Season 5 Episode 1

A Womb With a View

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 1988 on ABC

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  • Maddie’s son gets ready to meet the world. The world may not return the favor.

    Junior gets a sneak peek at life with the help of an angel. He meets his parents, two very different and very scared people who are nevertheless becoming wrapped up in anticipating his arrival.

    The angel shows little man all about the real world, senseless and painful as it often is, but highlighted by the fact that with love and hope, people can still wring a lot out of it.

    People at the Blue Moon office are getting into the spirit of things as well, throwing a shower and generally bubbling over with glee. Except, that is, for Herbert, who is pretty much weirded out by the whole thing. In a hilarious scene, Agnes reminds him that it’s the boss, for pity’s sake, so he’d better go, and he’d better like it.

    David is in a much different place than he was when he had to deal with Maddie’s brief marriage. Here he is back by her side and preparing to help her raise the child. The reality is that fatherhood is bound to change his life; although he might miss his old party days, the new way brings its own rewards, and he can finally see himself in that life as well.

    After work, the staff assembles at a restaurant for the party. It’s wonderful—the scene is just an absolute joy. Everyone has a terrific time, dining and laughing and dancing. David and Maddie take their turn around the floor; in a touching moment, even shy Herbert gets up the nerve to cut in and ask the very pregnant Ms. Hayes for a few steps of her time.

    But this wonderful state is not to last. The celebration—a parallel to another type of reception that would not be—is interrupted by tragedy. Things turn rapidly from the happiest to the worst. The baby’s soul heads off to another place, and his parents are left to deal with the consequences.

    I will be frank and say the end is deeply shocking and saddening, sometimes hard for even longtime fans of the show to watch. However, this episode is still laudable for many reasons. It features an excellent script including that unflinching scene where Jerome tells the child about the reality of the world, the part where Herbert asks to dance, the baby hears his parents fighting and gets upset (“Did the noise frighten you?”), and many other high points. It is well-acted and directed, and has the power to uplift as well as break your heart.

    “The saddest words are these: what might have been.”
  • New season with a great opening and promises! Then a sweet story with ANOTHER serious, tragic ending with the Sunny Side of the Street! GRRRRRR!!!!!

    Great opening scene with Agnes welcoming back what few viewers they have left and the big song and dance number with the big promises to make more episodes. Seems like empty promises now looking back on the series. :( Very funny having Maddie come in at the end of the gig. This epi has some good moments. Nice to see that Maddie was dead wrong (excuse my pun, sadly) that the baby was Sam's when actually it was David's but that fact only adds to the pain for viewers by the end of the episode! Bruce Willis looked cute as Baby Hayes. They should have called him Baby Addison because that's what he was! lol! Why did they have to let the baby die? This time it was pain not just for Addison. Possibly more pain for Maddie. A cruel person would say just deserts for Maddie after all the crap she put David through last season. Yes, a part of me thinks that too but wouldn't it have been nice to see David and Maddie with baby troubles in a future episode? The angel even said once that they were going to make great parents. He'd seen the future episodes!! I'd like to have seen those episodes too! They were probably hilarious and great! Unfortunately that was just a tease! Which this show LOVED to do...TOO MUCH! Somewhere in an earlier review of Big Man on Mulberry Street I mentioned that David had already lost a baby and that he didn't need to go through that pain again. Also, in an earlier episode when Maddie kept saying the baby was Sam's it always got me angry. Well, now I might have to pull back my opinion. This was painful for David and Maddie and especially for the viewers because WE know that this baby was David's. WE know that this was the SECOND child he has lost! Maybe it was better this way. The writers choosing to not let David and Maddie know for sure that this baby was David's is in my opinion less painful. We've already see enough pain for David to last a lifetime last year. Just imagine if he KNEW for sure this was HIS baby! Maddie would be even more devastated I'm sure but David. You'd probably never see him again. He'd be lost in some bar somewhere forever. He might not ever forgive Maddie for that too. Could have been the straw that broke the camel's back. I wouldn't want to see that. So I guess I'm a little happy that they never found out who the baby father was but it sure would have been interesting to see these two raise Baby Hayes! Oh well. *raises my glass of tea* to lost dreams! To lost stories that were never written. To Moonlighting having been around longer than it was! :(