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  • One of my top two favorites ever...

    Moonlighting was my first ever really favorite television show.

    I was about 12 or 13 when I first encountered it- yes, this was in the 80's when it actually aired (most) Tuesday nights at 8 PM CST.

    I lived for this show. Actually, my very best friend told me about it when she saw her Dad watching it (mostly for Cybill Shepherd- who could blame him?) and laughing his head off. She was captivated, and soon I was, as well. We were our own personal "Moonlighting" fan club. I'm not sure about my friend, but I wanted to grow up and be Maddie Hayes (I was the blonde, after all) and I definitely wanted to find a partner, a best friend, and a love like David Addison. And I wanted to banter just like them. Even as a young teen, I knew there was something special and different about these two and this show. Glenn Gordon Caron, I will forever be in awe of your foresight and your talents because of the writing and because you had the sense to take a chance on an unknown actor named Bruce Willis and pair him with Cybill Shepherd. You were and are a genius.

    My favorite episodes are "Big Man on Mulberry Street", "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice", "Brother, Can You Spare A Blonde?", "Atomic Shakespeare", and especially, "It's A Wonderful Job"... that one is simply THE quintessential "Moonlighting".

    I give the show a 9.5 (just shy of perfect) because of most everything after "I Am Curious... Maddie", and because we got to meet Baby Hayes only to be crushed with disappointment that Maddie lost the baby- a HUGE mistake, IMHO. Besides, nothing is ever perfect, right? But "Moonlighting" came just about as close to perfect as anything ever could, for when it was good, it wasn't very, very good; it was GREAT. And yes, I finally found my very own David Addison. it took a while, but I found him... and he gives great banter ;)

    Oh, my other favorite show? "Lost".