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  • One of my top two favorites ever...

    Moonlighting was my first ever really favorite television show.

    I was about 12 or 13 when I first encountered it- yes, this was in the 80's when it actually aired (most) Tuesday nights at 8 PM CST.

    I lived for this show. Actually, my very best friend told me about it when she saw her Dad watching it (mostly for Cybill Shepherd- who could blame him?) and laughing his head off. She was captivated, and soon I was, as well. We were our own personal "Moonlighting" fan club. I'm not sure about my friend, but I wanted to grow up and be Maddie Hayes (I was the blonde, after all) and I definitely wanted to find a partner, a best friend, and a love like David Addison. And I wanted to banter just like them. Even as a young teen, I knew there was something special and different about these two and this show. Glenn Gordon Caron, I will forever be in awe of your foresight and your talents because of the writing and because you had the sense to take a chance on an unknown actor named Bruce Willis and pair him with Cybill Shepherd. You were and are a genius.

    My favorite episodes are "Big Man on Mulberry Street", "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice", "Brother, Can You Spare A Blonde?", "Atomic Shakespeare", and especially, "It's A Wonderful Job"... that one is simply THE quintessential "Moonlighting".

    I give the show a 9.5 (just shy of perfect) because of most everything after "I Am Curious... Maddie", and because we got to meet Baby Hayes only to be crushed with disappointment that Maddie lost the baby- a HUGE mistake, IMHO. Besides, nothing is ever perfect, right? But "Moonlighting" came just about as close to perfect as anything ever could, for when it was good, it wasn't very, very good; it was GREAT. And yes, I finally found my very own David Addison. it took a while, but I found him... and he gives great banter ;)

    Oh, my other favorite show? "Lost".
  • Maddie and David, what a couple... Always trying to get on each one's nerves. A funny show, indeed!

    This is probably one of the best comedy series that was ever created for television. The concept and the ideas were fresh, and there was also that great sense of humour throughout the entire series. The way the characters interacted with each others was amazing. Maddie and David always trying to get along with each other, but that proved to be a tough thing to do, with them always yelling at each other and slamming doors, especially when she was Miss Perfection, and he was an adult with a mind of a 10 year-old kid who was always trying to relax while in work.

    Another high point in this series was the way their secretary, Agnes DiPesto seemed to always get into trouble, without even realizing it. Plus, the way she answered the phone was hillarious and very poetic: "Blue Moon Detective Agency..."

    Although more than 20 years have passed since this series first was showed in TV, it's still one of the most hillarious.

    Wouldn't mind to see the actors once again doing a series like this one. 10 out of 10!
  • Moonlighting was a terrific romantic comedy.

    Moonlighting was one of those shows that I didn't watch at first but once I caught an episode I was hooked. The constant sparring of Maddie and David was excellent with a lot of acknowledgement to the camera. I even enjoyed the episodes where Agnes Dipesto and Herbert Viola were given more screen-time.

    Like other classic shows, it holds up beautifully in re-runs. It was funny, inventive, and different than anything else on TV. The writing allowed the show to move easily from comedy to romance, and even some drama. But it was the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd that made the show work. Although he was unknown when the show started, Willis' star quality was apparent from the beginning. It's amazing that network executives initially didn't want him for the part. What a find! Both he and Shepherd were perfectly cast in these roles. The banter and sexual tension between them has never been matched by another TV couple to this day. What a great show. Now available on DVD it's another classic TV show to ad to my collection.
  • Again, the tempest of forbidden love that comes to the surface.

    This show was slow to grow on me. Maybe it was Cybil Shepard, maybe it was Bruce Willis but it took a full season for this show to go the distance and capture my imagination. Once my imagination was captured, however, I was hooked. I had taken the hook, line and sinker. Another love story that in itself was slow to grow. You could sense it, smell it, wish for it. Then slowly it unfolded. It was great. TV should look back before reality shows there was real TV with real emotions that made you sit and watch the the commericals that were hawked during the short breaks. Again, love killed the show. I haven't figured out why that happens but it seems to be the writers fault as if they become allergic to the stories themselves.
  • One of the best surreal shows of the 80s.

    This series made a box office star out of Bruce Willis and gave a boost to Cybil Sheppard.

    Havent seen this one since it went off the air the same time as another classic Miami Vice. But I do remember it was must see TV with one liners, jokes and off the wall plots.

    The character of Agnes DiPesto must have been the inspiration for "Ugly Betty". The series did go downhill after Dave and Maddie finally succumbed to their romantic impulses towards each other. The would they or wouldnt they tension kept the series fresh and once they did it. The suspense was over. Although I think the real reason was Bruce Willis started sleepwalking thru the final season on the heels of his big screen box office winner "Die Hard" - it was clear he wanted to leave the series for the big screen.

