Season 4 Episode 5

Cool Hand Dave (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1987 on ABC

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  • Grrrr. The series loves to GET ON YOU NERVES!!!!

    Hmmmmm. Agnes hears Maddie's message and tells Herbert that Maddie is pregnant and of course Bert walks right into David's office and practically spills the beans right then and there. Of course David does the something he should have done before that one night stand last episode. He tries to book a flight to go straight to Maddie. Of course the show doesn't seem to want them together yet. Guess Cybill wasn't ready for full time work either. He's not able to get a flight and David actually says he'll "have to find something else to do in this episode." For some reason that something else seems to always be...MORE PAIN FOR ADDISON!!! A mistaken identity has David being sent to prison! He has to suffer through the embarrassment of being checked in, bullies wanting him to shine shoes, and a food fight leads him to be thrown into the isolation room. Bert sings to Agnes to apologize for spilling the beans to David. It works. Agnes invites him in. She mentions to Bert that Maddie said David never made it to Chicago. Bert doesn't seem to care at the moment because he has his thoughts on Agnes and a night of bliss begins for the both of them. Part 1 ends with David still in isolation going on five days. He has a little conversation to himself where he imagines that Maddie went through raising his child all through to Kindergarten and then David finally is released from prison. The poor guy knows Maddie all too well. I could actually see Maddie saying what he says when he's pretending to be Maddie. That's sad, really. We should see that Maddie isn't all that mean. They should be showing a kinder side to her when it comes to David. More than they have been but no. Just more pain for David in prison and a pregnant Maddie in Chicago safe and sound with her parents. I keep thinking she got it soo much better every episode! Ugh! :(
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