Season 1 Episode 7

The Ringer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

There is a fire that draws Mick out of his lair. He lends a helping hand. At the fire, he sees Coraline, his sire. It turns out that it's a photographer called Morgan.

Mick has a flashback to when he first met Coraline. He was playing music in a band.

He goes to see Josef. He wants to find out more about Morgan. The next day, Morgan is working with Beth on a story. Beth notices an injury on Morgan's forearm. She says that someone broke into her place and stole her cameras. Morgan mentions that maybe Mick could help out. They go to see Mick.

In the past, Coraline asks Mick to play a song.

Mick looks spooked. They go to Morgan's place to investigate. Mick thinks that the robber was after her photos. She took a bunch of them during the fire. Beth had told them that the fire was caused by arson. They look through the photos and find that Morgan captured a murder. It's the spitting image of when Mick killed Coraline.

Mick talks to Beth about Morgan. He finds out that she is jealous of Mick's focus on Morgan. Mick wants to know more about Morgan's time in Chicago. Mick goes back to the fire to find out if there is a body.

Mick comes to Morgan's place to dust for prints. She plays his favorite song on her computer. He looks at the pictures again and finds that the deceased woman had a tattoo. It's the same tattoo that Coraline had on her back.

Mick remembers seeing it on her back the night they first met. The tattoo is a fleur de lis.

Beth confirms that Morgan is who she says she is. Mick goes to talk with Josef again. They process the prints and find that Hank Mottola is the thief. The guy is dead. He died three weeks ago. Mick thinks that he is being played by Coraline. He thinks that Hank is a vampire. He asks for Josef's help to look through Hank's place.

At Hank's place, they find Morgan's cameras. Josef wants to meet her now. The cameras were stolen by a dead guy.

They confront Morgan about the situation. Josef looks entranced. Josef says that Morgan is a perfect doppelganger for Coraline. Josef says that Morgan isn't a Coraline. Later Mick thinks that Coraline found a cure for vampirism. Mick is sounding like he is seeing conspiracy theories around him.

Morgan tells Mick that Beth has a thing for him. Morgan says that it's obvious. They are at the cemetery investigating Hank's remains. Mick finds his remains missing. Hank attacks him with a crowbar. Mick gets the upper hand and mauls him. Morgan interrupts them. She sees his vampire face and runs off. Mick attacks her and wants to see the tattoo. He finds that she is bleeding and doesn't have Coraline's tattoo.

Mick tells Beth about Coraline and Morgan.

While Mick doesn't know yet, we see that Morgan is actually Coraline. She was hiding her tattoo under some make-up.