Season 5 Episode 2

Between a Yuk and a Hard Place

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 1988 on ABC

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  • Let's have ourselves a good cry, sing some gospel songs, then off to another screwball happy ending! Oooookay! :o

    Maddie isn't coping with the loss of her baby very well. She's taking case after case after case too quickly and pushing the office to the limits. While David isn't even coming to work. Just sleeping the days away. Another way to show how different these two deal with pain I guess. A little messing around with the elevator and the two detectives spend a whole night together not saying a word until the elevator music chooses to play one ironic song and David loses it. He goes medieval on the speaker and sends Maddie into the much needed break down everyone saw coming. They hold each other.Right here I saw a mother and father grieving over a lost child. Even though they supposedly didn't know who the father was I somehow got the feeling that they instinctively knew and this was the culmination of it. Well, that could be just me and my wishful thinking. This was good but afterwards it gets weird. Did Agnes and McGillicutty help or did this just ruin anything these two had romantic or what? They leave the elevator happier than when they came in. Yes. much happier and singing gospel songs but did they also just leave what everyone was rooting for behind too? For these two to try again. Now they seem to act like it never happened at all. They're completely over it and onto catching this weeks killer who was the brother of a woman who was killed by her husband. The guy kills the husband's second wife out of revenge for man killing his sister. Whatever, the real interest is the screwball ending which yes it was funny (especially with the prop David kept referring too and the trip through the catus patch) but they just seemed TOO happy for a couple who'd been through so much together. I know they probably needed this but it's still too close to me. Then they made fun of the elevator scene at the end. An emotional scene made fun of. Gosh! THIS SHOW! GRRR!
  • Next time, take the stairs...

    Reeling from the shock of the miscarriage, Maddie decides to head back to work and numb herself with the routine. A case dealing with star-crossed lovers once again carries echoes of her history with her opposite number at the agency.

    Eager to get the bosses talking again, some of the Blue Moon employees decide to throw a wrench into the works. Literally.

    A twist here, a crank there and the elevator works are shot to pieces, leaving the detectives stuck with nothing but each other while they wait for order to be restored. The reluctant passengers share anger, boredom and tears until the ship is finally righted. Whether they could be together without a crisis, remained to be seen.