Season 3 Episode 10

Poltergeist III--- Dipesto Nothing

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 1987 on ABC

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  • Doesn't hit the high notes of DiPesto's first detective adventure.

    Agnes rarely ventures from the office, and when she does, you'd expect it to be funny. Yeah, expect.

    This episode was an experiment. But unlike those other ones where David and Maddie run offset with Whoopie Goldberg being chased in a golfcart by a man with a gun, it's not funny. It's not even amusing. Or entertaining. No, they added too much baking soda to these experimental Raisin and Cheddar Cheese muffins and they turned out tasting plain weird.

    This episode was a ghost story. They played on Agnes' comic relief role and Herb's, to a degree, too. But it just came out cruel, unusual, and nonsensical.

    The competition between Herb and Agnes for a start made little sense. Come on, she likes him too much. And Herb isn't that nasty as to flash his "company credit card" in her face and make her type up 50 files of notes.

    It was unusual with the ghost element. Sure, Moonlighting is funny and romantic and action-packed. But Horror is pushing it a little too far (Up next week: Maddie and David are hired by Mulder and Scully to follow the Alien who won't stop joyriding in their car!). And it wasn't even funny this episode, I can't remember laughing at all. I just remember hearing Maddie and David's tired, paternal pattering dialog at the beginning and knowing "Oh, here we go, it's gonna be one of THOSE episodes..."

    Non-sense? How did that doctor get there? What part of the story did we know he was the baddie? I don\'t remember him being there til the end. Gah, how are the viewers supposed to figure out whodunnit if the pieces aren\'t all laid out to us in the first 10 minutes??
    And Herb and Agnes...hating each other one minute, hugging the next? And Agnes taking initiative to take a case? And Agnes trying to run from the house to the library at 10pm at night after she agreed to do the case? Is any of this making sense to the reader?

    The first DiPesto adventure was funny and engaging. She got herself into situations, was put in situations, and bumbled her way out. This time she wanted into a situation, made it worse, and fell in it with Herb and a ghost in a most unfunny way.

    Not good enough.