    The series was odd in that a usual season has 22-24 episodes but Moonlighting never had more than 16 in any one season and a 5 year average of 13 episodes per season. Supposedly thats why its rarely seen in syndication.

    They did end the series on a strong note as they disassembled the sets as the series ended. That was hilarious.
  • Two opposites become partners in a Dective Agency. They fight crime while fighting off each other.

    This series is a classic and one of the greatest TV series of the 1980s. It made a star of Bruce Willis and made Cybill Shepard known to those who haven't seen her previous work. But what made this series so amazing that it is still referred to even today? It was the great chemistry between David and Maddie. It is almost the live action version of Lady and the Tramp. You have Maddie, a high-class woman and then you have David, the blue collar single man who loves to party and takes very little seriously. You put these two opposites together and magic is born. And it was.

    Some say that the series went down hill after season three, and maybe in someways it did. But it still had some moments that were truly special. On the outside, this TV series looked as if only women would enjoy this seris. But it also appeals to men as well. Action, Drama and Romance appeals to everyone because it is real. The best thing about this series is that it hasn't aged! The styles of clothes and music have, but the core story is as true today as it was then.
  • The best dramedy show of the 1980's to watch. The show is about former fashion model Madeline "Maddie" Hayes goes broke after her assets are sold to Blue Moon Detective Agencies. She becomes the owner of the detective agency.

    I was a fan of the show since it began as a mid-season replacement in March 1985. I was four years old, when the show started. I was eight years old, when the show ended. I remember it was on the Sundays at 9pm timeslot, then the Tuesdays at 9pm timeslot, and the show was moved back to the Sundays at 9pm timeslot. The show did made Bruce Willis famous at the time. Cybil Sheperd did make a lot of comebacks, after being famous as model turned actress, which she starred in films from the 1970's. One of my favorite moments is when David and Maddie finally did it in the bedroom.
  • In my opinion this is the best show ever.

    Moonlighting has everything. Every episode has several layers to it which makes it well worth watching over and over, there's always something you missed. There's always this attraction between Maddie and David, ever since the Pilot, that is just outstanding. The writers knew it and kept teasing with these dream sequences so we at least would get to see them together without jeopardizing the storyline. I am grateful they did!

    My favourite moments are the hilarious scene from the beginning of Somewhere Under the Rainbow, the sweet intimate kiss in Maddie's Turn To Cry and the serious talks in Eek! A Spouse and Maddie Hayes Got Married.
  • A good romantic show.

    This show was good except for the last episode, it's gotten weird for some reason the producers never explained. let's talk about the first 3 seasons, which were really good, it's got a good chemistry with cybill shepperd and bruce willis. depesto makes a good secretary. this show have a good amount of action and adventure in it. the stories weren't dull, bruce willis had some heroic personalities with this show. it was a really good show. you really get a good laugh out of it, i really can't speak much about the last season which was downright silly, it was weird.
  • Moonlighting the best series of the 80's hands down

    Moonlighting was by far one of those shows that grabbed you after just one viewing. It was like crack for your eyes, once you had a taste you were hooked. I remember when it first came out I was about 11 or 12 years old and I would pretend to go to bed and shove a towel under my door so the light from the tv wouldnt shine out and I would curl up in the bed and just watch it and love every scene. I think it was one of those shows that only happens once. The cast was amazing and Cybil and Bruce were so totally wonderful together. I recently bought the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seasons on DVD and I have fallen in love with it all over again. All I can say is thank you to all of the people involved for this show.
  • Ever have a *really* rough day at the office?

    Life as a “retired” model is nice work if you can get it. Maddie Hayes is having a pretty good time with the millions she earned from a career as a fashion plate, when her former accountant makes off with said proceeds, leaving Hayes with not even enough to pay the staff on hand. Broke and just about friendless, Maddie must scramble to get something from what little she still has.

    Her remaining asset is a detective agency. And wait ‘til she meets the detective.

    David Addison’s idea of hard work is making the shot in a game of garbage can basketball. He ran the company, all right—into the ground. City of Angels is not exactly bustling with clients, and its bank account is in just as much trouble as Maddie’s.

    There’s only one thing for it: roll up their respective sleeves and get to work.

    That is, if they don’t kill each other first.

    Their very first conversation turns into a shouting match. David’s mind is in the gutter and Maddie figures it’s time to bring in the street sweeper. He gets on her last nerve pretty darn quickly. She storms out, thinking the cure for her sudden unemployment may be worse than the disease.

    Soon after, Maddie tries to return to the normal world by going out to dinner.

    David will have none of it.

