Season 3 Episode 13

Maddie's Turn to Cry (3)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1987 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (At David's apartment. He brings out a storage trunk so he and Maddie have something to sit on.)

      David: So!

      Maddie: So.

      David: Well, this is great! Glad you stopped by, I've been meaning to have you over. Can I get you something? You sure? Some cheese, peanut butter?

      Maddie: David, what are we going to do?

      David: I don't know. There's always the bedroom. (She stares.) It was a joke, it was a joke. Bad joke. Ah, let me take your coat.

      Maddie: No thanks. I snuck out. I don't have anything on under here except a nightgown. Nice, huh?

      David (laughing): Sneakers for sneakin'. I like that. (Now serious) You just left him there, huh?

      Maddie: He's perfect for me, you know? But you and me, we... we... (Starts crying, head in hands. After a moment, sits up and looks at David.) I can't believe you're going to sit there and let me go through this by myself!

      (David puts an arm around her shoulder. She leans into his chest.)

      David (very softly): It's okay.

      Maddie (sniffling): I hate you, David Addison.

      David: I know. I hate you too, Maddie Hayes. I've always hated you.

      (She leans back. They look at each other, and then-- a slow, sweet kiss.)

      David: ...You look awful.

      Maddie: Yeah, well, you smell awful. (Looks at her hands, touches her face. From all the crying, her makeup is a mess by now.) This is great!

      David: I'll get you some tissues. I know I have some tissues here. (Steps out for a minute.)

      Maddie: In my whole life, every major event since I was thirteen, you could count on me to cry, count on my mascara to run. Probably go to my grave with running... mascara...

      David (returning): I was wrong. I didn't have any tissues. Here. (Hands her a bunch of toilet paper)

      (Maddie blows her nose.)

      Maddie: David, Mrs. McLafferty, when they carried her out, she looked beautiful, didn't she?

      David: Yeah, I guess so-- if you go for that sort of thing.

      Maddie: No, I mean we heard her crying a lot-- we heard her crying a lot. When they carried her out, she looked perfect. I mean, her makeup looked perfect.

      David: Yeah, so?

      Maddie: So, put some shoes on. (Runs towards the door.)

      David (to camera): Yeah, I know. I thought we were heading for something big too.

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