puncture marks on the neck?
      Lisa: That's not the artery I go for.

    • Lisa: You must be Mick. How have we not met before?
      Mick: It's a cruel world.

    • Guillermo: Trouble with Beth?
      Mick: She thinks I fed on Josef's freshie.
      Guillermo: So? It's not like she's volunteering.
      Mick: I don't want her to volunteer.
      Guillermo: Why not?
      Mick: Well, 'cause I don't.
      Guillermo: I'm just sayin'. Vampire's got needs.
      Mick: Why do I even talk to you about this stuff? You've obviously blocked out all memories of what human women are like.
      Guillermo: Yeah, well, I need all available brainpower to figure out vampire women.

    • Mick: I know that this isn't easy for you to understand.
      Beth: Look, you've been saying for months now that things can't work between us, that we live in different worlds, and I didn't want to hear you but maybe you're right. You can't come back to my world and I'm not ready to join yours.
      Mick: Wait, you think that that's what this is about? You think I'm going to want to turn you?
      Beth: Wouldn't you? Eventually? What happens when I start to get old? Maybe then I'd want it too. I don't ever want to have to make that decision. Emma and Jackson made me realize that you were right. I don't think I can do this anymore. (Mick leaves)

    • Mick: You want to know what Emma and Jackson made me realize? That you were right. You were right all along. This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us. How we feel about one another. Right here, right now.
      Beth: The night that we first met, or met again, whatever. What was I wearing?
      Mick: Blue jeans, white striped shirt, cream jacket.
      Beth: What about my shoes?
      Mick: You were barefoot.
      Beth: How can you remember that?
      Mick: Because I love you. (They kiss and the door closes.)

    • Beth: This is great. I feel like I'm back at my high school prom!
      Josef: You know, prom wasn't really big back in the 1700's. High school, either. The plague. The plague was big.

    • Mick: (voice over) I've spent the past 55 years trying to close the door on forever, but I can't anymore. I can't close the door on Beth.

    • Mick: I just got hit in the face with the sacred ass paddle.
      Beth: (shrugs) Karma.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      UK: June 3rd, 2008 on LivingTV
      Denmark: June 28th, 2008 on TV3
      Germany: September 22nd, 2008 on ProSieben
      Thailand: October 15th, 2008 on True Series
      The Netherlands: January 25th, 2009 on Net 5
      Poland: April 24th, 2009 on TVP1
      Turkey: July 30th, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Finland: August 20th, 2010 on Sub

    • Featured Music:
      "Love Remains The Same" by Gavin Rossdale

    • Claudia Black (The Cleaner) previously played a vampire elder in the movie Queen of the Damned.


    • The episode title itself is an allusion to the infamous "Moonlight Sonata," a piece completed by Beethoven in 1801.

    • Ben Talbot's list of vampires includes many famous names, including Gaius Julius Caesar, Donatien Alphonse François de Sade (the word "sadism" was derived from his name), Gilles de Rais (a 15th century serial killer), Grigori Rasputin, Bridget Bishop (the first woman executed as a witch), Virginia Dare (a child born on Roanoke), Vladimir Tepes (Dracula) and Elizabeth Bathory (the Blood Countess). Strangely enough the list also includes Thomas More, a British saint, and Armand (Cardinal Richelieu, a French clergyman, noble, and statesman).

    • Logan shouts "Leeroy Jenkins" before stopping the police van. This is an allusion to an Internet phenomenon where a player from the online game World of Warcraft shouts the same thing before running into a battle and being killed.