Season 1 Episode 7

The Ringer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Holy Moly! Mick's wife isn't dead!

    How did Coraline survive the staking and fire? We don't know. She is back and being a poser trying to pass herself off as a photographer. Mick is positive that this woman is his wife but he can't smell her. She is human. How did she become human? He attacks her, looking for a tattoo he knows she has. It's not there. Until the end of the movie when she washes off the make up and you can see that tattoo. Check it: we all know it's his wife and he doesn't! Where is this strange story going from here?
  • Micks dead ex wife shows up

    < > < > great jelousy between beth and chole< > < > but i think beths way better * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * *

    i really hate the chole story line but what can i do all tv shows go though good and bad story lines
    but it was kinda good when she picked up on the chemistry between mick and beth
    ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    great show all in all
  • Mick becomes obsessed with a woman he meets at a crime scene, a woman with an striking resemblance to his dead ex-wife Coraline.

    This wasn't a great episode. Prior to this episode Moonlight has been a great and extremely enjoyable series. Last weeks episode was particularly excellent, but this following episode was not really up there with the standard last weeks episode set. I mean that is not to say that the episode was completely terrible, it just wasn't my favourite. For one: due to Mick's new found obsession with "Morgan" the episode lacked the quality Mick/Beth time that I so sincerely love. The case of the week wasn't as interesting as they have been in past episodes. So that was a little disappointing because it did not live up to the standard of excellence to which I've become accustomed. Thank goodness for Josef. If it wasn't for him then this episode would have very much have disappointed me. He really bought some light comedy to the episode, which might just have been a little bit redeeming for the episode as a whole.
  • Mick meets a woman who is the dead ringer to his dead ex-wife Corraline at the scene of a fire. After the woman's, Morgan, camera's are stolen, Mick teams up with her to recover them with a secret agenda to expose her as Corraline.

    A terriffic episode! We get to delve deeper into Mick's past and learn more about His and Corraline's relationship. The plot shows a darker side to Mick as he is ever so determined to expose Corraline, maybe a little to determined after he attacks her in his vampire form. We also learn how old Josef is, which gives us more of an idea of the life that he has lived and maybe why he is content with his vampirism.This episode i feel has put a strain on Mick and Beth's relationship through Mick's facination with 'Morgan'. The plot is sound and offers Mick reason to believe that Morgan is Corraline, but snatches it away, but still reveals Morgan to be Corraline to the viewers which should make an interesting next episode. Overall it contains vital information if you want to continue watching this show.
  • The ex is back in town!

    Things seem to be working nicely for Beth and Mick. That is until a fire destroys an old hotel that holds special meaning to Mick. Then he spots her, a dead ringer for his ex wife, the one he thought he killed. He spends the entire hour trying to convince himself that it's her - and everyone else - while in a complete state of shock. This woman looks identical to his wife.
    Coraline - or Morgan in this case - worked out better in flashbacks in the past. I was not too happy to see his ex wife come aboard the show in present day. I hold my breath with a sinking feeling now. It wasn't my favorite story line.
  • mick's life was slowly going to normal. found the girl of his dreams saves people from dieing what could go wrong? oh ya his wife Coraline comes back from the dead or the undead, where mick knew that he really killed her atleast he thought he did.

    wow finally an episode that can for sure have a whole season. where do i start, i loved the part where beth was talking to mick and he is giving all smiles at looking the way he looks at her but the actual best part was when he quickly spoted coraline. i just loved it how he didn't even try to hold his emotions back even infornt of beth. he showed how he believed that he thought that he killed her. even though i know that the show is suppose to be about a vampire falling in love it can't stay that way for ever cause it would get so annoying and boring. so something like this was very cool. and we finally got to see Josef act like a wild vampire not just some rich vampire who doesn't show just his fake human side i loved it when mick said that he needed an extra pare of eyes and teeth. and at that moment Josef hissed it was cool and sexy. i can't wait until next week because this was an awsome episode. and i also hope that they will explain how coraline was able to hid her self.
  • And the proverbial ex arrives.

    Okay, she's human, is there a cure to be had? Mick St. John is beside himself in worry, lust and wonderment. Beth who? He tears her clothes off of her trying to find a tat that she should have. Conveinently, she has covered it. What does that mean? That she is out to deceive. She is pure evil. She is Coraline the woman who turned Mick St. John without his consent. All the banter between Mick St. John and Beth Turner is out the window. The sly humor which has been slowly disappearing is completely gone. What is happening to this show?
  • we get a glimse of "Crazy Mick" when he gets obessive over a woman who looks and acts just like Coraline!

