Season 5 Episode 4

Plastic Fantastic Lovers

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 1989 on ABC

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  • Not one of the better episodes but did have a funny ending and that almost kiss at the very end. Sad. :(

    This was sorta a mess. Some of it was entertaining and some of it wasn't. The two detectives go after a man who botched another man's plastic surgery. It turns into a game a plastic Clue by the end with a butler being more than causally involved somehow. Must say this because it's true. Sorry but it is. I don't like Jennifer Tilly. Never have. I was groaning with all those scenes she had with Bruce. Must say though Bruce probably enjoyed this episode. He gets to play around with Jennifer Tilly in a sickeningly obvious foreplay and then gets thrown into three women, Tilly, Shepard, and the doomed man's wife! I loved that Cybill was subject to some real physical comedy in this one. Strange but enjoyable. I'm sorry to admit but when David hits her with the office door I was like noooo! How cruel David?! Then I was like that's funny! Haha! Later, when she's hit in the face with that gel I yelled, "JUSTICE!" I know I shouldn't blame her for getting pregnant and that's Cybil's deal but the way the writers wrote her character at that time and all the pain David went through I thought this was just deserts! Can't help it I did! OH MY GOSH! Then came that almost kiss at the end. Why?! They tease us and then they pull away. The writers are slowly pulling these two apart. I want to say they didn't kiss maybe because they were afraid to start up all the crap they went through the first time around but who's to say that would happen again (writers you better not it if had. lol)? Oh, well. Can't go back 20 some years and change the story. Another reason for REUNION movie!!!