Season 4 Episode 7

Father Knows Last

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1987 on ABC

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  • One of the BEST episodes of season four....

    While season four was by far the most frustrating in the series thanks to Cybill Shepherd's pregnancy(i.e. Maddie in Chicago, David in L.A. and shall the two EVER get together??), this is a stellar, stand-out episode in a sea of episodes that appeared to have been made simply to "stretch it out" until Shepherd's ability to return from maternity leave.

    Maddie's father (played eloquently by the uber-talented Robert Webber) comes to California to find out David's intentions with regards to Maddie's surprise pregnancy. After a series of conversations, none coming out quite as David would have liked, David rushes to the airport where Maddie's father is boarding a plane to return to Chicago. He buys a last-minute ticket, boards, waits anxiously in his seat as the plane takes off and the seatbelt signs goes off, and then stomps his way back to Maddie's father's seat.

    What follows is a speech the likes of which had never been uttered by David before about his love for Maddie, how it is HER who is holding up the works and preventing him from loving her and supporting her and how there was never a question in his mind about his feelings for her. No hint of sarcasm, no jokes, no holding back - he lays it on the line. All his feelings, pent up from season one to now, come pouring out.

    The line that tugs at your heartstrings and really hits home about David's feelings for Maddie:

    "Do I love her? Mr. Hayes, I would give up my life for her."

    A STAND OUT episode, and, for me, made me wish, at that moment, that I was Madeline Hayes. You wouldn't have been able to keep me away from David Addison.....

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