Season 3 Episode 12

Sam & Dave (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1987 on ABC

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  • Grrrrrr! Why did they have to make him be such a nice guy?! Maddie's insane not to notice! MORE pain for David! What's new?:(

    David gets to really know "Luke Skywalker" I mean Sam, Maddie's old friend from college. Astronaut Sam is everything David isn't and when he's invited to dine with Sam and Maddie David finds this out and more about the rival for his affections. As the dinner goes on David gets more and more drunk and in this case more and more hurt about all the info he receives about Sam while Maddie sits there between the both of them mostly silent which is ANOTHER unusual thing about her now! What did the writers do with Maddie? Did they lock her up in a studio closet somewhere and replace her with this look alike double?! I have a feeling Maddie isn't going to be Maddie for a while more and now I'm wondering if we'll ever see the original Maddie ever again?! Sam turns out to be a good guy and takes David home but not before they get the crap beat out of them by some big guy at a gas station. AGAIN! Why all the David bashing?! Figuratively and literally this time! Ugh! How much pain does this guy have to go through?!!! Later Maddie once again beds down with Sam after he returns home to her from taking David home. Just dig the knife in a little deeper writers!!! All that time while they were dancing I was waiting for Sam to say "He's in love with you Maddie," but I guess the writers wanted us to get that without actually saying it with Maddie's reactions or something. We still have to SEE these two getting it on! We already knew they were. Us David and Maddie fans really don't want to see it. You think David wants to see that?! Well, neither to WE! Ugh! Onto the next one which is probably the one where the Moonlighting curse originated!
  • A fabulous, kind of heartbreaking episode.

    I love this episode and think it's one of the best of the series, even though it made me constantly feel the urge to cover my eyes and plug my ears as our hero David makes a total a** of himself. David, having realized he's in love with Maddie, follows her to her romantic dinner with rival Sam, and Sam--the crafty ex-- invites him to join them. Dave gets wasted and shows his worst side, while Sam shows himself to be the consummate nice guy. There is constant tension between Sam and Dave, as both knows the other one is his rival for Maddie's affections. David, I think feeling somewhat defeated, gets so drunk that Sam has to take him home, even heaving him into bed and taking off his shoes, which goes way beyond the call of duty, I think. Before Sam leaves, David tells him he's a good guy, but before he's totally out of earshot, David mutters "Rat bastard," which I thought was the perfect sentiment. (Yes, you're a good guy, but I hate you for it!)

    At this point, I think both David and Sam believe that Sam holds all the cards--after all he's a nice, good-looking, gentlemanly ASTRONAUT, while David is, um, David--but at the end of the episode, the viewer can tell that this is not the case. The final scene shows Maddie lying awake in bed with a sleeping Sam, staring off and obviously thinking about David. Since I haven't watched this series since it was originally on tv, I can't remember exactly what happens next, but after this episode, I was left wondering, how nice is this Sam guy really? Is he just being a cunning schemer, letting David dig his own proverbial grave? Is he a calculating person doing everything he can to get what he wants (Maddie), or is he a genuinely nice person?

    I can't wait to watch the next episode!
  • Among the most tense and rattling of the personal dramas in the series. David is suspicious of the new man in Maddie’s life and follows the couple out on the town. Disaster ensues.

    Features a brilliant clash of wills between the earnest but increasingly desperate David, and astronaut Sam Crawford, newly returned to town but with a previous relationship history with Maddie.

    David, having ‘already met’ his rival in very unpleasant circumstances, is at first inclined to give up and slide into a crushing depression. Yet after hearing a shaggy-dog story about the night before from Maddie, his jealousy is piqued again, and he invites himself to her and Sam’s dinner.

    David wants so badly to tell Maddie the vital conclusion he discovered the other night. Sam, who may understand more than he directly lets on, is not to be dismissed so easily.

    What follows is a stunning conversation between the two men, with Maddie as the frightened third wheel. None of them can leave, or start an out-and-out fight, as either would be unconscionably rude; yet each of them can tell things have gone horribly wrong. So they’re all trapped. The discussion is filled with what they pretend are jokes, but the words are wrapped in vicious anger and bitter sadness. David drinks himself into oblivion and Sam is certainly not inclined to make him stop. He is, ‘without firing a shot,’ able to get David to make an utter fool out of himself in front of Maddie.

    You wouldn’t think the night could get worse for Mr. Addison. It can, and it does.

    He is dropped off at home by Crawford, who not only tows David to his room like so much garbage to the curb, but gets to go back to Maddie as the winner of the day, and as her lover.

    David loses the battle.

    Has he lost the war?