    He races in to bust up the soiree. Maddie, horrified, flees to the elevator.

    Where a man falls dead at her feet.

    The rough and ready rocker had a watch on him that wasn’t just your ordinary timepiece. Some nasty people turn up later looking for the device, and they’re willing to kill to get it.

    The case you solve may be your own.

    Hayes sticks around to finish the deal. She changes the name on the front window to Blue Moon—and doesn’t leave for another five years.

    The relationship between Maddie and David turns from bafflement, to hostility, to a dramatic love affair—and then, all is confusion. While the last two years are difficult, to say the least, the first three rank among the best television in the history of the form.

    An intelligent drama and a witty romance, this is the kind of show they don’t make anymore.
  • Wow We Talk about this Show lol

    Well I wily missed this show
    How I can Forget the All the Funny Parts of Maddie the angry and Addison the Loony I willy missed them
    The true that They wily dont woes Great Much Bat this woes Funny to wacth them play Togther
    I Cant Froget Maddie Screm Every time She Screm about Addison And Addison Dont stop make her moor Crazy After all They make the Show To the Great's
    Before I be done Lates Dont Froget
  • Classic 80's Television

    Moonlighting was a smart and sophisticated show that harkens back to the romantic comedies of the 30's & 40's. Cybil Shepherd & Bruce Willis simmer together and the spark between the two is evident from the opening episode. The show garnered a tremendous amount of Emmy nominations, but only won a small handful of awards in the editing and costume categories. The one exception was Mr. Willis winning a well-deserved lead actor award in 1987. The show never was a major hit with the fans as it was with the critics and it only lasted for an abbreviated five seasons.
  • One very overrated show

    Do you hate Bruce Willis? Sure, don't we all? Well this is the show which launched him to prominence. Moonlighting was that "daring and original" show which was the critic's darling back in the mid-80's. Except that this reviewer could never see what the big fuss was all about. I watched Moonlighting quite a bit and tried hard to like it but the show simply never clicked with me.

    Maybe the show was designed for sophisticates and I'm just not that hip. Maybe I don't know anything about what good writing or good acting is supposed to be. Maybe I'm just a doofus who wouldn't know good television if it hit him in the face. Or maybe I'm correct when I say that Moonlighting was one very overrated show and the absolute worst part of the show was Bruce Willis. It made him a star. For that reason alone every copy of Moonlighting in existence should be burned.
  • A show that redefined the term "romantic comedy", Moonlighting is about a fledgling detective agency owned by a model as a tax write-off. She loses everything and has to make a go of it, all with the world's greatest smart-aleck at her side.

    I remember watching Moonlighting when it premiered, seeing Bruce Willis, and thinking -- Wow, he's got it! It's just too bad the in-fighting on the set eventually spilled over and ruined the fantastic chemistry he and Cybill Shepherd enjoyed in the beginning.

    Solving crime was only half the fun of Moonlighting. The other was Dave's (Bruce Willis' character) never-ending smart-alecky banter. While Maddie (Cybill) tried to remain business-like, Dave was being the class clown, that you couldn't help but love. But, he knew what to do when the going got tough, and the case was always solved in the end.

    Superior writing and innovative plot devices make Moonlighting a classic. The famous black & white dream episode wasn't a mere gimmick to get more viewers. It was an homage to film noir, and gave fans of Dave and Maddie a chance to see them together in a way the actual Dave and Maddie weren't yet ready for.

    A personal favorite (minus the last couple of seasons) for it's originality and for making Bruce Willis a star. Meow!
  • Season 4 and 5 were abominable. So I giving it an 8.5

    The show was smart, sexy and a helluvalotta fun. (invented a word ;) The quick wit, rapid fire dialogue between Maddie and David was a hallmark of the show. (Sorry Ladies, It was not invented by the Gilmore Girls) During season 1-3, It was without question the best show on television. After season three the show went downhill FAST. Once Maddie got pregnant that was it. The chemistry was dead as a doornail. Despite that, It is still a classic.
  • Humor and drama mix in this great detective show.

    This was the show of a former Hollywood scarlet and a detective agency. The two workers at the detective agency, Blue Moon Detective agency, were Ms. Depesto, a rhyming receptionish and Dave, the wisecracking detective. Cybil Shepperd played Maddie, the slightly uptight owner of the agency.
    Between the omage to classic film an television and the music(Motown), this was a real treat.
  • moonlighting got it right.people wait there whole lives to have chemistry like theres on screen and off. cybil and bruce were hot,hot,hot. more,more, more. can\'t wait for the rest of the seasons to follow. more,more,more of maddie and david

    moonlighting got it right. people wait there whole
    lives to have chemistry like theres on screen and
    off. cybil and bruce were hot,hot,hot more,more,more. can,t wait for the rest of the seasons to follow. more,more,more of maddie and david. soon,soon,soon. they really were a hoot. hip,hip,hip hooray. i thinks it,s time for one hell of a reunion. how bout a fight to the finish. come on cybil and bruce. your fans are sure ready. maybe its time for the fantasy to become reality. here,s looking at you kids
  • Great TV show. One of a kind.

