Season 4 Episode 1

A Trip to the Moon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1987 on ABC

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  • Season 4 new opening theme SUCKS but the episode wasn't all that bad.

    I don't know what they were thinking when they chopped up the music and clips of the theme for the show. They should have just added Curtis Armstong's picture somewhere and kept the music the same. Curtis should be added to the cast. He is in more episodes now. I don't understand the messed up theme though. Okay, moving on to the episode. It's been a month of bedded bliss for Maddie and David and Maddie doesn't see a future with David for some reason. I love the intro looking like The Honeymooners! All the actors did a perfect job being these characters even though David looked rather silly in the fat suit. lol! Maddie trying to sort out her problems with the famous shrink was funny and I agree with the shrink. What is her problem?! She's got the best man she'll ever have in her life head over heals in love with her. Who would do anything for her but like she says she has to THINK about it! I agree with David when he once said,"You think too much Maddie!" Where was that thinking when you married Walter, Maddie? I still think Maddie, the real Maddie is locked in someone's dark recesses of a mind basement banging on the door wanting to get back in the script! I love David's shrink in the form of Ray Charles and some singing girls! That was fun. Sill has some of the old flare from past seasons there. So sweet and funny when Maddie gets mad and runs back to her house determined not to go on a date with David and Dave makes up this whole little scene outside her door just to get her to come out! How could you not love this guy?! Doing all of that and what he's already done in the past for this girl and she thinks he's not good enough for her?! I'm beginning to think this girl has a screw loose or some of the writers at least! She does come out of the house so she's got that going for her. The final scene with them together is at a laundry mat which is the only place they can find for the night. Maddie's still not satisfied. Come on! She complained about everywhere else to go! What can the guy do? Magic? Maddie wants to end the relationship! Ugh! AGAIN! More pain for David! Maddie may be hurting too but she still doesn't know some things we know. That episode of him following her all night or thought he was following her.and finding Sam at the door when he was going to tell her he loves her. Not to mention just a few hours earlier he FINALLY had the nerve to say in front of the whole agency that he was in LOVE WITH HER! Maddie: "I love you too David but I'm leaving on jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again." What the !@#$$%%^^&
  • Maddie wakes up and realizes that sleeping with David may not have been the right thing to do

    So, season four begins. I really enjoyed this episode a lot that dealt with the 'night after' or should I say, the month after. They have finally slept together, David is happy but Maddie isn't. Overall, this episode was really good. The scenes between Maddie and David were fantastic. There was sad moments and very funny moments. The main problem that this episode had was too much Honeymooner jokes. Every time Maddie falls asleep, she dreams that almost everyone she knows is a cast member on the Honeymooners or here it is called "The Bluemooners". It is funny at first, but it happens so often and at long lengths, it gets tired and old by the end. Overall, a good episode and way to start off the season and handle the end of season three very well.