Season 2 Episode 3

Money Talks-- Maddie Walks

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1985 on ABC
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Money Talks-- Maddie Walks
Maddie learns through the near-suicide of a friend where her embezzling accountant has fled to. She immediately flies after him, determined to get her money back.

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  • This is "Moonlighting" at its best.In this episode "Maddie" goes to Buenos Aires to try and get her money back from the accountant who stole it."David" shows up and they end up gambling in the casino and entering a poker game with very high stakes.moreless

    The episode opens with "Maddie"and"David"walking down a sidewalk in L.A.having just left a business meeting,when they spot a man on the ledge of a building."Maddie" realizes she recognizes him as a man she once knew named "Charles".He wants to kill himself because his accountant stole all his money,it turns out it was the same man who stole her money.His name is,"Ron Sawyer" and he's in Buenos Aires."Maddie"decides she is going to go there and get her money back,"David" does not support the choice."Maddie" arrives in Buenos Aries and gets dressed to the nines to meet with "Ron Sawyer"but the meeting does not go the way she planned.He's not ever going to give her the money back but he says that she should enjoy the casino.He offers her chips to gamble with,meals,champagne and suites to stay in.SShe goes to dinner and orders champagne as the waiter uncorks the bottle the cork flies across the room and "David" catches it.They decide to gamble in the casino and win $20,000 but "Ron" meets up with them and laughs at her.She knows "Ron" has a private poker game going on and wants in.It cost $100,000 to get in the game,"Maddie" puts up the $20,000 she won,her home in L.A.and her BMW."David"and"Ron" engage in a game of stud poker but as the game goes on she will have to sign a marker for everything she owns including the detective agency."David" convinces her she should fold,she does,and leaves the room.She returns to the room to look at the cards and see if they would have the $200,000,they would have.Back in L.A.,"Ms.Dipesto" enters the office of "Maddie Hayes" with a telegram from "David" requesting $350 for a plane ticket home "Maddie" tells her to send him $340.This is an amazing show of "Moonlighting",this is the show in its prime and it is "Maddie" and "David" at their glamorous 80's best.moreless
  • “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they make me feel a whole lot better…” Maddie rushes off to find the man who stole her fortune.

    On her way to work one morning, Maddie notices that a large crowd gathered on the sidewalk is looking at a ledge several stories above. What could be wrong?

    A man is poised to jump. He yells and throws things down to the people. Just then, Maddie recognizes him. It’s a friend of hers, an accountant.

    This is no way for him to go. Urgent to talk him out of it, Maddie hurries upstairs to talk to the man.

    He informs her that he knows what happened to her fortune. It’s in the hands of her former accountant, Ron Sawyer, who looted the entire sum and absconded to Rio de Janeiro.

    That does it. While happy she helped her friend recover his will to live, Maddie would feel even better if she recovered the money. She hatches a plan to go fight for her assets.

    David is not so hot to trot. He says as bad as it is, it may be time for Maddie to throw the setback on the ash heap of history, accept the loss and stay here. Finagling her money from a crafty man who’s far more experienced than Ms. Hayes at breaking the rules, and in a foreign country to boot, could be a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

    Maddie, however, isn’t persuaded. She heads out to the Brazilian metropolis to confront the evil Mr. Sawyer. Dave has no choice but to tag along.

    Bad people being, well, bad, the man is hardly apt to cave in; Ron gleefully tells Ms. Hayes her cause is lost and her cash is spent. On the casino that sprawls around them.

    Might as well wave a red flag in front of a bull. Maddie is determined to beat Sawyer on his own turf. At the gambling tables. David takes her place in the fray and it remains to see what fate has in the cards.

    Turnabout is fair play. Too bad life isn’t.

    Witty and poignant episode where the detectives pitch in together to fight the bad fight. You really feel for Maddie as she tries to get back her life savings from the snake who took it. David is caught up in the moment in spite of himself, and steps forward to protect her when she’s in over her head. It’s a surprising trait we’ll see many times over the years.

    One of the highlights of the second season.moreless
Allyce Beasley

Allyce Beasley

Agnes DiPesto

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

David Addison Jr.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Madeline "Maddie" Hayes

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Herbert Quentin Viola (seasons 4 - 5, recurring previously)

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