Season 1 Episode 4

Read the Mind--- See the Movie

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 1985 on ABC

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  • one of my favorite episodes of the first season

    this episode is a classic and it's so funny I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. bruce willis has some great one liners, cybill sheperd looks good and they work so great together and you can see why it was a hit show that people liked to watch. I like the part when they go to the house dressed in black get on the roof then he gets maddie to hold him upside down to look in the window to see what's going on. she lets him go and he falls that's funny.
  • An industrial espionage case leads the detectives to tangle with things of the next world…and pick an interesting time to go swimming.

    A changing of the guard is underway at SRT industries. The company’s new weapons line, portable laser guns, could change military technology forever. The young executive who introduced the product hopes for an impressive demonstration, as his project is under scrutiny by the head of the firm.

    The vaunted test doesn’t quite go as planned.

    Over at Blue Moon, where they’re used to things not turning out the way they should, they have a new client on the line—Brian Baker, the wunderkind at SRT. And he’s not happy. David Addison has already been dispatched to do some ‘psychological research.’ It seems to consist of ‘beating workers at poker.’ Maddie Hayes sets off under full sail to find out what could be wrong.

    Brian announces someone sold prime SRT secrets to a top competitor. David insists he had done everything he could, including interviews with all employees and scanning the place for bugs. Maddie, however, is determined to try another tack. She sets up a dinner with Preston Holt, head of that rival firm, Holt Aerospace.

    Preston turns out to be charming and witty. Maddie unwinds a little bit, talking about her early modeling days. After a bit of flattery, Hayes opts for the truth, but Holt is tougher to read this time.They head home. Maddie says she had a wonderful time, but this was all business. Holt apparently expected other results. Maddie is a little taken aback, suddenly wishing she were somewhere else.

    She might as well be. The door pops open and David greets them. He’s wearing an apron and blathering in a fake accent about how he’s waiting for his sweetheart to come home. Maddie, seeing a way out, kisses David and gussies up to the ‘man of the house.’ It works: Holt is warded off, and the detectives head back inside.

    Hayes’ apparent good mood turns sour, as she lambastes David for breaking in. Addison maintains he saved her from Holt. Maddie has an update on the case: she says Holt told her he consults psychic Omar Gauss and that the secrets come from the mystical plane. David scoffs. Nevertheless, Hayes wants to meet Gauss.

    They go to Omar’s house, where David rummages in the front room. Then it’s upstairs to the parlor. The lights dampen and the place shakes. Omar comes to greet them, and claims the setup was actually meant to calm them down. What can he do for them?

    Hayes lets him know of Holt’s assertion that Gauss was stealing secrets. Gauss jokes very crudely, irking Maddie and amusing David no end. Omar says he sees visions and lately these included industrial plans. Holt must have had ulterior motives with the detective. Maddie insists nothing happened.

    A disgusted Maddie marches out of the house. David crows that at least one thing went right: he stole the psychic’s appointment book, and from it gleans that Brian Baker met Omar many times. Eureka! Addison says the next step is to spy on the seer’s abode. He tells Maddie he’s an old hand at this—it’ll be fun. Famous last words…

    Still, both gumshoes turn up to hide in the bushes and observe the string of visitors to Gauss. Carl Baker, Brian’s father, is there along with his son. Brian takes Omar aside and tells of his fears that he will run out of funding and that his sister, Vivian, will win their father’s confidence, hence, command of the firm.

    Outside, David throws a grappling hook at the house and messes up. Maddie suggests the easy way—a drainpipe leading up the side of the building. It even has metal bars they can use for foot perches. Oh. They shimmy away.

    Carl thinks the secrets are coming from the spirit of his late wife, Betty. Omar happens to suggest SRT hold a special election…and hope for Brian to take the lead. He also warns Carl to keep an eye on Vivian.

    David tries to get a good view of the room, with Maddie’s help—and by help I mean she grabs his feet and holds him upside down in front of the window. Her grip slides just a little. They switch places. David tries this time, swinging Maddie into place, but he can’t handle the task either, and Hayes briefly drapes into view of the room’s occupants. Gauss opens fire.

    David hauls Maddie to safety just in time. They scramble around on the roof, but no route down to the ground is safe. Guards surround the place. What is the one place that’s hard for pursuit to reach?

    What goes up, must come down…Everybody in the water!

    David urges Hayes to peel down to her unmentionables, all the better to leap into the pool. Maddie is rock terrified but there is no other way out. They get down to their skivvies and jump. Somehow, they live through it and get back, drenched but whole, to the car.

    Their next meeting is much less dangerous. They have to talk to Vivian. Baker lets them in on her father’s dislike of her attempts to rise up the corporate ladder. Although the information is disquieting, it does not trouble them enough to reopen the case.

    That’ll come later.

    Hours on, as David is unwinding in a bar, he decides to give Maddie a call. Who wrecked the SRT demo?

    They get another ring from Vivian, who says she was talking to Carl when Brian interrupted. That clinches it. They drive to the SRT building. David doubts each and every one of his previous theories as to the culprit. The answer awaits them inside.

    It’s safe to say the person responsible will not be getting the ‘Employee of the Month’ parking space. After a manic gunfight in which the traitor lays waste to the demonstration room, irony saves the day—a massive panel comes down from the ceiling and crushes the shooter. Everyone else escapes harm.

    Now the case is finished after all. In the safety of the agency office, the relieved detectives joke about the results. David gives Maddie a quiz with a lie detector device. And skates just a little too close to the bawdy gaffe of Mr. Gauss.

    Is he ever in trouble—if she can catch him, that is…
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