Season 1 Episode 3

Gunfight at the So-So Corral

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1985 on ABC



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    • Miss DiPesto: Blue Moon Detective Agency.
      We're detectives with a heart, we're here to do our part.
      In your moment of need, we'll be there indeed.
      So please don't be shy, just give us a try.
      We're cooperative and discreet, we really can't be beat.
      And now, if I may be so bold, I'd like to put you in hold.

    • (David drives Tate to the scrapyard, then asks to get out. Tate asks what for.)

      David: My team's in the other bleachers. Besides, it's just my job to bring you here.

    • (In Maddie's car, as the detectives fight over whether to carry on with the case)

      David: I know what a promise is, and I didn't make one!

      Maddie: Well, I did. (Gets out of car)

      David (going after her): Madeline, I thought we were just having a stimulating conversation. Where are you going?

      Maddie: Addison, we don't belong in business together. We don't think alike. We don't agree on anything.

    • (Inside the hall, the bartender asks the detectives why they're here)

      Bartender: How do you want it to look?

      David and Maddie: Want what to look?

      Bartender: The body!

    • (Before they go into the dive bar, David insists Maddie change her looks--including her hair)

      David: Girls with attitude don't have a 'do like that. Nuns and librarians don't have a 'do like that. Shake it.

      Maddie (bristling): I'm going to tell Mr. Bruce that you did this.

    • (The detectives are looking for Michael Wrye. David has doubts Maddie has the savvy for the case.)

      David: You just don't have the right attitude. This is not something someone can tell you. You either have it… Or you don't.

    • (After David lands a new client)

      Maddie: This is going to work! We're really going to do this!

      David: Yes, we're really going to do this. What do you think, I'm playing around here or something?

    • (Maddie despairs of business at the agency)

      Maddie: There are no clients. There's never been a client!... I'm destitute. I should be selling my house!

    • (On her first proper workday at the office, Maddie notes there doesn't seem to be much business. She asks David why. He dodges the question.)

      David: You look great. Did you check out the shower massage? Don't thank me now.

    • (In assassin Tate's hospital room; Brummer runs in and pulls a gun on him)

      Brummer: Shut up, your time has come.

    • (In the parking garage; the detectives tell hitman Michael Wrye they have found his rival--something of a Pyhrric victory)

      Maddie: I want to die! (to Michael) I didn't mean that!

    • (In Maddie's car; she screams at David after he asks if she dropped the case)

      David (turning up the radio): Great, now we're all going to die. Maybe we can get a group rate at the cemetery!

      Maddie: Just because his son's a killer doesn't mean he isn't a nice person!

    • (After he recovers from choking at dinner)

      Farley Wrye: It's not the dying, it's the living. If anybody ever gives you a choice between dying slow and dying fast, take the express.

    • (In the car, as David balks at bringing Maddie into a dangerous bar)

      David: Keep your head down, the windows locked, and don't play the radio. It kills the battery.

      Maddie: I don't have to wait. It's my car, and my detective agency!

      David: You are going to get such a licking when your father gets home.

      Maddie: What's the point of being boss if everybody's always telling you what to do?

    • (As the detectives go to meet a contact at a dive)

      David: This bar is full of punks and killers!

      Maddie: Don't you want me to meet your friends?

    • David: If I get killed, I am never speaking to you again.

      Maddie: Is that a promise?

    • Franklin Tate: I remember the faces of all the men I ever killed. Some of them, the ones in the dark--I remember the quality of darkness.

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  • Allusions

    • Maddie: All right, Henry Higgins, can we go in now?

      Maddie is referring to the movie "My Fair Lady," whose protagonist, Professor Henry Higgins, helped Eliza Dolittle remake herself into a lady. Of course, David was remaking Maddie from a lady, but still...

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