    Wow, past Mick was pretty crazy! It was so surprizing to me to see our ever calm ever cool and always collected Mick act so crazy in both the past and present! Well, as for the past , I guess he was young then ( But still, Throwing a window thru someone's glass door? Preeety crazy!) As for the present, (and less dorky) Mick, I guess the crazy never really fully left him. More than likely it must of just been pushed down and hiden away. Of course he also had like 80 + years to mature... Anyway thank god, Morgaline is just playing with Mick's mind, she really could have got him into a whole lot of trouble for what happened at the graveyard. All she had to do is say he assulted her and he would be in the slammer! That or run off, leaving LA, Beth and his PI work. (NOOO!)Watch out for her, Mick...this one is not done with you yet!
  • As if Mick and Beth don't have enough problems to overcome, let's throw in the exwife, the one that is supposed to be dead!

    Mick and Beth are sitting knee to knee and holding hands. Love at last? No! Throw in the exwife that Mick thought he killed to save baby Beth. Well, she's alive and human it seems. How can that be? Is there a cure to be had? The hateful, spiteful looks between Beth and Coraline (Morgan) tells viewers enough that Mick can never be happy and that Beth can never be happy either. I thought the show stunk. I didn't appreciate the exwife somehow surviving a staking and a fire 22 years prior. And where has she been all this time? I don't think I care to know. Totally disgusted and haven't watched the ep again.
  • A predictable turn, but a good one nonetheless

    With every new episode of "Moonlight", I'm more and more impressed by the success of the writing staff. They have managed to take a series that was all but dead on arrival and made it not only viable but one of the better new shows of the season. The first few episodes were shaky, but the writers and cast have certainly hit their early stride.

    This is the point in the typical season arc where the introductory elements give way to complication. As previously predicted on several occasions, this is exactly when one would expect Coraline to return and add strain to the relationship between Mick and Beth. At this point, Mick and Beth are circling each other, clearly on the road to romance, but Coraline's clever machinations have thrown a wrench into that process.

    I like the fact that Coraline comes back in the guise of a simple photographer, pushing all of Mick's buttons and leading him into actions that make him look reckless and out of control. When Mick and Josef both confronted Coraline about her true nature, and they couldn't break her façade, it was one of the best moments in the series. In fact, Josef was played to near-perfection; it was like watching a cat recognize a threat in its midst.

    The writers also made things more complicated by bringing her back as a human being. This may still be some kind of ruse on Coraline's part, but both Mick and Josef were sure that Coraline was human, and in the end, that led them to believe that Coraline was actually a very mortal and confused Morgan. If Coraline has managed to find a way to restore her humanity, then this could create a major rift between Mick and Josef. In fact, Mick could be lured back to Coraline, if she could promise him restoration.

    Two minor concerns kept this from being an above average episode. First, while the rest of the cast has overcome initial shortcomings, Shannyn Sossamon's performance is visibly less impressive. She's not convincing as the femme fatale, and she seems wooden compared to the rest of the cast. Perhaps the chemistry will develop over time, when the character is more familiar, but right now it's not quite working as well as it could.

    The second concern is the familiar nature of Coraline's return. While it is used well in the episode, and should make for an interesting twist to explore in the future, it bears a remarkable resemblance to a plot arc used in the second season of "Angel". So far, there are some key differences, but the writers will need to be careful to keep the distinctions in the forefront.
  • They TOTALLY did this one already... on Angel. I mean, REALLY. I feel like i got b*tch-slapped for an hour.

    It's almost exactly a week ago since i watched it, and still i can't get over it. And anyone who's seen season 1 of Buffy and 2 of Angel should feel just as ripped off as i do.

    For those of you who were living under rocks back in the day, here's a little recap for you--

    Angel was a vamp introduced on Buffy. He was sired by a beautiful vamp, Darla, way WAY back in the day. They were lovers/monsters who cut a swath of terror across Europe for many decades. Then Angel gets cursed with a soul, and it's bye-bye Darla amid scratches and hisses.
    Cut to 1997 (Buffy, season 1). Angel meets and falls (HARD) for Buffy. Darla comes back into the picture, putting Buffy in mortal danger, and Angel dusts her.
    Cut to 2000 (Angel, season 2). Darla comes back from where ever, as a human, to torture Angel into turning evil again. She pretends to be someone who just HAPPENS to look exactly like Darla, but is soon proved to be the real deal. He tries to help her, she is eventually turned back into a vamp, and she and the one who (re)made her start killing again. Now, we have Mick and Coraline. She sired Mick on their wedding night. He got p*ssed about it and left her. Thirty or 40 years later, she kidnaps a little blond girl with the hope of winning him back. She puts the little girl (who will grow up to be the one he will fall for 30ish years later) in mortal danger, and he kills Coraline to save young Beth.
    Cut to the present-- a dead ringer for Coraline pops up as a human who has no knowledge of Mick, Josef, vampirism, etc., causing great emotional torture in Mick. She walks and talks like Coraline, but bleeds like a human and has no identifying tattoo.
    Then we see her at the end of the ep, wiping makeup off her right shoulder to reveal just that particular tattoo, not to mention that knowing smirk on her face.

    Well, bravo, writers of Moonlight. I hope you sent a check to the Angel guys.

    Really, i don't know who i'm madder at, them for feeding me that dreck, or me for not seeing it coming from 5 miles out. I even saw the F-ing previews for the ep, and still i thought it might be different. Well, shame on me.

