Season 5 Episode 6

Take My Wife, For Example

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Nathan Kraft and his wife are getting a divorce, but her divorce lawyer, Betty Russell, feels that the marriage is worth saving and wants to hire Blue Moon to prove that Mr. Kraft's affair with his secretary isn't really a substantial love relationship. Dave and Maddie follow Mr. Kraft long enough to realize that his secretary is seeing both him and another man. The divorce proceeds, and under oath, Mrs. Kraft admits that she was sleeping with her husband's business partner. And then it turns out that the business partner was the same man who was the secretary's other man. At this point, the business partner is found dead, and Mr. Kraft is suspected of his murder. But (as always happens in cases like these), it turns out that Mrs. Kraft set this all up to frame her husband. as Betty Russell points out, "With [Mr. Kraft] in prison and the partner dead, you'd get the company. Why settle for alimony when you can have everything?" A chase ensues, Mrs. Kraft is (presumably) found guilty, and Nathan Kraft and Betty Russell live together, happily ever after
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