Season 5 Episode 3

The Color of Maddie

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 20, 1988 on ABC

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  • Could see where the relationship was going a mile away sadly, but I still enjoyed the comedy and the atmosphere of the other parts of this episode!

    I really couldn't hold onto the case here so I'm not really going to talk about it much. Maddie wants to all of a sudden just be pals. I like how they went about this sort of but I'm still a little confused. Okay, once in a past episode David mentioned that after you have a relationship with someone you can't just become friends again. Something to that effect. Here in this episode the two act like they're pals but David isn't so sure about it. This feels like the beginning of drifting away for me especially when looking back at the other episodes. It just doesn't make any sense. Well, not really. I like that they're a little more relaxed with each other and not so tense but I hope that isn't because they're drifting. I want to say the series writers after Glen Gordon Caron left probably wanted to change things up but knew somehow, someway, eventually these two HAD to find each other again. Pull them apart, make them seem okay with it, (SPOILER) give them other relationships, but eventually they'd see that no one would or could ever be to them what they are to each other. If the series lasted a little longer after (SPOILER) the Annie experience I do believe these two would've become a couple again. Oh well, another reason for a reunion movie! Okay, onto to something else. I liked the comedy this time and the little surprises in this one ex: car explosion, and the man in the closet with the gun. The chase scene was funny and some would probably say too silly but I like it. The show still had some sparkle even here in the dreaded 5th season. Oh, and when Maddie and David were talking about entering the bar did anyone else think of another episode in the first season where he tried to change her looks before entering another bar? At first I thought they were repeating that scene sort of. Then when she enters I liked that she clung onto David that was cute and funny. The dialogue later when Maddie says, "Don't be such a baby!" David said,"I thought I made a cute baby!" LOL You KNOW that was in reference to when he played Baby Hayes. I liked that part at first but now as I'm typing I'm thinking how cruel too. Another sad moment make light of. Guess you can say I'm in confused land on this one. I liked it but I didn't but I did! Gave it high marks because despite it all I was entertained!