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  • One of the best surreal shows of the 80s.

    This series made a box office star out of Bruce Willis and gave a boost to Cybil Sheppard.

    Havent seen this one since it went off the air the same time as another classic Miami Vice. But I do remember it was must see TV with one liners, jokes and off the wall plots.

    The character of Agnes DiPesto must have been the inspiration for "Ugly Betty". The series did go downhill after Dave and Maddie finally succumbed to their romantic impulses towards each other. The would they or wouldnt they tension kept the series fresh and once they did it. The suspense was over. Although I think the real reason was Bruce Willis started sleepwalking thru the final season on the heels of his big screen box office winner "Die Hard" - it was clear he wanted to leave the series for the big screen.

    The series was odd in that a usual season has 22-24 episodes but Moonlighting never had more than 16 in any one season and a 5 year average of 13 episodes per season. Supposedly thats why its rarely seen in syndication.

    They did end the series on a strong note as they disassembled the sets as the series ended. That was hilarious.