Season 4 Episode 6

Cool Hand Dave (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1987 on ABC

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  • So frustrating but an interesting episode anyway! Time for Moonlighting the Prison Musical!!! :O

    Part 2 was very strange, frustrating, but interesting episode. David is still in prison. Suddenly, David's in a crystal ball and we're with a fortune teller in a ABC execs office or something. Strange but cool. They're worried about David and wondering where he is. They also consider replacing him. We follow some the execs through the ABC building where there are numerous David imitators trying out for the job! We see many people wearing all kinds of costumes from previous episodes ex;: priest outfit, Atomic Shakespeare outfit, etc. We also hear some of his famous lines and scenes. The limbo scene especially. Wow, was America that obsessed with David Addison back in the day? Hmmm. Anyway, more of David in isolation. The guard comes to take him out and says he's only been in there for two days! David had drew marks on the wall for 15 or so days! Of course he looks at the camera confused. We are witness to another dream sequence while David and his fellow buddies are outside digging trenches or something. After talking about his relationship with Maddie all the inmates think they're in some prison musical! I was shocked for some reason. Don't ask me why. Hey, but the tune was rather catchy...I guess. Meanwhile Bert's on a power trip at the Blue Moon and Agnes has to kick some sense in him! She tries to get him to start looking into where David has gone to. Loved that part! You go girl! Agnes was pretty great there! All they really do though is run into David's cousin who's house sitting or something. Someone we don't see again after he tells the two an Indiana Jones type story about how David discovered he wanted to be a detective. Finally, after breaking out of prison and learning some valuable information, David does some blackmail, the real culprit is caught, and David is free to go to Maddie! Yay! Finally! NOT!!! He's packing at home (cousin nowhere to be seen) listens to Maddie on his answering machine, and decides not to go! Of course! Maddie does say I love you but how much consolation is that AFTER ALL THIS CRAP?!!!! Ugh!
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