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Unaired Pilot

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Unaired Pilot
A string of murders have been hitting New York City. It's up to Mick St. John, a private investigator and vampire, to find out who's behind these murders and stop them from happening again. He's assisted by Beth Turner, a woman from his past who's going to change his future.moreless

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  • A short (and very rough) series preview episode introducing Mick St. John, a vampire P.I., and starring a number of actors who were replaced before the pilot episode aired. Excellent tone-setting piece, but nowhere near ready for tv.moreless

    This episode was interesting and worth seeing, if only for trivia value and to show the amazing ways a series can change and develop between first starting production and first airing an episode on broadcast television. Originally titled "Twilight," not "Moonlight," this episode featured a much older Josef, a colder Beth and offensive, forced, over-the-top Guillermo (Mick's morgue contact.)

    I personally found the actor playing Josef a bit boring and too fatherly for my tastes, the actress playing Beth was good, but did not seem as warm or youthful as her replacement. However, Alex was as charming and good-looking as ever, as Mick St. John, and his charisma helped keep this leaky raft afloat.moreless

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    • Mick: In my line of work, sometimes I'm hired and sometimes I take cases because I can go places and do things that others won't. There's a lot of dark alleys in this world, and I've been down them all.

    • Mick: (voiceover) They say there's someone out there for everyone. But what if that person was born in a different time? What if you never would've met but for one horrific twist of fate? And what if you finally found her and you knew there was no way? What then?

    • Mick: (voiceover) Sixty years is a long time to live in darkness. A long time to deny yourself the touch of another. But you do it. You do it because you just can't bear the thought of seeing yourself as a monster in someone else's eyes.

    • Mick: What have you done to me?!
      Coraline: I made you immortal.
      Mick: No. You've made me a monster.

    • Beth: You were at the other crime scene.
      Mick: Yeah.
      Beth: Do you have some connection with the case or are you just a crime scene junkie?

    • Josef: The challenge for our kind is to continually find new reasons to live.
      Mick: And what are you living for after all this time?
      Josef: The best reason of all, my friend. Love.

    • Mick: There are a lot of misconceptions about vampires. Garlic and holy water don't do jack. And crucifixes? Come on. You can spot a vampire if you know what to look for, though. The dead don't give off body heat.

    • Mick: (voiceover) What do you do when what you want most and what you fear most are the same thing? What then? Live long enough and the past always catches you.

    • Mick: I'm working the case on my own.
      Beth: How come?
      Mick: Because I don't like seeing people get away with this kind of thing.
      Beth: You don't think the police will catch whoever's behind this?
      Mick: They might. In time. But they're hamstrung by rules and regulations. I'm not.
      Beth: So, you work outside of the law. Is that what you're saying?
      Mick: Let's just say I work parallel to it.

    • Mick: (voiceover) You know what? Being a vampire sucks. Bad joke, but it's the truth. See, what you don't realize until you become immortal is that life is precious because it ends. It's only when you live forever that you begin to understand how few things actually make life worth living.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "White Flag" by Dido
      "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman
      "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy

    • This original short pilot received a very bad review from the website "The Futon Critic." They hoped that the pilot would be reshot, which it was after many cast and crew changes were made.


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