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"Maddie Addison" character in novel "Good Family" by Terry G

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    [1]Dec 16, 2009
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    I was looking through the local library's downloads site, when I noticed a blurb for an e-book entitled "Good Family," by Terry Gamble.

    It features a family with the last name Addison, and the name of their daughter? You guessed it, Maddie.

    Now, this is just too funny to be a coincidence. I haven't read the book yet, but I probably will. I'm wondering if there are any characters named Hayes.

    They even live in a place on Lake Michigan, which is right where Chicago is. Maddie, you'll recall, was from Chicago.

    Try going here to see the description on the library's website. Or, you can do a search for the title and author, and it'll probably find you similar blurbs from book sales sites.

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