    So, i guess in future eps we can look forward to more of the same storyline. She will try to drive Mick crazy, he will try to help her out in some way, she will likely be turned into a vamp again, and so on and so forth. Too bad, really. I was totally getting into the whole thing. I'll keep watching, tho, just to say i told you so. Fair warning.
  • Ex wife comes back to haunt husband 22 years later.

    Somehow Coraline made it back to Mick St. John and as a human no doubt! Does this mean there is a cure in order? I did not, and I mean, did not like this episode at all. The hateful look at Beth toward the end of the show. Coraline is going to mess with Beth and Mick's relationship right after they held hands and sat knee to knee! Just when he's happy back comes the ex. I was so disppointed. She worked fine in flashbacks but not in the present. I can't figure where the storyline is going here and I am not sure I want to know. We need more episodes like "Fever" and "Arrested Developmet" and less of the emotional wrangling and strangling of characters. This was just too much. I was seriouly considering not watching anymore. But I will give it a few more episodes before I make that decision. We need some much needed chemistry between Mick and Beth. Quit strangling it out of them!
  • Too much Coraline! Not my favorite episode.

    I was upset after the show. There was not enough of Beth and Mick in the episode. If this is where the show is going....I'm afraid that CBS may loose alot of viewers. The romance with Beth and Mick makes the show. They need to stick to that or reassure the viewers that Mick is not in love with his ex!

    The last sceen when Beth asks Mick if he was disappointed....not the answer everyone wanted Mick!

    I like the idea that there may be a fix for vampirism. That would give the show a happy ever after when it finishes...and hopefully that will not be soon.

    CBS has a real winner with this show!!!!
  • The mythology behind Moonlight gets deeper with the question of is Coraline back and if so how did she turn human? We played back and forth with this question all episode. Mick kept trying to get her to admit who she was but all evidence

    The mythology behind Moonlight gets deeper with the question of is Coraline back and if so how did she turn human? We played back and forth with this question all episode. Mick kept trying to get her to admit who she was but all evidence pointed to Mick being crazy. Along the way we have Mick's killing of Coraline recreated by another killer of a woman and the reporter who looks like Coraline has the same tattoo. Plus a lot of other clues that are too much to go in to but by episodes end we know for sure somewhat that the woman who ruined Micks life is back. Good episode lots of tension I enjoyed it very much.
  • Not my favorite episode so far...

    I know that Coraline is supposed to be this big thing from Mic's past but personnally I hope we get pass that very soon... I prefer when he works on cases, solving murders would be nice! and I like when he works with Beth, I like their interraction, their chemistry , we didn't get to see much of that in this episode. Only brillant spot is the growing presence of Josef, I like his friendship with Mic and I like this character, I hope we get to see more of him and to learn more of his past... I think it would be nice at one time to learn more about Mic's life as a human, for example his family , did he ever see them after the transformation or did he leave them forever , I would think he would have tried to see them one last time before saying goodbye for eternity!
  • Wow. This episode was amazing! I really liked it.

    Major plot twists make this episode a great one. I loved the return of Coraline. The whole episode I couldn't figure out if Morgan really was Coraline. I couldn't quite decide whether it was her or not. Although, I was a little more convinced it was Coraline when Mick suggested that he might have been raised from the grave, and she didn't flinch or look freaked out. It seemed a little odd, but in the end everything came together and made an amazing jaw dropping ending. I definitely love this show. Although, I am curious as to how much they can do with a series like this. It seems that after a while they'll run out of original ideas. But only time will tell.
  • another great episode to add to the others, what a great dvd this is going to be. i have enjoyed all the shows and look forward to the next one. take a bow cbs, you have a winner.

    after watching this episode a few times, and loving it more and more, i was wondering if anyone else realized that morgans' tattoo is on her right shoulder not her left.
    i also wondered if the man sitting in coralines' house was
    hank mottola, who is a vampire, and morgan is related to coraline some how and wants revenge.
    this has to be one of the best shows on tv, and i only hope that cbs does not cancel it. everyone that i talk to is hooked on it, and looking forward to the dvd of season 1.
    thank you mick, beth and josef for great entertainment.
  • Wow! Another intense episode of Moonlight!!! I think this episode is pivotal because Mick's vampire wife Coraline is back and up to something! It seems a little unclear yet what she is after.

    At first, I was a little frustrated with the fact that Coraline was back in the picture and what this might do to Beth and Mick's relationship. It is adding an interesting twist to the mix in terms of trying to understand just what Coraline's intentions are since she is back under the pretense of being human and using another name, Morgan. Is she trying to get Mick back? Is she trying to hurt him, make him crazy? Is Coraline trying to get to those closest to Mick, ie...Beth or Josef?

