Season 4 Episode 7

Father Knows Last

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1987 on ABC

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  • Mr. Hayes arrives in Los Angeles to check up on the man in his daughter’s life. He is not amused.

    David returns to Blue Moon following the insanity of his stint in jail. With no cases being solved, they couldn’t keep up with the bills, and the company’s creditors arrive to take matters into their own hands. Agnes and her fellow employees struggle bitterly to keep the claws off their dear workplace, and each other.

    Into this mess throw one angry father, Alexander Hayes, who comes to the city ostensibly on business but in reality to put his foot down and demand that David straighten up and fly right.

    Shocked by the disarray at the agency, then doubly infuriated by the brief reappearance of a woman with whom Dave had a recent misadventure, Mr. Hayes thinks Addison can’t get his act together, and casts deep aspersions on David’s nature and prospects for improvement. Very much wounded, David marshals all his pride and determines to make a last stand. He catches up to Maddie’s father just before the man is due to leave on a plane.

    In a stunning speech believed by many to be among his finest in the series, Addison thunders that he loves Maddie more than anything in this world, and that he has been fighting all along for the ability to be with her, only this time she wants out. He is still adamant to support the baby, and wants with all his heart to be back in Maddie’s life.

    It is a thrilling and noble moment for his character. He is not going to play the eternal bounder after all. All he wanted was a chance. Here, he earns it.

    This is another emotionally difficult episode that wins you over with excellent writing and acting. In a season fraught with challenging issues, this becomes one of the highlights.