Season 1 Episode 3

Gunfight at the So-So Corral

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1985 on ABC
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Gunfight at the So-So Corral
Dave and Maddie face a difficult situation. When they inform their client that her son has been found, do they also inform her that his is a notorious contract killer.

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  • Maddie comes in to the office for the first time since deciding to make a go for it. But she arrives only to find that the employees never heard the w-word (work) before.moreless

    This is a wonderful episode. David has to run out to another agency to find a client, something he´s never done before. He was used to loosing money, so that the owner could use it as write-offs. But he is succesful in finding a client. Great imagination.

    Then David has to teach Maddie how to be a detective... I would say they´re equally skilled when it comes to investigating. Neither of them are afraid of the danger that awaits them when they find out that the man they were hired to find was involved in something more unspeakably wicked than they thought from the beginning. You have to take into consideration, however, neither one of them had ever done this kind of work before..moreless
Allyce Beasley

Allyce Beasley

Agnes DiPesto

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

David Addison Jr.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Madeline "Maddie" Hayes

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Herbert Quentin Viola (seasons 4 - 5, recurring previously)

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    • Miss DiPesto: Blue Moon Detective Agency.
      We're detectives with a heart, we're here to do our part.
      In your moment of need, we'll be there indeed.
      So please don't be shy, just give us a try.
      We're cooperative and discreet, we really can't be beat.
      And now, if I may be so bold, I'd like to put you in hold.

    • (David drives Tate to the scrapyard, then asks to get out. Tate asks what for.)

      David: My team's in the other bleachers. Besides, it's just my job to bring you here.

    • (In Maddie's car, as the detectives fight over whether to carry on with the case)

      David: I know what a promise is, and I didn't make one!

      Maddie: Well, I did. (Gets out of car)

      David (going after her): Madeline, I thought we were just having a stimulating conversation. Where are you going?

      Maddie: Addison, we don't belong in business together. We don't think alike. We don't agree on anything.

    • (Inside the hall, the bartender asks the detectives why they're here)

      Bartender: How do you want it to look?

      David and Maddie: Want what to look?

      Bartender: The body!

    • (Before they go into the dive bar, David insists Maddie change her looks--including her hair)

      David: Girls with attitude don't have a 'do like that. Nuns and librarians don't have a 'do like that. Shake it.

      Maddie (bristling): I'm going to tell Mr. Bruce that you did this.

    • (The detectives are looking for Michael Wrye. David has doubts Maddie has the savvy for the case.)

      David: You just don't have the right attitude. This is not something someone can tell you. You either have it… Or you don't.

    • (After David lands a new client)

      Maddie: This is going to work! We're really going to do this!

      David: Yes, we're really going to do this. What do you think, I'm playing around here or something?

    • (Maddie despairs of business at the agency)

      Maddie: There are no clients. There's never been a client!... I'm destitute. I should be selling my house!

    • (On her first proper workday at the office, Maddie notes there doesn't seem to be much business. She asks David why. He dodges the question.)

      David: You look great. Did you check out the shower massage? Don't thank me now.

    • (In assassin Tate's hospital room; Brummer runs in and pulls a gun on him)

      Brummer: Shut up, your time has come.

    • (In the parking garage; the detectives tell hitman Michael Wrye they have found his rival--something of a Pyhrric victory)

      Maddie: I want to die! (to Michael) I didn't mean that!

    • (In Maddie's car; she screams at David after he asks if she dropped the case)

      David (turning up the radio): Great, now we're all going to die. Maybe we can get a group rate at the cemetery!

      Maddie: Just because his son's a killer doesn't mean he isn't a nice person!

    • (After he recovers from choking at dinner)

      Farley Wrye: It's not the dying, it's the living. If anybody ever gives you a choice between dying slow and dying fast, take the express.

    • (In the car, as David balks at bringing Maddie into a dangerous bar)

      David: Keep your head down, the windows locked, and don't play the radio. It kills the battery.

      Maddie: I don't have to wait. It's my car, and my detective agency!

      David: You are going to get such a licking when your father gets home.

      Maddie: What's the point of being boss if everybody's always telling you what to do?

    • (As the detectives go to meet a contact at a dive)

      David: This bar is full of punks and killers!

      Maddie: Don't you want me to meet your friends?

    • David: If I get killed, I am never speaking to you again.

      Maddie: Is that a promise?

    • Franklin Tate: I remember the faces of all the men I ever killed. Some of them, the ones in the dark--I remember the quality of darkness.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Maddie: All right, Henry Higgins, can we go in now?

      Maddie is referring to the movie "My Fair Lady," whose protagonist, Professor Henry Higgins, helped Eliza Dolittle remake herself into a lady. Of course, David was remaking Maddie from a lady, but still...