    I think this episode showed how crazy Coraline made Mick when they were together. Just the thought of her being back was leaving him frantic but is it because he is afraid of what he might still feel for her or what she makes him do? Or is it because he knows what she is capable of doing and is afraid of what she might do and to whom? Coraline/Morgan does seem to have an elaborate plot laid out for whatever reason that starts with a fire at a hotel that was important to Mick and his childhood memories. She goes to great lengths to pull in similarities to many things relating to her and Mick. One is how Mick thinks Coraline died - in a fire and we see a lady being murdered in the fire but she also has a Fluer de Lis tatoo on her shoulder that was exactly like Coraline's. Then we see Morgan has a copy of Coraline's favorite book on a nightstand by her bed and she starts playing Mick's favorite song while he is at her apartment investigating who broke in and stole her cameras. Another interesting twist is how she is working her way into a connection with Beth first for the past few months. hmmm...

    I like the connection between Mick and Josef and seeing how little bits and pieces surface about how close their friendship is. We learned that Josef knew Coraline way before Mick (about 100 years longer) so I wonder what tales Josef could tell us about her. Is Coraline how Mick and Josef met??? Josef kept emphasizing to Mick that Morgan couldn't be Coraline since she wasn't a vampire. At one point Mick seems to think that Coraline has found a cure and became human again and he is definitely curious about this.

    We did get to see some interesting teasing interaction between Mick and Beth such as her displaying jealousy over Mick asking questions about Morgan. Then again when Morgan asks Beth about Mick, Beth really doesn't want to discuss him with her. Later on when Mick goes with Morgan to the cemetary to try to find Motola, who Mick thinks is working with Coraline/Morgan (and I believe Mick thinks Coraline turned Motola into a vampire), he does find Motola has been turned and tries to attack Mick. Coraline sees Mick in his vampire glory and pretends to be afraid and confused asking him what is wrong with his eyes. Mick then starts running after her telling her he knows it is Coraline and tries to look to see if she has a tatoo on her back left shoulder to verify it is Coraline. The rub is Coraline has already thought about this and has covered it up with heavy makeup so Mick is devastated to think he was so wrong about her.

    Next we see Beth and Mick at Mick's aprartment and he is explaining to Beth what happened after she pushes him for an explanation. He tells her about Coraline and how he was certain Morgan was Coraline. Mick tries to explain to Beth some of the intense feelings he had for Coraline and that it wasn't necessarily a good thing. I think Beth doesn't fully understand what he is describing but tries to understand. Then she asks him if he was disappointed that Morgan wasn't Coraline and Mick says nothing. Beth is hurt by his silence but I think that Mick was disappointed because of several things. One of which is how could he be so wrong about her and how could there be so many coincidences between Morgan and Coraline without an explanation. I also think he was afraid of how he felt around Coraline and wondered if he would see Morgan as Coraline and be pulled back into that type of unhealthy relationship.

    Next week and the week after should be interesting to say the least. With the appearance of Coraline, I am guessing this means that Mick is still married and not single, right? So how does this play into the mix of Beth/Josh and Mick/Coraline and the added obstacles that stand in the way of Beth and Mick coming closer together?

    Promo photos of episode 9 show Morgan at Mick's place wearing his shirt. We also see photos at his place of Beth talking with Mick (and he is holding a manila folder that I am guessing Beth gave him). Mick is standing there with wet hair and his shirt hanging open. We also see a photo of Beth turning around to see what might be Morgan standing there wearing his shirt. Oh boy! Hopefully Beth doesn't give up easily!!!
  • Not one of my favorite episode, and somewhat confusing. but like the directional changes.

    How did Coraline disguise herself from Mick and Josef. Mick can't sense that she is a vampire. I might accept that because he is not that old as a vampire. But Josef he is over 400, I would think that Coraline could not fool him.

    Well from the last episode B.C., I think it is good that they slowed down the sexual tension between Mick and Beth. Man, in the last episode B.C., I thought my plasma TV was going to melt or combust into flames from the hot sexual tension between them. but I was quite pleased from it. This episode Ringer might have slow down the connection between Mick and Betth too much. Mick seemed to ignore Beth and became too obsessed with Coraline. But overall the writers are doing it right. Again, not one of my favorite episode. we'll see what happen in the upcoming episodes.
  • Beth gets jealous, Mick shows us just how unstable a man under the influence can get and Josef shows us that even a vampire can have a disdain for heights.

    The episode opens with Mick doing inverted sit-ups. They really know how to use the eye-candy, don't they. ;-) Mick finds a building that had significance in his human life is burning down. Upon arriving at the scene he spies firemen struggling to open a fire hydrant and offers his super-human help. Unfortunately, his world comes unraveled when he spots a news photographer taking shots of the building who is "a perfect Doppelganger" for his ex-wife Coraline. As Mick reacts to her he looks stunned at first, excited (when Beth intervenes), and somewhat bewildered as he watches her resume her photo duties.