    The way this show blended humor and drama was amazing. It was a very funny show that also had a good deal of drama in it.

    Its best asset was that it made you care about the characters. David Addison is one of the most memorable characters on television. He was so cool and laid back.

    Another reason this show was great was that it was the vehicle that produced one of the best actors of the past decade...Bruce Willis.

    Willis is a great actors who puts out entertaining movies consistently. Its so much fun to watch his movie and we can thank Moonlighting for giving him to us.
  • Moonlighting was a romantic comedy disguised as a detective show. Maddie owned a detective agency, but what did she know about being a detective, she was a former model? She hires smart alec David to do the leg work.

    Moonlighting drove me crazy. I would watch it for a while, enjoying the banter, then they would have one of those chase scenes and I would yell at the TV: This is stupid! They put too much emphasis on the flirtation between David & Maddie, making the plotlines that centered around the case they were working inane and full of holes. The best thing about the series was the theme song. I still watched from time to time. I liked the secretary and her boyfriend, and seeing Bruce Willis do Michael Keaton was kind of fun. But why did they always have those stupid chase scenes?
  • Moonlighting one of the best shows to come out of the '80's.

    Some work by night, some by day, Moonlighting strangers who just met on the way. Whenever I hear that I have fond memories of sitting in front of the tv, soda and popcorn in hand, and watching one of the most inventive television shows ever.

    Moonlighting revived the career of Cybil Shepard
    (Maddie Hayes) and created a superstar out of Bruce willis (David Adison). The chemistry these two had set the tv on fire, and in the end put the flame back out.

    Breaking the third wall barrier Moonlighting set out not to be just your ordinary detective show, but to improve on the theme of another ABC detective show that had been on years earlier, Hart to Hart. The premise was simple Maddie Hayes supermodel's husband dies and leaves her a detective agency and not much else. There she meets detective David Adison, and after much arguing and sexual enuendo decides to keep the agency and run it with the help of David.

    By talking to the tv audience and giving a wink wink to the viewers, Moonlighting showed it was as smart, sexy and hip of any show of it's era.
    The show was a top 10 hit for most of it's run.
    But tension between Cybil and Bruce, scripts getting finished on time, and other problems caused the show to be re-ran quite abit. It became like a holiday when a new episode was aired. Even with the problems I stayed with the show until the end. For anyone looking for smart, sexy, stylish, and utterly enjoyable Tv,
    look no further than Moonlighting.
  • This show was not only groundbreaking but an instant classic. There have been none like it before or after...sad to say.

    Moonlighting was and is what detective shows should be...funny, dangerous and a bit tongue in cheek. It never took itself too seriously and the viewers often knew the joke was on the characters, not themselves. This show launched Bruce Willis in to stardom and made him a household name. I wonder at times why he doesn't give the show credit for his fame as this is where it began? Recently released on DVD (Seasons 1 & 2 with the rest to follow), if you're not familar with this gem of a series, pick it up, catch up and you'll understand what all of the fuss was and is about! Moonlighting strangers....sigh!
  • Ground-breaking Series finally out on DVD

    Moonlighting still influences TV shows today and coined the word \"dramedy.\" It\'s a terrfic blend of comedy and drama, but at times a musical too.

    The chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd represent the gold standard and no TV couple has yet come close to creating the heat and excitement these two did. On top of that was the superb and sophisticated writing and direction.

    Regarding bonus extras on the DVD, I, as well as my associates from the online publication Moonlighting Strangers on are seen on the featurette, The Moonlighting Phenomenon. Check us out.
  • When TV was full of Private Investigators- this show was somehow original. The one major blemish on this otherwise excellent show's run is the final season, where new episode came slowly often many weeks apart.

    When TV was full of Private Investigators this show was somehow original- or different. while Magnum PI, Simon And Simon, Riptide, and Remington Steel, were all jamming the air waves with their private investigative ways, Moonlighting was just unique, funny, clever.

    The one major blemish on this otherwise excellent show's run is during the final season new episodes came slowly; often many weeks apart, and because it went down the soap opera path with it's story line, the break between new episodes just brought this show to a halt.

    I will likely buy the DVD set to watch it all at my own pace and see if it holds up as well as when I remember. I was a teenager after all, and all those hormones may have just been reacting to the fuzzy camera len's view of the former beauty queen.