Season 1 Episode 6

Next Stop Murder

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1985 on ABC

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  • A great episode.

    Noted mystery writer J.B. Harland holds a writing contest each year. He then invites a few of his friends and the winner of the contest to try to solve a make-believe murder mystery aboard a moving train. This year, Agnes has won the contest, and Maddie and David accidentally end up with her on the "J. B. Harland Murder Train". But it turns into a real life murder mystery when J.B. turns up dead himself, and the mounting clues start to point to Agnes as the guilty party.

    A Great episode,very well writed,and fun.This is the best episode of the first season,and the first one that Agnes appears more than just talking at the phone.
  • Agnes wins a contest, but her favorite crime story comes to life.

    Blue Moon receptionist Agnes Dipesto wins a contest for fans of mystery writer J.B. Harland. Entrants get to solve a case staged on board a train. The secretary is pleased as punch until the guest of honor, Mr. Harland himself, turns up with a very real knife in his body. The train has started to move, so Dipesto and her bosses, David and Maddie, cannot stop to get the police. They must work together to figure out which of the fellow passengers is responsible for the deed. Along the way, Agnes and company learn some unpleasant truths about love, jealousy, deception and overpass bridges.

    Very clever, well-written and briskly paced. This is the first time since maybe the second episode that Agnes gets to be more than a comic relief stint. Perhaps the best show of the brief first season.
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