    We find out the photographer (Morgan) has suffered a break-in (or has she?). She seems a little too eager to have Mick help her solve the case of her stolen cameras. The trio go to Morgan's apartment to check it out. Mick finds a book he's uncomfortable with and asks personal questions of Morgan that make even Beth suspicious. They find that Morgan has taken a picture of the thief killing someone in the fire. Mick gets a severe case of deja vu which sends him straight to Josef.

    Josef, the stable one, reminds Mick that Coraline is dead. Unfortunately, in the 22 years since she passed Mick neglected to reveal one pertinent piece of information to him. Mick never saw her ashes after the fire was out. Whoops! Josef tries to settle Mick down, but apparently Coraline had a bad reputation for head games. I have to say I'm with Mick on this one. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    Mick heads back to the "Buzzwire" offices to grill Beth more about Morgan. Beth gets uncomfortable with all the questions and points this out to Mick, hinting that he's doing it because he's interested in Morgan. She doesn't think Morgan is his type. The two share a cute moment ("you're jealous!") and it's just about the ONLY moment in the entire episode that reminds us what great chemistry Mick and Beth have.

    Mick heads over to the fire site only to discover they haven't found the dead body yet. Using his keen vampire senses, he spots the body and in a unique cinematographic display shows us what happens to ashes when they are disturbed. Again, I have to say I LOVE the camera work done on this show.

    Back at Morgan's house again Mick decides to get prints off the door now that homicide has been verified. I have to wonder exactly who's prints he's taking. While he's peeling the tape off the door, Morgan turns on Coraline's favorite song - a song she asked Mick to play when they first met. Mick gets suspicious upon hearing the music. Morgan doesn't help any by describing how horrible it must be to die in a fire. Mick notices the victim has the same tattoo on her back that Coraline did. He looks at Morgan like he's aware there's a game in play.

    Mick goes back to Beth to find out more about Morgan. Beth seems to have covered all the ground necessary to prove Morgan is who she says she is ("unless she's doing a really good job of faking it"). Mick wants to know if Beth is absolutely sure she never met Morgan prior to a couple of months ago. Enter Morgan...her ears were burning. The timing is impeccable. Morgan interrogates Beth now - she seems to think there's something going on between Beth and Mick ("I'm a photographer, I see things"). Beth gets defensive, possibly because Morgan knew about the fingerprints before she did. Mick's theory is starting to gain some weight.

    Mick pulls up fingerprints (which he says are far too perfect). It appears the thief died a few weeks before the fire. Mick still maintains vampires are involved. Josef is a little more pragmatic ("you need to take the tin foil hat off"). Mick wants Josef to come to the thief's house with him. Mick needs another set of eyes...and teeth. Josef bears his and I remember why I love his character so.

    At the thief's house Mick jumps to the roof. Josef wants to be let in through the front door. While he has always espoused embracing your inner vampire, apparently when it comes to jumping up on rooftops he'd just assume go human. When Mick gives him a look that expects him to man up, Josef takes a flying leap and appears to almost lose his footing once there. Whether its a fear of heights or just a disdain for athletic pleasures we are never told. It just endears us to Josef even more.

    Once inside, Josef makes himself comfortable in the vinyl recliner while Mick looks for clues. He becomes suspicious when he finds the same book (Coraline's favorite) that was found in Morgan's house. Inside it, however, is a key to a safe. Luckily, the safe yields Morgan's cameras. Josef thinks the coincidences mean it's time to meet the fair Morgan himself.

    Mick reveals a certain amount of pleasure at seeing Josef freak out as much as he did when Morgan walks in the door. Josef gets a little too physically close to Morgan trying to ascertain whether she is vampire or not. (The way he did it would have creeped me out!) As the details of the homicide are revealed to Morgan, Mick plays a little verbal cat and mouse (Morgan: "he faked his own death?" Mick: "or he rose from the grave"). Morgan isn't biting. She wants to go find the thief/murderer. Josef isn't going for it. He puts his foot down ("You got your cameras back. This case is over").

    Mick tries to assert that Morgan IS Coraline. ("She didn't flinch, even when I baited her about coming back from the dead. The nerve.") Josef isn't buying into it. Mick thinks Coraline has reversed her vampirism. This sets Josef off a bit ("A cure? There is no cure for vampirism Mick. If there was I would know about it.") Mick thinks Coraline has come back as a human because she can't stand seeing Mick being happy around Beth. While Mick and Josef have made an agreement not to "nag" one another, Josef tries to set Mick straight ("One of these days, you're going to have to stop hating who you are.")

    Mick heads off to the cemetery with Morgan. Talking in the car, the verbal sparring between the two seems to reinforce Mick's theory about Morgan being Coraline. It's clear Mick is starting to lose his hold on sanity. We are taken to a flashback of Coraline turning Mick away. It appears old Coraline had a boyfriend when she was seducing mortal Mick.

    A trip through the crypt verifies that the thief's ashes are not where they are supposed to be. The theif, who appears to have the upper hand with Mick, seems to be a vampire based on the strength he's used. Mick calls him on it and when he finally gains control, he takes a bite. Unfortunately, Morgan catches him in the act and calls out his name. In the split-second that Mick looks away, his prey is gone and Morgan has noticed there seems to be a bit of a problem with Mick's eyes. She runs away in fear.

