Season 3 Episode 3

Symphony in Knocked Flat

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1986 on ABC

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  • Homage to the Three Stooges?

    There were parts of this episode that I absolutely loved and found hilarious, BUT it was so unrealistic as to make me roll my eyes. I know this show is predicated on a certain amount of self awareness, meaning that the characters often refer to the fictional nature of their own existence, which definitely gives it more leeway to delve into the absurd, but come on! Here are the things with which I take some issue: 1). That D & M left the keys in the car and the trunk open for the assassins to steal it while they tried to call the FBI--so stupid! 2). That D & M knocked out the boxer and his manager, without being prosecuted for assault. 3). That David barely had a scratch on him after being pummeled by the Russian boxer. 4). That they didn't just call the police or FBI to report the planned assassination attempt. (Even without evidence, I'm sure someone would have checked it out! And at one point, Maddie and David walk right past cops standing outside of the ring!) and lastly, 4). Maddie knocks out the Russian at the end--totally impossible! Having said all this, I do recognize that certain aspects were part of an homage to old-time physical comedians like the Three Stooges, and it was great to see Maddie knock the Russian boxer out at the end. I definitely still enjoyed the show. There are just others that I think are more well written and have fewer loose ends.
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