Season 5 Episode 7

I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1989 on ABC

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  • Some MAJOR laughs in the this one AND some MAJOR weirdness! Wait, what am I talking about?! Of course there is. This is the 5th season! Ugh!

    David and Maddie's client may need a little help in the pulse department this time. He doesn't have one. The detectives have a side kick this time and he just happens to be dead! Lots of jokes and speculating about death. Especially Maddie. The scene where they're buried up to their heads in the graveyard is stupid but funny. Love that Maddie even admits that she can be a you know what sometimes. Watch the episode and you'll see what I mean. The shower scene was quite suggestive! Very funny but this DID NOT look like David and Maddie! Cybill enjoyed herself too much for her to be Maddie. We hardly ever see Maddie that happy to we people? Maddie gets a whopper of bruise when the bad guy bobs her on the noggin with his gun. Poor David has to take her to the hospital. Does anyone else think that if this happened in any other season David would've been even more concerned than he appeared to be here? Yes, he stays by her bedside which was sweet but I think more out of friendship than romantic love. I wish this scene took place in an earlier season sooo bad! Ugh! WHAT WAS ALL THAT CRAP IN MADDIE'S DREAM?!! Went on way too long and I was waiting for more recognizable people to take on the roles of some of the zombies and stuff. Not good. Oh, and while she was in the hospital we see a HUGE bruise on her forehead but when she's back in the office it's completely gone. What !##%^?! Hey, Bruce had a cut on his head in the last season which stayed there although fading for a few episodes! Bad continuity. I wish we had the power to change this season! (
  • David and Maddie are to busy arguing to remember that there´s a client waiting. When they find him, he´s dead.

    There´s still magic in the air even after 5 seasons. They decide to guard the body once they find out that there might be money in it for them. And later find themselves buried in the grave yard. David still is in a good mood, a situation where he can´t sing does not exist. :)

    Maddie admits that she can be a scary word-I´m-not-allowed-to-write-but-rimes-with-witch and David gets to chew her panty hose off. Once they are free from all the dirt (I mean litterally) Maddie wants to call the CIA and the FBI. David suggests that while they´re at it, why don´t gve BBC and BB King a call?