    Mick has no problem catching her and accuses her of trying to kill him. He thinks she set him up. While she denies it Mick goes into a rage. He thinks she's hiding the way to transfer back into a human from him. He rips her top, trying to reveal the tattoo from her shoulder. In the scuffle he manages to cause her wound to bleed and then can't understand why she would. Apparently his mind is so addled he can't remember she's human and human's bleed. Morgan runs off to the safety of security guards while Mick returns to his car.

    Later, Mick fesses up to Beth. He finally reveals to her that he killed Coraline himself. He tries to get Beth to remember the night, but she has blocked it out. Mick tries to explain the intensity of his affair with Coraline. In a flashback we see a drunk Mick, trying to get Coraline to come to one of the many glass doors in her old house. Coraline seems to prefer to play cat and mouse with him. Drunk Mick isn't going for it and upon recognizing the physical clues which acknowledge the game, Mick picks up an iron patio chair and smashes it through the glass, allowing him to enter Coraline's house and have his way with her. She seems incredibly compliant to his forced passion.

    Back to reality, Mick explains how he thought that insanity was a one-time event. He is remorseful about chasing ghosts, almost getting killed, letting a killer get away. Beth understands now. Mick had tried to force a confession out of Morgan. He now believes he was wrong after being unable to find the tattoo. Beth asks him if he is disappointed that it wasn't Coraline. His silence is her queue to leave.

    Back at "Buzzwire" we see Morgan is still hanging around. She seems pleased with herself that Beth is still enamored with her as a friend. As Morgan turns away, however, Beth's face reveals that there may be more questions to be asked.

    The last scene reveals that Morgan has a little secret yet to be told. She takes a cotton pad and wipes away the makeup that has been placed over a tattoo of a fleur de lis. The only difference is this tattoo is on the right shoulder instead of the left shoulder where Coraline had it.

    I enjoyed this episode, but I was a little shocked at Mick's drunken behavior before he was turned. His life as a vampire seems to be so demure in contrast. While it's true, he will vamp out when necessary, the uncontrolled passion of a man who would throw patio furniture through a plate glass window to enter someone's house for sex seems more indicative of the vampire spirit. Perhaps that's why Coraline thought he wouldn't be adverse to being a vampire.

    We are all on this world to learn lessons. Perhaps the one that Mick has learned is that he has to control those emotions. It did seem to reek of vampiric immaturity for him to confront Morgan directly about being a former vampire with the short length of time he got to know her. She's seen his vampire eyes. If anyone were to theorize why he said the things about turning into a human they could draw that conclusion.

    This episode was a perfect set up for the Coraline/Morgan story line. If Morgan has reincarnated and is aware of her previous life through her own flashbacks, she could have brought her manipulative traits and sociopathic tendencies into this life. It's certain there will be more of Morgan in the future.

    More importantly, we see that even though Mick tries to downplay his vampiric nature he does have a dangerous side. There is an unbridled furor inside him that could let loose at any minute. It certainly ups the ante when it comes to he and Beth becoming physically intimate at any point. While Mick has only revealed his good side to Beth, there is an evil lurking within him that could blow up on a moment's notice with the right set of circumstances. In his vampire world, Mick still has some maturing to do.

    Unfortunately, there are only a few more episodes of "Moonlight" left before the writer's strike ends the season. Sources say that the writers may purposely carry on with the strike until the Actor's Guild has to renew their contracts at the beginning of next year. This would allow for a stronger front in the advanced technology realm of profit.

    The bad side to this premise is that we could potentially be saying good-bye to any new TV until fall of 2008. There's no telling if we'll still have the same writing staff by that time or even if they can continue the magic they started with. One thing about energy is once you lose it, it's pretty much gone. I hope Hollywood is able to come to a decision that is some place between greed and need. It's a little hard trying to have sympathy when most of Hollywood is living in huge houses with maids, lawn and pool guys to take care of their every need.

    This strike isn't going to hurt those people who make the big bucks. It's going to hurt the little people on the set who count on their paychecks to pay their rent. It's going to drive some companies out of business and into bankruptcy without anyone to sell their services to. If it is allowed to drag into the Actors Guild contract negotiations, it will also alienate people in the audience. Those little people who have no one to support them all have relatives and friends who will only see greed on the guild's behalf. There is enough hardship in this country due to the White House. Let us hope that the writers and studios can come to some type of agreement rather quickly before they completely turn their audience against them.
  • Mick's memories of Coraline overwhelm him and cloud his judgment during his investigation of a suspicious fire. Could Coraline really be back?

    This episode has everything one has come to expect from Moonlight. Mick and Beth get to show their feelings without acting directly on them, complications of Mick's past cause problems and Josef finally gets some decent screen time.

