Season 4 Episode 7

Father Knows Last

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1987 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • David (walking through papers littering the office floor): Been a real barn-burner of a day here. Coming and going…mostly going… playing grab bag with the office furniture… You know, I'd understand how you might feel a little insecure.

      Agnes: Insecure?

      David: Well, you get used to things being on the up-and-up, all of a sudden they're—down and out… Can be a little unsettling.

      Agnes: Yeah. A little. (Crosses to her desk.)

      David: I mean some people, the nay-saying critics of our world, might say that we were washed up! Burned out! Freeze-dried. They might say that there was no way we could turn this around.

      Agnes (wistfully): They might…say that.

      David: Yes. They—they might say that, but not us. 'Cause they know! They know, we built this once, and we can build it again.

      Agnes: We did build it once.

      David: This is where you're supposed to go, 'Rah rah rah, sis-boom-bah, beep beep, oomgawa, David's got the power!' Tell me about the silver lining, look on the sunny side. We can turn this around, you know.

      Agnes: Even Camelot didn't last forever. It was only 181 minutes. (Goes to a chair near the desk.)

      David: Et tu, Dipesto?

      Agnes: Et me, Dipesto? (Turns around on the chair.)

      David: Come on, what, the girl with the rose-colored gray matter doesn't believe I can get us back in the ballgame? What are we talking about here, a file cabinet here, a worker bee over there, another dumb blonde in the office?

      (Agnes is immediately furious and jumps out of the chair. She slaps David repeatedly on the shoulders, forcing him to back up across the office.)

      Agnes (yelling): Don't do that! Don't you dare talk about Ms. Hayes like that! She wouldn't let this happen! Oh—I used to think you were the greatest boss in the world, but for weeks now you've been letting yourself go to hell, and you've been taking all the rest of us with you! So if you think I'm going to stand here and make you feel better about ruining everything we had—you're wrong! You did this to Blue Moon! (Storms to the office door and leaves.)

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