Season 5 Episode 6

Take My Wife, For Example

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 1989 on ABC

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  • The awesomely sweet ending SAVED this episode! Wow! Nice! :)

    There were many things I didn't like about this episode but the guest star wasn't one of them. I love that the guest star is Colleen Dewhurst playing the divorce attorney who hires David and Maddie to try to get her client and her husband back together. Dewhurst is probably best known as Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables and the guest appearances on one of my favorite tv shows from the 90s Road to Avonlea! She plays the same character there because both shows are base in a town called Avonlea from the novels of L.M. Montgomery. She was one of the better guest stars this season. I didn't like that she was a divorce attorney because it just gave me the feeling that they're trying to reflect this on David and Maddie's weird relationship right now. They seem to STILL be trying to break them up I thought. At first I thought where is David and Maddie? They're gone now and been replaced with Bruce and Cybill. Hope you know what I mean. Anyway, all the talk about David kissing too hard. Didn't know that was going to lead to where it lead and this is a major reason this episode got as high a rating as it did. More on that later. When Maddie buys the car for David I thought that was very mean of David to act the way he did but I have to agree too. The car was a bunch of crap. What did David mean when the car was wreaked that a part of himself went with the car. If this was any other season I'd say that was just a joke. I worry though here in the 5th season. David's gift to Maddie was soooo sweet and romantic. It almost made me cry. Then that kiss and Maddie saying thank the ladies for me. Was he really kissing those girls so he could learn how to kiss Maddie better. When I first saw that I was so shocked and disappointed. Didn't know what was going on. I did like that Maddie let the audience know she knew what he was doing. Of course Maddie knows! lol! Despite of the fearful warning signs the ending saved this episode.
  • Fearsome divorce attorney 'The Barracuda' asks the detectives for help in righting a wrong.

    They say you can't go home again. A divorce lawyer asks the Blue Moon agents to help patch up a couple who had been the object of one of her cases. However, repairing broken hearts isn't as easy one might hope-- as Maddie soon learns when her various attempts to go shopping for David end in confusion. Like the case on the company docket, the story of this couple is replete with injustice on both sides, and any hopes would take a mighty effort indeed to resuscitate.

    Colleen Dewhurst is terrific in her role as Betty Russell. This is one of the stronger episodes of the fifth year.