    A case of arson serves as the catalyst to bring Morgan into Mick's life. The only problem is that she is an (un)dead ringer for Mick's ex wife. Mick already has trouble dealing with Coraline's ghost and having to work with Morgan drives him close to the edge. Beth is obviously jealous of what she sees as Mick' interest in another woman. Although there was limited Mick/Beth interactions compared to previous episodes what there was moved the relationship along quite nicely. Simple things like Beth naturally resting her hand on Mick's, or not wanting to "share" him when Morgan asks about hiring him show the depth of her feelings. She is distressed when Mick speaks about being obsessed with Coraline, yet she is still the human that Mick turns to. Beth is just as determined as Mick is to figure out the mystery. They are truly becoming a team.

    I also loved some of the little flourishes of what it means to be a vampire. Mick casually walking by and turning the handle that two firefighters were struggling over was one such detail. Josef taking such glee in having teeth was another. These touches are what help make the show.
  • At the scene of a fire Mick finds himself unnerved by the appearance of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his "dead" ex wife Coraline.

    I'm not the biggest fan of flashback episodes and the dialogue at the begining is somewhat shaky but the episode steadily gains momentumn with the introduction of Morgan and her subsequent interactions with Mick,Beth and Josef. Her introduction causes feelings of jealously in Beth, obsession in Mick and while Josef did seem to be somewhat interested at first he quickly loses interest when it's proved that she is "just" a human. In this episode we find out that Josef knew Coraline for a 100 years longer than Mick which sets up some possible interesting storylines for future shows. The most interesting part of the episode for me was at the end when Beth looks across the room at Morgan and Morgan gives her a rather unreadable look in return but as she turns and walks away she has a secretive amused expression on her face which dosn't bode well for Beth.
  • Coraline is back! unfortunetly

    I kind of liked the not-so-dead ex-wife story line. it was intrigueing. but Coraline/Morgan annoys me so I have pretty mixed feelings about it. but Im still curious how it will all turn out. now onto the better parts of this episode which was character interaction. thats what always works on this show. Mick and Beth had some pretty intense scenes. and it was sweet to see her jelaous. even Mick realized it. and I wonder what she will do when she finds out that he actually is her knight in shinning armour. and she was clearly hurt with him obsessing about his dead ex. who knows what will happen when they both realize that she wishes he would be so obsessed about her. cause she definitely is. and Mick and Josef. it is so fun to watch and listen to them. they have great chemistry and the characters balance each other really well. this episode was apparetly a build up. I wonder what they build on these basic.
  • Mick has a flashback when seeing a new Character, Morgan, who is the spitting image of his deceased wife.

    I was just a little disappointed in adding Coraline/Morgan to mix so early in the series. I would have liked to see more character development between Mick and Beth, or Mick and Josef before mixing it up with Coraline. I do like the conflict she'll bring to the series but I don't believe the series has been developed enough for her to be much of a issue yet. Beth and Mick "like" each other, there is an attraction or chemistry if you will, and Beth showed a bit of jealousy but it would have been more interesting to see how Coraline would have affected their relationship had there been a serious relationship, but there isn't yet. It was nice having Josef out with Mick on the investigation, I would like to see more of him. Interesting twist in the end, Morgan really is Coraline, wonder how come she smells human and how did she get reborn? More to come I'm sure…
  • Mick has a case of deja vu, when a photographer who as Josef puts it, is a total dopalganger for Coraline shows up.They meet as a fire breaks out at a hotel, which mirrors the night Mick killed Coraline, or did he? Now the mystery is on. Is this Coraline?

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the apperance of Coraline is just what was needed to add a little zing. Let's face it Mick and Beth's relationship has been coming along nicely, (her boyfriend not with standing). It think we all new that the writers would come up with something to rock their boat. Coraline is it. What I wasn't sure of was whether or not the look in Mick's mischievous eye's was one of the consuming fire he spoke of, or sheer hate. Maybe a little of both. As far as explaining The re appearance of Coraline, and whether or not she is still a vampire who is managing to fool both Mick and Josef. Or whether she has indeed found a cure, is something I am happy to leave up to the very talented writers. Let's face it they have us all happy and watching every week. Let's continue to just enjoy the ride. I also loved the smile Mick had on his face when he told Beth she was jealous OMG!!!!!! This man is so dashing I can't stand it!!!!!
  • Disappointing

    In general, I enjoy this show, but, unfortunately, this episode disappoints from the standpoint that it seems to break some of its own established "logic" foundations. For example, both Mick and Joseph meet Morgan and declare that it "can't be Coraline", since she doesn't "smell" like a vampire. If vamps are able to detect the odor/presence of other vampires, then either this longheld premise in their environment is no longer valid, or Coraline has found a way to disguise her "scent". More important, this seemingly "official" declaration by the guys is used by the writers to put the viewers off the track.

