Season 3 Episode 6

Big Man on Mulberry Street

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1986 on ABC

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  • One of the best episodes of the 3rd season! David is not a stranger to miscarriage, sadly. :(

    This was a great episode. We get a shocking confession out of David this time. He was married before he met Maddie and he has to go to New York to attend his ex-wife's brother's funeral. He was best friends with him. Him and his ex-wife were high school sweethearts and one night when he was 18 years old he got her pregnant. They get married but sadly she looses the baby. He tells Maddie all this who travels all the way to New York to go with him to the funeral but he won't let her go with him. He left out a certain detail. David claimed what ended the marriage was walking in on his wife with another man but it really was another woman. In the end he's too afraid to face his ex at the funeral so misses altogether. Maddie is worried after waiting all day for him so she goes to the funeral and talks to his ex-wife and learns the truth. The two detectives hop a plane the next day seemingly closer to each other but neither telling each other the truth. Maddie keeps her silence. Great episode which is most memorable for Maddie's Billy Joel sung dream sequence about David and her imagination of what his ex-wife was/is like! Love it! Guest starring a famous dancer in the role of the ex-wife in the dream. Interesting when Maddie walks in that the two only dance for about a second and then get down to the kissing! lol!

    One thing about this episode always irks me though. This shows what a painful past David has endured. He has already lost a wife and a child at such a young age. You can sorta see how and why he is what he is when Maddie meets him. Maybe all that wise cracking and slacking off is his way of covering up all the pain inside. This episode only seems to drive the knife into the heart when watching the later episodes of this series. (SPOILERS) Why did they have to make Maddie lose David's child, get married to another man, etc? David has had enough pain in his life already. With the way this show goes Maddie just made it worse for a long time. They had a little time after all the problems behind the scenes to give David and Maddie a proper send off. Why couldn't there have been a double wedding when Herbert and Agnes got married? That would have been at least a little apology to fans! Which is why this series NEEDS a reunion movie! Just to give us fans a happier ending! COME ON! Okay I'm done. lol!
  • David returns to New York for the funeral of a childhood friend, and Maddie is astounded (and a little jealous) to discover David was married to the man's sister. Maddie then follows David to New York, much to his chagrin...

    In this episode, we finally get to know some of the skeleton's in David's closet as he returns to New York for the funeral of a childhood friend. Maddie being Maddie, she cannot resist the urge to follow him, and is very surprised (as are we) to learn that he was married to his dead friend's sister, and the reason why it didn't work out. It's an ambitious episode of "Moonlighting", as it features a 7-minute dance sequence directed by none other than Stanley Donen (Singing In the Rain)as Maddie fantasises in the tub about David's secret. We are also privy to a drunken, hilarious rendition of the theme to "Top Cat" by David and his childhood buddies in a New York bar-one of the best scenes of the episode. Maddie's scene with David's ex-wife is also a standout, with a terrific performance by Marilyn Jones as the former Mrs.Addison. Entertaining as usual, but well-acted by the supporting cast and the dance sequence is indeed a knockout, and a series highlight. Unmissable.