Season 5 Episode 11

In 'N Outlaws

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 1989 on ABC

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  • When justice called, Agnes should have let the answering machine get it.

    Bert is all set to attend his family reunion, when Agnes once again scuttles the plans with all that 'truth' and 'sense of justice' stuff. She's called to jury duty, and worse luck, she gets a murder case. It looks to be fairly simple. The others believe they know the right answer; Agnes, however, is stumped. The facts don't line up for her. She votes her conscience, which ticks off everybody else no end. Doing the right thing? In a court? Whoever heard of a crazy thing like that?

    Bert, meanwhile, must try to face his vast and rambunctious family without his sweetheart by his side. Desperate to fend off disaster, Bert resolves to see if Dipesto's theories could be right. A funny episode that rewards those who stick up for truth and the ones they love.