    As for the tatoo, Mick is so astounded when he doesn't see a tatoo on Morgan he seems to lose all his years of investigative intelligence. Hasn't he ever heard of makeup? Or laser surgery? Why has Coraline waited 15-20 years to make an appearance in Mick's life? Did she decide to spend the last several years crafting her photography skill just so that she could establish a strong back history before coming back into Mick's life? Maybe they'll find a way to explain, or explain away, the issues in follow up episodes, but I'm always disappointed when a fantasy series sets up its own logic structure and then "bends the rules" for the sake off keeping the viewers off balance. "Heroes" did that last year, which is why I no longer watch that show.
  • What a surprising great show!

    What a surprising great show!
    I had heard that this show was good, but the previews didn't appeal to me. This is the first episode I watched and I was mesmerized! The story was great, the special effects were very well done and not even a little cheesy!

    The premise was interesting and engaging and the story was well written and plausible (well, within the realm of there being vampires!)

    The character development was very engaging, I am anxious to learn more about Mick and his relationship with "Morgan" and the other characters as they are all interrrelated.

    The flashbacks were great and this episode left me wanting more!!

    I can't wait for the next episode!
  • Throughout this episode I felt Coraline was an intruder on Mick and Beth's relationship.

    I was dreading the episode when Coraline comes back into Mick's life and I was right for the worry. Like Mick points out in the episode, Coraline doesn't want him happy. Here he is with Beth, starting a budding friendship and hopefully a true romance and believing that he found that "perfect" someone. Then all of a sudden, BAM, a dead ringer for his ex appears to throw his world topsy turvy. And once again in Mick's life, he has this "fever" to find out the truth about Morgan/Coraline.

    It was most peculiar how Morgan was "very" interested in Beth and Mick's relationship. Asking Beth about Mick and then asking Mick about "his deal" with Beth and that it was there if he wanted it. Right then I knew it was Coraline. My biggest question, how did she pass for being a human. I can't wait to see how the writer's have dealt with this interesting tidbit.

    Best part in the show for me was when Mick was at Buzzwire asking Beth questions about Morgan. I loved it when Beth put her hand on his and it made both of them uncomfortable. And then came Mick's beautiful smile after stating that Beth was jealous. Priceless. The writer's have created an amazing dance between Mick and Beth. It seems they both want to further the relationship but with Mick being a vampire they are both afraid and unsure how to proceed. But they both respect and like being around one another. I truly hope that this show survives the strike. I am really looking forward to Mick and Beth's developing relationship and how the writer's will handling that progression. I just hope they don't take the easy way out and not have them be together.
  • This is exactly why I am totally addicted to this show! Can it get any more thrilling than tonight's episode? OMG! I don't know if I can make until next Friday.

    Wow! I love how the woman Mick believes is Coroline is so cool through out the entire episode. She never lets on that she's ever met him, knows him, nothing. And we, the viewers, are kept guessing. Is it or isn't it? I love too how Mick is allowed to show some more of the human side of himself which he obviously longs to have more in the forefront. He was allowed to 'lose it' in this one and I like that. He was confused and vulnerable...both very human qualities. I also enjoyed how Beth very unconvincingly denied being jelous. The interaction between Beth and Mick is getting more and more intense and interesting. I love this show! This one is a real keeper.
  • While at a crime scene (fire), Mick seems to have spotted Coraline - his presumably dead ex-wife. Is she or isn't she who Mick thinks she is?

    This was a fantastic episode. Suspenseful to the point that me and my friend called each other at every commercial break to discuss our theories about the episode. But that's irrelevant. Here's the story:
    There is a fire at an old hotel, and it appears to be arson. At the crime scene, Beth introduces Mick to her associate...a photographer named Morgan. Morgan is a dead ringer for Coraline (and when I say 'dead', I mean DEAD). That is, she's supposed to be dead. Mick killed her way back in the 80s.
    Anyways, Morgan doesn't seem to recognize Mick at all, and she's apparently not a vampire. So why is Mick going crazy over her?
    I can definitely sense some serious jealousy from Beth - Mick seems to be captivated by Morgan the entire episode while paying little attention to his former-best-lady-friend.
    Later that night, Morgan's cameras are stolen from her apartment. As it turns out, the thief might just have been the arsonist. Morgan uploads her photos onto her computer, and, once zoomed in, they realize the arsonist/camera thief is there in a picture...killing a woman.
    The rest of the episode is great. It is littered with quick flashbacks to the night when Mick and Coraline first crossed paths. Mick is positive "Morgan" is hiding something from him. But she never lets on.
    Meanwhile, Josef is trying to talk some sense into Mick, explaining that it would be impossible for a vampire to rise from the dead and become a human.
    At the climax, Mick finds the killer, but let's him get away once Morgan spots him in full vamire mode (you know, fangs, crazy eyes, etc.) She gets scared, which goes to show she's 100% human, 100% Morgan.
    Or is she? The very last minute of the episode shows Morgan undressing, wiping away some powder from her right shoulder, and revealing a tattoo - a fleur-de-lis - the same as Coraline's.
    Overall, this was a fantastic episode (despite lame special effects and even lamer dialogue). My heart was pumping at double time throughout the entire episode.
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